Obligatory Belle and Sebastian Post

I’m approaching this whole Belle and Sebastian project with a little trepidation, as I’m still fearful of being bamboozled like I was with Storytelling, but as of this moment, Belle and Sebastian are two for two with the song’s we’ve heard from their score for Days of the Bagnold Summer. This particular tune is all about my love for Stuart’s voice; it’s the central focus of this song’s duration, save for the forlorn trumpet solo. Murdoch works his vocals around lightly plucked guitar notes, aided by the aforementioned trumpet and some swelling string arrangements. Matador Records will release the Original Soundtrack on September 13th, and I’m holding my breath that it all sounds this special.

Belle and Sebastian Announce Soundtrack

Now, I enter this period of Belle and Sebastian with a little trepidation, as I was not a huge fan of 2002’s Storytelling release. But, I feel like the announcement of The Days of Bagnold Summer score comes with a delicious gem streaming below. It begins with this rolling tension and brooding bass line before twinkling guitar notes sparkle and shine in step with Stuart’s voice. I don’t know if it’s the score mentality or the current mind to songwriting, but there seems to be the perfect amount of space left between verses and choruses; it makes everything seem so gran that I can’t help but to actually be excited for this release. The soundtrack will be out on September 13th via Matador Records.

Did Someone Say New Belle and Sebastian

In fact, the Internet did say there’s a new Belle and Sebastian track out there…it’s one of the tracks that will feature on the band’s release of three (3!) new EPs. The band remains one of the finest purveyors of pop music to this day and age, and to have 3 albums with their own story seems fitting…especially as they did something similar back in their early days. Just take a moment of your day, relax and enjoy this new song off of EP #2. The collection, called How to Solve Our Human Problems, will be out on February 17th via Matador Records.

Another Entry from Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett

Still trying to figure out why this album isn’t titled Kurt and Courtney, but I suppose Lotta Sea Lice will suffice for now. The song below is a great one, though I’m sure that we all figured combining the prowess of these two great songwriters would be as such. Still, I’m drawn to the endearing quality of the video, with both artists being filmed in their everyday lives on their respective sides of the pond. It drives home the sentiment of the bond between two intercontinental friends playing great music, while also driving home the fact that all our favorite artists are just regular old folks. Look for the release on October 13th via Matador Records.

Hear That New Julien Baker Tune

We’ve fawned over Julien Baker about as long as everyone else has, and we’ll continue that adoration as long as she’s writing tracks like the one below. It’s the A-side to a forthcoming 7″ on Matador Records, celebrating her signing, as well as the reissue of her album, Sprained Ankle (March 7th). For such a young artists, she sure sounds confident on this new tune…whilst still maintaining a sense the sense of intimacy that makes her so endearing.

ACL Festival Preview: Lucy Dacus

lucyACL Festival is this weekend, and while a great deal of the acts are well-known, the fest is still scoring some great acts on the undercard, like Lucy Dacus. She’s been writing some incredible songs that seem to have gone about rather quietly, which is unfortunate, for you. Matador Records released No Burden earlier this year, and it’s filled with these tracks that take personal recordings, and expand them into something wholly intoxicating. I mean, just listen to “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore,” and tell me that you’re not rushing to find out more about her. I included the track below to do some of the work for you. And while you’re all about Radiohead this week, don’t forget you paid to see tons of tunes, so schedule yourself some time at 2:30 over on the BMI Stage on Saturday.

Steve Gunn Is Back!

unnamed-36Everyone loves themselves a little Steve Gunn– there’s something so effortless and balanced about the music that Steve Gunn puts out that makes it hard to ignore. I’m happy to share with you today a bit of new music from the gentleman, as he’s announcedEyes On The Lines, which is due out June 3rd on Matador Records.The video below, for “Conditions Wild,” is a nice blend of singer/songwriter aesthetic with some psych twinges to those guitars. It’s a mellow little jam that you’ll find yourself stopping your daily tasks to take note of.


Sucker For Pop: Digging This Single From HaeLOS

unnamed-31HaeLOS have graced our website quite a bit recently, but I’m super stoked to share this new single, “Separate Lives” with you. It’s a big number, dwelling in the electro pop realm, with vocals that soar through the mix. What’s really wonderful about this single is the way the track builds to its climactic ending, all while giving you a catchy chorus to sing along to. This is one of those songs that you can bet will be huge live, and will put the band even more on the radar of those who take a listen. Look out for their album, Full Circle, which is out March 18th via Matador Records. Be sure to also check out our interview with them for SXSW and catch them while they’re in town for thatchaos.


Dark Simmering Dance Track From HAELOS


HAELOS, who hail out of London, are a relatively new band that are making ‘dark euphoria’ music. Now, that’s a genre that I’m not too familiar with, but when this track rolled into my inbox, something about it struck my interest and made me spin it over and over. When you listen to “Oracle”below, you’ll understand what I mean; there’s this compelling darkness to the minimalist style of the track. Synths waiver and pulse throughout, until the musical release, building up anticipation while the velvety female vocals fall smoothly over everything.

Haeloshave announced their debut album, Full Circle,which will be released March 18th on Matador Records.


ACL Artist Spotlight: Kurt Vile and The Violators


We’re about a week away from the first weekend of ACL, and that means that you should be getting your schedules hammered down. While it may seem still a ways off in your mind, Sunday of the first weekend looks like it’s shaping up to be one of the strongest days lineup-wise and so it’s important to get properly excited. One of these acts come late in the day towards the end of the weekend, but his set is bound to be one of the best of the weekend. Read more about why you should catch Kurt Vile and The Violators on the Austin Ventures Stage at 5:30 on Sunday evening.

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