The Burbs Share Ladder to the Moon

One can’t run away from their Britpop past, and as an avowed fan of that era, this track from the Burbs feels right at home in my listening today. That being said, the Melbourne outfit have these little subtle classic rock flourishes too, sort of holding onto nostalgic tendencies while they continue to push themselves. It’s like Oasis got stuck in a pit of quicksand, as they try to escape, the vocals seem like their drifting into the ether, which gives it more of a Pink Floyd vibe. A lot of buzz behind this outfit, so expect to hear more as we push towards the year’s end.

Rock Out with Sylvia

Felt like the best way to begin a Friday was with a solid bit of rock n’ roll, though of course it would also come with a little melodic morsel to sample, like this ripping new Sylvia tune. They’ve just recently dropped EP II, and while I didn’t catch on until just now, you can bet I’ll have you cranking up your speakers immediately. The tune rushes right in with this shattering smatter of noisy discord, all centered around singer Gemma’s voice. Something about the vocals comes across as a bit pensive; they seem dreamy, sure, but they kind of feel as if they’re more of a place of solace amidst the band’s brash sounds. Sample this tune, then go check out the rest of EP II.

Screensaver Share Permanence Video

Late last year, Melbourne’s Screensaver released Decent Shapes, which we covered quite a bit over here. Now, they’ve just dropped this terrific new single to encourage folks in Europe to prepare for their August invasion. When the song storms in, you’re sort of feeling the band stalk you, kind of bouncing back and forth in each ear with screeching guitar lines and punishing drum work. But, when you get to the 1 minute mark, the chorus begins to offer the true nature of the song, feeding you this post-punk brilliance that reminds you of acts like Wax Idols or Dehd. Just because this tune brims with pop sensibility, the danger is never far away, consistently lurking in the corners, waiting to crash upon you. If you’re in Europe, you better be ready. If not, just crank it up!

Emma Russack Shares About the Girl Title Track

When we first encountered Melbourne’s Emma Russack, she was doing collaboration work with Lachlan Denton (Ocean Party/Pop Filter), but then dropped an excellent collection of soft strummers on Winter Blues. But, as she prepares to release About the Girl, perhaps there’s a little bit more of an electronic underbelly on this tune, perhaps providing Emma with the freedom to craft her own visions entirely unencumbered by bandmates or collaborators. There’s something in the synth work that feels very Broadcast adjacent, though the way the strum is built atop that fuzzy beat allows Russack to stay true to her origin story while pushing herself musically forward. Another reason you should pencil in About the Girl as a record to pick up; it drops via Dinosaur City on August 23rd.

Kosmetika Shares Reward Risk

As they prepare to unleash their next album, Melbourne’s Kosmetika are offering a punchy little punk ditty to let you sink your teeth into their sound. Their first single from the record was a little more expansive, but the rhythm section on their new hit preps you for a jolly good time. Guitar lines attempt to knife their way with a bit of sharpness, though it gets scuppered by the melodic nature the band seem to consistently be working towards. Their call and response vocal bounce adds a layer to the playfulness, taking a little bit of that edge and turning it into a proper pop number. Luxury drops on July 12th via Spoilsport Records.

CLAMM Return with Disembodiment EP

The last few years have been busy for CLAMM, as they toured in support of their last album, Care; they still had time to settle into a studio and record the tracks for their new Disembodiment EP. Our first listen is this thundering ripper, “Change Enough,” which greets you immediately with storming drums and terrorizing guitars. That ferociousness pervades the entire track, but that’s not the only aspect that’s right in your face; the lyrics are standing up and begging to “strive for betterment.” It’s a tune where singer Jack Summers’ is encouraging himself and others to work on growth, especially form the masculine perspective; he’s looking for all of us to be better, and that message marches right in line with the music. They release the Disembodiment EP on July 19th via Meat Machine.


Baby Blue Share Another Single

We will finally be able to hear Of My Window in its entirety when its released next week, but for now, Baby Blue have offered one last glimpse at what’s in store for us. When the song kicks in, there’s this charming bit of baroque pop, sort of Camera Obscura adjacent; there’s an emphatic punch there, almost this direct playfulness. Soon, however, the band pulls it all back, letting the swagger subside so we can all catch our breath together. Here the song seems to carefully churn out little rays of sunlight, bright guitar lines creeping through the speakers before the tune gallops back into its more joyous moments. Of My Window hits on April 12th via Lost and Lonesome.

Jess Locke Shares Rocket to Ride

If like me, you’re looking out your window, seeing the Earth brandish a vibrant green, then perhaps you’re also seeking something offering a straight ahead rock jam, like this new Jess Locke tune. The Melbourne songwriter isn’t too far off from the likes of the Beths, building these huge distorted riffs that rattle the cones on your speakers; there’s just this honest blast of joy that immediately comes through as you turn the knob to the right. And, speaking of honesty, there’s something in the vocal portrayal that has that same earnestness you might have found in a young Jenny Lewis back in the day. If you’re into it, Jess is releasing Real Life on May 3rd via Dot Dash/Remote Control.

Milk Teddy Share Iron Rose Video

In honor of Milk Teddy reforming to play the Lost and Lonesome 25 Year Anniversary Party, I figured I’d run up this newly unearthed video from the sessions surrounding their last LP, Time Catches Up with Milk Teddy. Starring several band members, the video plays upon the song’s concept of a romantic tryst in a cemetery. Musically, you know I’m a sucker for vocals that seem almost spoken, but hanging onto enough melody that you’re gobsmacked. All of that and you get these floating backing harmonies on the vocals and huge ringing guitars, reminding me I need to go get myself a copy of Time Catches Up with Milk Teddy before they’re all gone! If you’re in Melbourne, they play this weekend! Hopefully the reformation leads to another record of hits!

Levitation Interview: Civic

As you can see, we are frantically try to hit with you as much Levitation coverage as we can before things kick off on Thursday. We’re rolling into our second interview of the day, this time by way of Melbourne based outfit Civic. Now we’ve long been fans of these guys and are super excited for them to travel all this way. If they aren’t on your bands to see list, well what are you even doing. Hit the jump for all them deets.

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