Tam Vantage Announces New LP

Tam Vantage, aka Tam Richards-Matlakowski, has played in some of my favorite Aussie outfits, whether you’re talking his old act Pop Singles or more recently, Girlatones. Now we’ve got Tam back at it with solo stuff, and he’s just announced Laughing Gas & Apple Pie, a new long player slated for November 5th via Still Traveller Records. This song finds Tam working his way in and out of a 10 chord cycle, letting the drum work punctuate the riffs, all the while his voice calmly soothes the listener. There’s certain moments when I hear this pristine old school pop, but other moments where I hear the track taking on a sort of GBV feel, but perhaps that’s down to the clever guitar work. Whatever the case, it’s never a bad day in my neck of the woods for a new Tam tune!

TV Dreams Releases I.D.K Single

The Aussie scene probably knows Odin Franklin from his time in Viral Eyes, but perhaps his new project TV Dreams will provide some solid coverage overseas…I mean, we’re a big deal, right?! Today we’ve got the lead single from a forthcoming LP, toying with that brand of pop somewhere between dreamy and bedroom; it definitely has a bit more of a pronounced feel as the song unfolds before the listener. Vocals join up with Franklin and guitars sort of crash against the mix, giving a little bit of a punch the dreamy melodic vibe. Keep listening as we’re likely to hear more from this project in the next few months!

Worker & Parasite Share Manifest Destiny

I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure what to make of Aussie outfit Worker & Parasite; their music always comes my way via these rare carrier pigeon notes typed out in Courier. Musically, they kind of draw upon influences from the likes of the B-52s all the way to Gang of Four (or more recently Bodega). The political bent of their musical craft shouldn’t be overlooked, as I’ve been directed to mention according to the note that landed upon my stoop. Not really sure what else there is to offer here other than the song, but if you’re looking to uncover some mystery, don’t stray too far.

The Smallgoods Schedule Lost in the Woods

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a released date for the long-awaited new LP from The Smallgoods. Having mostly been quiet, at least as a collective unit, for the last 14 years or so, the band wanted to pick up where they left off with 2007’s Down on the Farm. According to Gus Franklin, the idea then and now was to rail against the staleness of the musical climate, crafting huge bold pop music with just a little quirks; they even went so far as to reference the Muppets. Here, you get that blast of pop, with layers of vocals and bounce thrown on top of extra layers of pop; it’s like building a fort out of pop blankets where you can hide out with all your friends. The band are set to release Lost in the Woods on September 24th via Lost and Lonesome.

Chapter Music Sign Teether & Kuya Neil

You’d be forgiven for having expectations when it comes to a Chapter Music release/signing; I’m probably even guilty on my end of promoting a certain sound from the label. But, if you look into the label’s discography, as well as their online tastes, you’re going to see a really diverse sound, which no doubt influenced their latest signing Teether & Kuya Neil. Today the label announced they’d signed up with the band to work with them on the follow up to their acclaimed God of Surprises EP. The duo’s sound combines the lyrical flows of rapper Teether with Neil’s darkened dance beats, leaving you with this eclectic sound that’s hard to pigeonhole. Is it rap? Is it down tempo electro? Well, I’m not sure, but its good, and thus, warrants your enjoyment.

Rock n’ Recipes: Quivers

Earlier this year, Quivers released the most excellent Golden Doubt, receiving rave reviews all over the globe…not to mention ATH adoration. So, having followed the band, we reached out to songwriter Sam Nicholson to ask a few questions about the record and its release, and asked him to share a recipe with us. He’s obliged with some incredible answers, and a recipe for Golden Doubt Lemon Delicious Self-Saucing Pudding. Read on and find yourself a detailed recipe you can easily follow at home!

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Grazer Share New Track Without You

Melbourne couple Mollie and Matt started their musical project known as Grazer back in 2019 and have put out tons of noteworthy singles since. I’ve found something to like about all of those tracks over the last few years, but I am finding this new one, “Without You”, to really move the band forward with an even catchier and engaging sound. The song is so incredibly simple in it’s construction with sparse instrumentation, yet the track will definitely find its way into your head and warrant multiple spins. My soundtrack for today.

Snowy Band Share Whatever You Want

As mentioned earlier, we’re hanging in Melbourne today, musically speaking, so it only makes sense that I toss out this new single from Snowy Band. For me, when listening to Liam sing so softly, it actually begs your attention; you have to pull yourself closer to the song, effectively making you an active part of the craft. This tune gets a nice lift after the 2 minute mark, as backing vocals create this melody-filled helium balloon, rising to the top of the mix, all before the song sort of meanders into the creative guitar interlude. This track appears on Alternate Endings, which will be released on August 27th via Spunk.


Pleased to Meet You: The Belair Lip Bombs

Figured we’d spend a little time hanging out in Melbourne on the site today, so we’ll begin with a little love for The Belair Lip Bombs. At the moment, this single’s just a one off, and it’s self-released, though singer Maisie is currently on Chapter Music‘s roster with her other band CLAMM. So, this track we’ve got is sort of a classic college rock bop; it’s all begun by a muted little riff and vocals running over a stomping beat that keeps the song in place. But, quickly the track erupts, detailing Maisie’s thoughts on the “confusion of relationships in your early twenties;” it bounces back and forth between forceful bursts of pop and steadied melodic charms. Honestly, despite the band’s Aussie locale, this feels very much in the vein of what you’d come to expect from a slew of pop rock acts in the States, so it should be universally loved. Play it a few times and tell me I’m wrong.

Deuce Share Wildflower Video

We’ve been following Deuce through their first few singles from their forthcoming self-titled debut LP, but this new video absolutely floored me. Kayleigh’s voice is just striking; I immediately thought of Angle Olsen, albeit with a little less smokiness; it just hangs heavily across the old track, dripping with weighted emotion. You can also kind of hear a little lineage between the duo’s sound and early Beach House, that dream pop sound driven by the video’s black and white tint. If you were looking for the band to make a musical statement, this might be the piece that solidifies the two as something to keep an eye upon. Deuce will be out on June 16th via Dinosaur City Records.

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