Watch Get Wrong’s Purple Video

It’s always crazy to me how a video can completely sell a song, or a band as is the case with Get Wrong. The band, comprised of Adam from Spook School and Naomi from Martha, have just released their debut EP, which offers their pop sensibility spun through a more beat-oriented world. But, this video manages to catch the spirit of the two artists, grinning from ear to ear as they walk about the countryside, even scrubbing down a huge hog. That joy manages to shine through in their songwriting, so you’ll best be served by bopping to this tune, then be sure you stream the rest of their Get Wrong EP (courtesy of Father Daughter Records and Alcopop).

Sharing That New Get Wrong Single

I know this track ran a few days ago, but I wanted to let it settle a bit, then pop up with a reminder. This new single is precisely why I’m so excited about Get Wrong, as it’s like the perfect tasty treat, waiting to be devoured on a Friday morning. Working with this dancefloor ready electronic pulse, Adam and Naomi trade lyrical lines back and forth with one another. They add in some texture with synth stabs and guitar licks, throwing it way back to some nostalgic pop sounds, albeit with their own brand of honesty. Seeing as the two were/are in some of the most joyous pop-punk acts, you can hear that joyousness in their new project, and its completely heartwarming; they drop Get Wrong on December 1st via Father Daughter Records.

Martha + Spook School = Get Wrong

When this glorious email came across my inbox from Father/Daughter Records, I had expectations; I’ve written extensively about Martha and Spook School for years, so I dove right into Get Wrong. Now, while the lyrical content definitely resonates with both Adam and Naomi’s other acts, the musical style present here is a little bit of a left turn, in the best way. Rather than employing driving guitar riffs that tear through your speakers, the duo employ catchy synth lines, giving their track a natural bounce that plays into their ability to write infectious tunes you’ll want to sing with your best friends. The urgency is twisted towards a more reflective fashion, but these two are going to enchant you no matter what they write; look for their Get Wrong EP via Father/Daughter on December 1st.

Martha Release Hope Gets Harder Video

If you’re looking for obligatory pop punk it seems like the most reliable source the last few years has been Martha. Today, they’ve got a new single, and it’s as anthemic and hook-laden as anything they’ve released to date. Rushing in with furious guitars and pounding drums, the song soon settles into that melodic vocal delivery built perfectly for scream-alongs at the rock show! You can’t help but feel your feet tapping beneath you as your head starts to bob just a bit, then suddenly you breakout punching dancing across the room while singing along. Enjoy another ripper; Please Don’t Take Me Back is out on October 28th via Specialist Subject.

Obligatory Martha Post for Every Day the Hope Gets Harder

I only say obligatory as I’m a Martha superfan, but bummed I got beat to the punch by my arch-enemy of blogs. Still, Please Don’t Take Me Back is still a month or two away, so I’ve got to get my fill of the band’s furious rock n’ roll sounds. The drums on this tune pound furiously as the guitars race to play catch up, waiting for the vocals to enter the fray. Once they jump in, the melodic hooks from the band are undeniable, even as they’re lamenting the decline in hope…which I think sums up the last two years pretty perfectly. Specialist Subject and Dirtnap will drop the record at the end of October.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (8.15 – 8.19)

Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s an overabundance of great music coming out as of late? I mean, I fell in love with at least a half dozen new tracks last week, and that’s just the one’s I was able to get up on the site. At the end of the day, I’m still blown away by that Mo Troper tune; I was a fan before but these last two tracks are out of this world good. Ribbon Stage dropped another hit we couldn’t escape running, plus there’s some old ATH standbys like Michael Beach, the Beths and Free Time (all Oceanic acts no less!). Press play, and sink into that Monday vibe.

Have Another Hit From Martha

Durham (UK) based outfit Martha has really begun to strike a chord with Nathan and I over here around the ATH offices. We love the bands take on garage rock with a flair for loud guitars paired with super catchy hooks and pop inspired beats. The band has delighted us yet again today with the release of this new single called “Baby, Does Your Heart Sink?” featuring more of those big, sweeping hooks and musically superb guitar leads. It’s one of my favorite tunes this month. Enjoy.

Martha also announced a new album entitled Please Don’t Take Me Back due out October 28th via Dirtnap Records.


Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.23 – 5.27)

Well, last week was a struggle. End of the school year, for two teachers, and well, then that other thing, so we barely got to the end of the week, let alone hit the musical stride with our usual fervor. So, our end of week wrap-up, which we give you at the beginning, is a little short. But, there’s new jams from great releases like R.E. Seraphin, Why Bonnie or Dehd, plus a rad new track off Hazy Sour Cherry‘s forthcoming LP for Damnably. And hey, you can never go wrong having a Tony Molina tune in there. So, here’s to one foot in front of the other with our favorite jams from last week.

Martha Drops Fresh New Single

I raved and raved about Love Keeps Kicking, not to mention kept screaming at the top of my lungs to the whole record, so I’m glad to hear Martha come back with a new 7″. Today they’ve got the A-side out for all of us to stream, so I reckon we should put it up for ya, eh? Following the opening piano tease, the track starts off with this sort of jittering angular riff, setting the tune up for the unique vocal style to jump into the foray. Those guitars get a little heavier and a little more straight-forward, driving the pop punk punch right to your face. But, their hook, combining the vocal harmonies sneak in mid-track, and dammit if the band haven’t left us with another sweet jam. Start Friday here. The new 7″ is out June 24th via Specialist Subject, with a B-Side Allo Darlin’ cover!

Fast Blood Release Pulling Teeth Video

There’s no reason to shy away from my affection for big old pop rock of the post-emo sort, particularly if its coming from the UK, like Fast Blood. The band just dropped this new video today, and it’s just this enormous burst of heavy riffs and giant melodic hooks in the chorus. There’s a ton of moments that feel like you get that exuberant rock euphoria, especially when the song peaks in the chorus, recalling the best moments of Martha (to me anyways). Feel like you could all get a kick this Friday, so why not turn it up nice and loud and see if you can see along.

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