Milk Teddy Share Iron Rose Video

In honor of Milk Teddy reforming to play the Lost and Lonesome 25 Year Anniversary Party, I figured I’d run up this newly unearthed video from the sessions surrounding their last LP, Time Catches Up with Milk Teddy. Starring several band members, the video plays upon the song’s concept of a romantic tryst in a cemetery. Musically, you know I’m a sucker for vocals that seem almost spoken, but hanging onto enough melody that you’re gobsmacked. All of that and you get these floating backing harmonies on the vocals and huge ringing guitars, reminding me I need to go get myself a copy of Time Catches Up with Milk Teddy before they’re all gone! If you’re in Melbourne, they play this weekend! Hopefully the reformation leads to another record of hits!

Levitation Interview: Civic

As you can see, we are frantically try to hit with you as much Levitation coverage as we can before things kick off on Thursday. We’re rolling into our second interview of the day, this time by way of Melbourne based outfit Civic. Now we’ve long been fans of these guys and are super excited for them to travel all this way. If they aren’t on your bands to see list, well what are you even doing. Hit the jump for all them deets.

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Good Morning Drop Two New Singles

It seems like our pals in Melbourne based Good Morning have been a mainstay on these pages for many years now and we always eagerly await new music from the band. Imagine the excitement when today we got word of not one, but two new singles as part of a new double release through their label Polyvinyl. The first track, “dog years,” features that familiar, jangly sound from the lads while the second track “queen of comedy,” is a more somber and mellow tune. Somehow both compliment each other beautifully.

And hey! Good Morning are coming to Austin later this month with Frankie Cosmos at Mohawk. Tickets are available now.

Soft Covers Offer Every Week

You guessed it! There’s another incredible band from Melbourne about to release their debut LP…and thus Soft Covers will win us all over. A quick flirty jangle opens the song before being steadied by the rhythm and the relaxed matter of fact vocal delivery. The churn of the guitar continues throughout, and those vocals get support from band member Laura, adding that melodic undercurrent that makes pop fans swoon. There’s a cool little buzz too just beneath at the 1:51 point, highlighting the band’s detailing of each track. Expectations are high for Soft Serve, the debut LP out October 6th via Little Lunch/Hidden Bay.

Cochlear Kill Share Rumiscent Single

Being quiet for nearly ten years, Melbourne’s Cochlear Kill returns with this sparkling bit of dark pop. Upon pressing play, your ears are immediately met with these cascading riffs, some of them hitting on that crystalline note that feels like it’s a bit of glass shattering in a haunted house. Twisting and churning, the song creates this shimmering pop wash; it leaves plenty of space too, letting the vocals paint themselves softly atop the musical backdrop. At times the track feels like this huge black hole, swallowing you in heavy riffs, but then the vocals lead you on with this faint promise hanging in the distance. Looking forward to hearing more from the group in the future.

Pretty In Pink Share Star Video

One has to have something pretty remarkable at hand in order to completely captivate a listener by stripping a track of traditional percussive elements. In fact, Pretty in Pink really operate their latest single with little more than guitar lines and these heavenly vocals that seem to sway back and forth through your speakers, like the wind blowing across tall plains grasses. For me, I had to take a deep breath as soon as I heard the jangling guitar line dance against the quieted strum behind it; I knew I was in for something supremely moving. Those guitar lines don’t stray from one another as the tune unfolds, blanketing the tune in intertwined DIY ethos. Those vocals though, have the power to carry you on their wings, drift you off into this magical land where everything blankets you with warmth; I like the nice touch too when all three members combine near the song’s end, deepening the song’s magic. You’ll hear this track on the group’s next LP, Pillows, out in September via Little Lunch/Hidden Bay/Subjangle.

Dippers Share Encouragement in Brackets

Although the name of the band has changed from Thigh Master to Dippers, there’s still one thing that you can’t take away, which is Matthew Ford’s ability to craft these insane little melodic treats in the band’s songs. When we caught Dippers during SXSW, I’m pretty sure I heard this track and was swooning with this little charm of 13 seconds; the first time it appears is at the 1:12 mark (again at 2:36), with Ford letting the syllables just hang perfectly in the air, rising and falling right into your lap. Power pop of this sort is certainly meant for the masses, so we hope you’ll grab Clastic Rock on August 4th via Tenth Court/Goner Records.

Life Strike Drop Downwinders Single

I have no idea how you write about something some harmful and make it seem so beautiful and fun, but here we are with the latest from Life Strike. The band have based their latest single on those exposed to areas of nuclear testing, yet somehow they manage to make it seem like something we all want to cheer. Now, I’m not trying to diminish those horrors, but there’s just something about this track that screams for high volume and fist pumping; there’s an urgency in those sharp guitar licks that will have you banging your head and singing at the top of your lungs. Honestly, this is one of those songs that stays with you, and I can’t wait to hear Peak Dystopia, out July 14th via Bobo Integral.

The Latest Single from The Toads

This recent Toads track has been bouncing around in my head since last week when it first came out. There’s this natural chug to it, rocking with this rad riff on cruise control. It allows the bass and drums to join at their leisure, seemingly building speed into the song, while steadying folks with the vocals. At 1:42, the song begins to let loose, which is where I totally got hooked, as there’s a rise and fall lyrical moment that sets up a quick drop into a bass line that leaves the listener with one final hook you’ll enjoy! The Toads will release In the Wilderness on June 9th via Upset the Rhythm.

Dragnet Rip Through with M-99

Not too long ago we brought you the album announcement from Dragnet, a riotous outfit from Melbourne. Today, they’re dropping another pummeling bit of punch punk rock, but this time their unraveling a story of danger and perhaps murder? I mean, the whole tune is about the drug M-99, the drug utilized by the anti-hero Dexter; the lyrics “too late/its in your system/you’re on the table/and I’m bringing down my knife” pretty much confirm my suspicions. Still, the band easily disguise the sinister lyrics with this punchy bit of punk that begs for high volume and repeat listens! If you’re on board with me, then grab the Accession from Spoilsport Records.

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