Last Week’s Jams (10.16 – 10.20)

We’re gearing up for Levitation this week, so we had some coverage that worked towards that end, with new music from Wishy and Video Age, plus an interview/new track from Font. Plus, we did the usual coverage of great tunes from the likes of the Serfs, Say Sue Me and Spllit. Tossed out that new Idles tune, kind of feeling on the fence, but interesting to see James Murphy be part of that new project, so we’ll see what the final LP sounds like. We were also able to throw some love to Dot Dash, who released a compilation this last week on vinyl for the first time, including the cover below of “Jackanory Stories.” Stream and jam and have a great day!

Melody Fields Shares Jesus Single

If you were looking to get into the latest cool Swedish outfit, might I suggest you try on some Melody Fields. This weekend they sent us a reminder that their latest track also came with the release of their 1901 LP. For me, this track’s sort of in that weird psychedelic territory where it’s not quite Spaceman 3 but also not quite Brian Jonestown; there’s certainly a heaviness pervading, albeit with these swelling vocal melodies popping in and out in all the right places. Ride thids tune right into the purchase of their new LP; it’s available now!

Last Week’s Jams (8.21 – 8.25)

There continues to be an unreasonable amount of great music coming out nowadays, and I’m absolutely baffled at how it just never ceases; there’s been nothing but week after week of tunes for me to fawn over. This week’s a little all over the place, with a little bit of rock, a little bit of pop, a little bit of songwriter and back again. Wanted to begin with the great cover of “Rock n’ Roll” by the Feelies, then jump right into some of my favorite tracks of the week. I mean, new Tony Jay and Red Pants make all of us winners. Plus, there’s a new Lewsberg tune floating about, which I definitely have included in other playlists. And, I got back on that review game with a track by track breakdown of Holy Wave’s latest. So spend some time looking back at last week!

Melody Fields Share Hallelujah Single

I know it’s early in the day, but I can’t help other than to indulge myself with this sweet tune from Sweden’s Melody Fields. Honestly, everything about this track feels like a seedy early 90s dance track; its got this almost tribal percussive element, bouncing along to these keys as the track swirls with these delicious ups and downs. There are some vocal samples in and out, but they’re more like ghostly whispers or folks grooving on the floor to this mystical world the group have created. This track is available via a new 7″, but it’s also expected on the forthcoming 1991 LP, out later via Coop/Nudie.