Last Week’s Jams (4.10 – 4.14)

Looking back at last week, there was tons of really great stuff out there, and admittedly, there are a few things we just didn’t have time to get to on our end. But, stoked for Austin, as there was great new music from Being Dead, Transy Warhol, Holy Wire and new project Feeling Small. My favorite track from the most recent Blues Laywer LP got a video treatment, so I had to have that one out. RayRay covered that huge banger from Night Beats, who will be in town for Psych Fest. And, one of my favorite SXSW acts Snooper announced their new LP too, so you get a bunch of winning hits!

Mononegatives Drop Television Funeral

Writing a song with the idea that “now everything can be recorded and it’s usually nothing we want to remember” seems like a pretty heavy notion. But, at least when Mononegatives are banging it out they somehow manage to make it all feel like a bit of fun. At times they feel like Wire, then they feel like they’re calling on the Spits too, buzzing guitars and this claustrophobia where everything shakes out into this defiant noisy masterpiece best listened to on full blast. Of, if you’re in need of the visual representation of said mess, then click play below! Crossing Visual Field will be out April 21st via Dowd Records.

Last Week’s Jams (2.20 – 2.24)

Even after taking off Monday, we managed to get tons of coverage out there. I was stoked to hear that new Cindy song that I had been promised late last year. RayRay started pushing some of our SXSW introductions out with Pendant and Orions Belte. A handful of Austin acts tossed out new tunes, so check in on Hallo, Space Tan and Transy Warhol…a few who will be playing our just announced ATH vs SOTO SXSW Party. Plus, I got a bonus add by getting an excuse to post a little Braid to this site, on top of including my favorite releases of the week for streaming purposes. Get at it below.

Mononegatives Share North Carolina Atomic Bomb

It seems like every few months we get graced with a new single from Ontario’s Mononegatives, and thus, here we are. This time, the verses have this very robotic nature to it, almost like a stomping wave of synths punching the message into your brain. But, for me, the noisy blast of emphasis in the chorus is what grabs me, dwelling in that realm of frantic punk meets garage rock. I feel like they’re always dropping these singles that have this knack for punishing your eardrums while offering up the teeniest hint at pop tendencies. No matter what, I’m always here for it.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (6.27 – 7.1)

Our coverage last week was pretty steady, and we got to hear some great new stuff…so here we are with our weekly recap to start off your post holiday blues at work. We got some great ATH favorites offering up new stuff, with Winter and Phantom Handshakes getting fresh tunes out there. We also ran some great footage from Constant Follower of their performance atop a monument in Scotland, which I highly suggest you getting into, so I threw a jam in there from that performance. Lot of great stuff, with over an hour of jams to whet your whistle this morning.

Mononegatives Drop Role Reversal Single

Mononegatives are becoming increasingly difficult to pigeonhole…and for that I’m eternally grateful. At times, the group feels like they’re operating with a penchant for video game noise pop, but then the beat settles into that motorik-ish backbeat, where jagged riffs come in and cut the song up as the vocals are delivered in an almost robotically manufactured nature. As the chorus of “role reversal” comes to life, there’s a slight hint at melodic tendencies, despite the rest of the song operating in a fairly industrial realm. You’ll flip back and forth: is this punk? do these lads do new wave? does it rule? It rules. Just listen.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.2 – 5.6)

So much good music last week, and so much to cover. Well, we tried to get up as much as we could, plus Brian got some great photos of Good Morning and Packs. Here’s our weekly musical recap, with lots of awesome news, like new releases from Tan Cologne, Field Guides…and Voxtrot! I think the news of their Early Music compilation definitely made my week, even as I was held hostage in my classroom by state testing. Enjoy some jams from last week.

Mononegatives Share Facsimile Single

Felt like Monday was as good a day as any to get down and gritty on the week, so it’s perfect that we’ve got this new tune from Ontario’s Mononegatives to distort your speakers. As the band begin to play a bit more with drum machines, and their line-up, the tune brings in a bit of industrial sterility; it reminds me a lot of where bands like Weekend or Blank Dogs kind of left us, building huge walls of noise with melodic sprigs popping up through the cracks in the tune’s ground floor. It’s a long synth punk burner brought to you courtesy of Dowd Records.

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