Elizabeth Shares Happier Now Video

Since stepping away from Totally Mild and going it her own, Elizabeth has done nothing short but amaze me. Her voice has always been one strikingly bold, but on her latest single, she seems to take it even further, stretching those tones into full powerhouse mode! While the Wonderful World of Nature had ties to her earlier work, feeling like a natural step away from her previous outfit, this new single is as bold as her voice, fully immersing Elizabeth into the pop world. The synth notes sound sad, matching the persona, though the powerful drop in at 2:34 shows Elizabeth isn’t messing around; she’s “happier now,” after all.

CLAMM Share Monday Video

If you’re feeling anxious, this new CLAMM thing is going to be the perfect catharsis or it’s going to set you off…either way, it’s a ripper that you should play at the loudest volume possible. Feedback and thunderous drum work open the song before this dangerously frantic guitar line starts to wiggle its way into the picture. That angular cut at such pace creates this sort of ominous bounce to it, setting up the double barrage of vocals we get from the trio here. They rip through, and the video adds an extra layer as they seem to be barking directly at us, only increasing the feeling of the knife’s edge that runs throughout the track. Their new album Care is going to blast into our lives on August 19th, courtesy of Chapter Music/Meat Machine.

Vintage Crop Share The Bloody War

In a little over a month, we’re going to have a new Vintage Crop LP to enjoy, and for my meaningless two cents, it’s shaping up quite nicely. There’s a new track out from the LP, and despite it’s punky garage tendencies, the band are slowing things down to mix up the vibe; imagine Amyl and the Sniffers coming down off that sugar high…this song is the crash in musical form. Building in gang vocals on the song’s back half adds some texture to the tune, giving it this bubbly effervescence. Kibitzer is out on June 24th via Upset the Rhythm and Anti Fade.

Double Vanity Share Night Moves Single

In need of a contemplative single that can take you back to the days of Cocteau Twins or Siouxsie solo work? Well, then perhaps you’ll want to dip your toes into this stunning new tune from Melourne’s Double Vanity. Zec Zechner’s voice is surely the central focus; you are drawn to the majesty that it presents throughout, with moments that feel like the notes could shatter before your ears. But, for me, the song’s success relies upon the dense textures created behind that voice. The wash of synth atop the beats set the ground for these crystalline guitar notes to knife their way through here and there. Tell me you don’t love it.

100% Share Abandon Single

Australia’s synth pop outfit 100% are set to release their debut album pretty soon here, so they’ve decided to entice us with this heavy darkwave track so we can be prepared. “Abandon” is a mixture of beats and synth washes to create this cavernous background that hangs just behind the vocals. For their part, the vocals are emphatic in their delivery, punching in a sense, though mixed in with the musical elements, they’re likely to entrance you, beckoning you into the tune like haunting sirens. Maybe it’s a little dark for your morning, but wanted to keep you in the know so you can be on the lookout for Clear Visions when it drops later this year via It Records.

The Glass Picture Release Self-Titled EP

Well, it’s Friday, or yesterday if you’re in Australia, and so yesterday, The Glass Picture dropped their self-titled EP. This duo is made up of Violetta del Conte-Race and Lucy Emanuel, who’ve been in other groups like Las Tetas or Primo!, so of course that’s right up my alley. These six songs are contemplative synth pop tunes, carefully allowing the melodies of the vocals to kind of dictate the pace and beat of each song; I’m partial to “CD Ballad” on my first few run throughs of the EP, with “Sewing” right behind. You know the added bonus? The EP is out courtesy of Chapter Music, some of the finest tastemakers in all of Australia. Stream it all below!

CLAMM Announce New LP, Care

Aussie trio CLAMM is an outfit that should already be on your radar, but if not, well, let us help make your day a bit louder…and better, of course. News hits today that the band will be releasing their new album, Care, and with that comes this thundering sonic assault on your speakers. It’s hard to ignore the hammering drums pounding through the speakers, as the guitar feedback opens up into this huge barrage of shredded noise. The vocals beckon you to join in arms, and with that, they explode into the chorus, rushed by explosive noise allows for musical catharsis, for band and listener alike. If your’e intrigued, Care is out on August 19th via Chapter Music.

Timeshare Returns with New Yellow EP

In case you haven’t been following Timeshare, it’s the solo project of longtime ATH fave Jordan Thompson, known to our six readers as one of the core members of the Ocean Party/Pop Filter. This week, Jordan announced the Yellow EP, the third in a series of EPs that sees Jordan work his way out of a period where he says he “was drifting.” Like all his cohorts, Jordan’s songwriting has an indie rock drive to it, though spun with a unique penchant for pop music; you can listen to the joyous chorus here and hear the euphoric that hits when he Maddison Newman joins in with backing vocals. I’m a fan of the way the song’s verses have this forceful nature to it, while the chorus seems more akin to exploratory folk rock; it’s a cool little juxtaposition. The Yellow EP is out on May 8th.

The Citradels Share To Antares

What does a band do when they’ve made ten album together? How do you keep the energy and creativity flowing? For Melbourne’s The Citradels, they built their own modular synthesizer in order to explore the way electronic sounds could influence their creativity. If you’re here, you’ll likely find yourself captivated by the heavy wash of synthetic sounds; it easily fits in line with everything else going on out there, toying with haziness and melodic undercurrents. The vocals build those pop textures, playing off the dense mood by providing these sort of symphonic notes a la early Grizzly Bear or even the Beach Boys. We’ll keep you posted as more comes from the band, but for now enjoy the tune.

Vintage Crop Drop the Duke Single

The release of Kibitzer is still a few months out, but this new single from Vintage Crop definitely has me anxious to hear what’s in store from the whole record. Immediately rushing in with this frantic brand of spastic post-punk, you’re quickly called to riot, with the song begging you to take on the energy. Tossing in a chorus of “the duke/the duke/the duke” seems like the perfect call to arms for a live audience, throwing up your fists in the air as you shout the chorus right back at the band. Then, turning and twisting with furious electronics, it’s halted, and the song’s over. You’ll have to wait until June 24th to hear more from Kibitzer, dropping courtesy of Upset the Rhythm.

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