Show Pics: Literature @ Scoot Inn (2/11)

A light show, four Candelabra bulbs do not make.

My uppance for complaining about the light a few shows back? Perhaps, but I persevered and was able to grab some pics for you from Literature’s set at the Scoot Inn. We’ll have their vinyl available soon, pre-order here people. So in the meantime, no better way to get geeked up than to hit a smaller venue on a busy night to see how the material is shaping up live. It was good, really good.

Rhett & Dean and Neighbor opened. Click through for noisy, but fun pics.

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Show Preview: Literature @ the Scoot Inn (2/11)

Date Saturday, Feb 11th
Location Scoot Inn
Doors 900 mp
Tickets $5 @ the Door

Things are picking up on Saturday night, and we’ve got a great local show for you to get in on! Literature, ready to release their Arab Spring record in April, will be taking the lead role on the night, and they’re a remarkable live act.  But, atop from being our favorites, you can also catch Neighbor and Rhett and Dean over at the always hospitable Scoot Inn. If you didn’t get into the Thurston Moore show, this seems like the next best place to find yourself on Saturday is by joining us at the Scoot.  Oh, and as if we have to remind you, you can pre-order the Literature record HERE.


Download:Literature – Grifted [MP3]


Show Preview: Benefit For Esme @ Scoot Inn (1/12)

Date 1/12/12
Location Scoot Inn
Doors 7pm
Tickets Sliding scale $5-$10

I’m sure that most of you reading this have heard the tragic story of Esme Barrera’s death that came all too soon.  As Esme was such an active individual in our music community, tons of great people are coming together to support her family and celebrate her life.  One such event is taking place on Thursday night on the east side at Scoot Inn.  The show features stellar local acts Follow That Bird, Love Collector, The Dead Space, Foreign Mothers, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, Neighbor, Ichi Ni San Shi, and Eric Static.  Door cover will be on a pay you what you want sliding scale between $5-$10 with all proceeds going to Esme’s family.  Good music for a great cause.  You can also donate directly to Esme’s family via a recently created blog or buy a shirt for Esme.


Download: Follow That Bird – The Ghosts That Wake You [MP3]

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