The Male Gays Release Be Kind Single

Today the world gets to meet the Male Gays, though in all likelihood, you’ve heard from the two members before. The new cross-continental project is the work of Guy Blackman (owner of Chapter Music) and Bart McDonagh (of Amour Foo/Domino Records). Their very first single is this enchanting number below, almost like a lounge version of Magnetic Fields; there are deep tones on the vocal end, and it feels as if it’s been crafted on your older sisters keyboard; I loved the sort of heart-on-the sleeve sincerity too. The messaging on this go round is all about kindness, which seems like a simple concept, though it’s one that’s becoming increasingly less common. On their three song EP, they’ll offer up other thematic references “rejecting queer cynicism, the need to rid the world of white boys wielding guitars (which includes themselves, naturally) and the difference between being outpunk and being an actual punk.” The single will drop on August 2nd via both Chapter and Amour Foo.

Last Week’s Jams (4.15 – 4.19)

Trying to keep pace with ourselves, we covered a ton of ground last week on the site. We got to premiere a psychedelic campfire jam from Mountain Movers, and we might be one of the few US-based sites covering Dr. Sure’s Unusual Practice…which steps in line with that Cola track we also ran. There’s a bit Austin contingent too this week, as Variety, Blushing, Strand of Oaks and Good Looks all honored us with fresh music from their forthcoming releases. We also flirted with a bit of electronic arts too, with new stuff from Martha Rose and Maria Chiara Argiro…just so you don’t think we’re all rock n’ roll over here. Anyways, start your week off here.

Daily Worker Share Holding Out for Nothing + Announce New EP

Harold Whit Williams has been turning up the amps to 11 with the most recent Daily Worker pieces, and today the project announces the MF Genius EP, which will drop in May. But, you’ve got the opening rip-roaring tune below to tease you with what’s to come going forward; stuttering drums and a visual rush down an old highway lead you right into this pop rock madness. In some manner, the song feels like a drag race, riffs racing by with speed, and a little melodic pause in between from Harold and company before the next set of riffs line up and race through your speakers. And, if you live in Austin or are around the area on March 10th, Daily Worker will be rocking the stage at our annual ATH vs SOTO show at Hotel Vegas.

Dead Bandit Share Peel Me An Orange

Before pressing play, just stop. Take a breath. Clear your mind for a moment and prepare yourself for Dead Bandit. For nearly two minutes, you get to go on an aural journey, as the duo construct this little sound collage that warbles and warps the edges of your mind. Just as you’ve completely begun to drift, drums roll in and cymbal work pulls you back towards the song’s center. Bits of guitar fade in and out of your conscience as washes of atmosphere circle your ears before everything fades back into obscurity. Quindi will release Memory Thirteen on Ferbruary 9th.

Last Week’s Jams (1.8 – 1.12)

While it may have only been a four day week in terms of work, we made sure we made the best of it for you, bringing you a slew of hot indie rock bangers. Slumberland had a great week, dropping new music from Umbrellas, and introducing us to Torrey too! We were stoked to share a new video from the BVs as well, flipping their style a bit to tease you with what’s in store going forward. Some Texas love for Infinites and Alien Eyelid was a must, with an added bonus being that our friends in Pale Lights dropped a compilation of rarities and singles on Friday. Stream below and find something to adore.

Psychic Seatbelt Release Hooky EP

Austin’s Claire Hamilton has a pretty solid pedigree in our town, having played in Queue Queue and Thor/and Friends, among other projects. But, as of now she’s operating her own Psychic Seatbelt moniker, and I’d really love for you to indulge in their brand new Hooky EP. For me, it feels like a stepping stone to future projects, or perhaps Claire’s just eager to let the music out. On tracks like “Double Dare” or “Someone Let the Cat Out” you can hear some sort of old school New York sounds bleeding into the mix; I hear a bit of the Velvet Underground with maybe some later Sonic Youth tendencies tossed in for fun. But, you can go on down and listen to the EP’s title track, with “Hooky” operating as more of a cosmic folk ballad, stripped down to the vocals and guitar. Really excited that you all get to hear this EP, so check it out below!

New Austin Music: Wet Dip, Voxtrot, Resound + SL Houser

Seeing as we’re all living in Austin, somehow, we always have to try and hold up our end of the scene by throwing our weight behind what we love. So, seeing as it’s Friday, there’s a few new releases to get on your radar.

Wet DipSmell of Money – A record filled with twists and turns and odd little moves of frantic punk sounds. A ripper of a record best listened to loud!

S.L. HouserHibiscus EP – We’ve long been fans of Sara Houser’s songwriting, so we’re excited to see where her career goes now that she’s focused on her solo stuff. Release show at Mohawk tomorrow!

VoxtrotNew World Romance – What? Like we’re not going to let you listen to new Voxtrot? They continue to dive into a darker pop realm, and Ramesh’s voice continues to sparkle.

Resound Presents: A Very Homie Holiday – A charity compilation featuring a ton of local acts lending their songs to raise money for Free Lunch ATX. New music each week, until it drops! New Being Dead tune below!

Voxtrot Share Another Fire

Whatever led to the Voxtrot reformation a few years back, well, we’ve all benefitted from it. Be it their reissuing of B-Sides or Compilations, or now, a fresh new tune, I’m so very happy they’ve taken to writing music together again. That said, almost all of them have been working on projects through the years, so they’re songwriting is definitely still sharp. For the opening moment, you get Jason Chronis throwing down a thick bass line that allows Ramesh to weave his melodic wizardry through your speakers. Then, we hit the minute mark and the party kicks off with drums and keys joining in, providing this huge bounce that allows the track to develop its rising action. When that chorus drops, the tune just soars, harkening back to the band’s heyday when they couldn’t help but deliver insatiable hooks. They’ve definitely delivered, with a huge hook-laden ballad that takes their infectious early vibes and brings it into the band’s present. Fingers crossed there’s more on the way!

Friday Album Streams: Tony Jay, The Creepy Crawlies, Will Johnson +

It’s Friday. Friday’s the new Tuesday, but does anyone even remember Tuesday release days anymore. So, here’s a bunch of stuff I jammed today, and I recommend for you to jam as well. Plus, threw in one of RayRay’s favorite bands too.

Tony JayPerfect Worlds (Slumberland)

The Creepy CrawliesWeeds (Self-Released)

Will JohnsonNo Ordinary Crown (Keeled Scales)

Bareknaked LadiesIn Flight (Raisin’ Records)


New Music from the Austin Scene: A Giant Dog, Food Group, Rival Waves and Friday Boys

Just like the rest of the world, the Austin scene is just pushing out new music on the regular, and as we look forward to next week, I’ve got a few rad releases to make sure are on your radar. Obviously, one of the names and singles is already out there on everyone’s radar, but check in on what’s going on in our local scene…got some post-pop punk pop rock (Rival Waves), exploratory indie (Food Group) and some old school punk (Friday Boys)…but it’s all damn good.

Food GroupThee Fantastic LP

Friday Boys – Depressed Gang Single

Rival WavesA Meaningless Chaos LP

A Giant Dog – A Daydream Single

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