Trouble in Mind Records Sign Salad Boys

saladboysI feel like Trouble in Mind Records are trolling me lately, picking up on the talent of yet another Oceanic band, Salad Boys (after already working with Dick Diver). It’s actually a good thing, because there’s a lot going on overseas that deserves a wider audience.  Take this first single from New Zealand’s Salad Boys, which has the band rocking some of the best bits of straight ahead rock n’ roll I’ve heard this year; there’s no prefab concept, it’s just strong songwriting. I particularly enjoy the way the guitar works its way right through the core of the song.  It should make for a really interesting listen when the group releases Metalmania on September 18th via the TiM.

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Vorn Releases New Album

vornVorn is one of those musicians that you never know precisely what you’re going to get.  His seven album career, spanning over 15 years, is both prolific and creative, and his new album, More Songs About Girls and the Apocalypse, is yet another notch in his famed music-making belt.  There’s elements of power-pop, twee, psychedelic and even some hip-hop flavored tunes.  Personally, I appreciate his creativity within the songs, not merely stopping with just one simple idea, but daring to move in and out within each song.  You want to hear one of New Zealand’s most interesting musicians? Take a listen to some Vorn.


New EP from The Phoenix Foundation

tomslunchIt’s been almost a year to the day since we last heard from The Phoenix Foundation.  They return this week with the Dave Fridmann (Tame Impala, MGMT) stamp of approval; he handled a lot of the production duties on the group’s most recent recording, Tom’s Lunch EP.  This mini-release offers up more five songs of splendid pop goodness, with just a hint of bounce.  I can definitely see Fridmann’s style imprint, but the songs had to be there in the first place, right? I bet you’ll agree.

New Pop from Sherpa

sherpaA few years ago I stumbled across Sherpa, a little known New Zealand act at the time. I’ve kept my eyes on them, especially recently as news came my way that they were set to complete their new record; today is that day.  The album is titled Blues & Oranges, and I’ve spent all morning listening to every track rather carefully.  I appreciate the band’s construction, as in this song, where they carefully maneuver their way through pop structures and utilize modern touches like looped beats.  This song has a bit of an Of Montreal feel, at least in the way the vocals are delivered, which is one of the reasons it’s my favorite of the bunch…at least on my first three listens.  Pick up the record HERE.

New Music from The Shifting Sands

shiftingsandsI first heard about the Shifting Sands via the blog, When You Motor Away, and they again pointed me in the direction of the New Zealand act yesterday.  There’s definitely a casual-pop feel to this, with melodious guitar parts and a softened vocal, but I’m in love with the way that the violin adds a perfect accent to this single.  It’s something that typically isn’t associated with such simple stylings, but it adds the perfect touch; it’s the details that make us fall in love. They’ve temporarily titled the record Cosmic Radio Station, and it’s set to be released by Fishrider Records this year.


Download: The Shifting Sands – All the Stars [MP3]

Lovely New Pop from the Phoenix Foundation

1745Man, as the sun warms us up, pop songs are where it’s at! This new track from New Zealand outfit, The Phoenix Foundation, is just such a hit.  It’s got this blissed out synth beat bursting throughout, with Lukas Buda voice dancing atop it.  I love the change to high notes around the 2.5 minute mark, adding some loftier moments to an already stellar track.  If you like what you’re hearing, then you should check out their new album Fandango when it hits stores on May 14th courtesty of Memphis Industries.

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Introducing: Tim Guy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we get a lot of cold music submissions on ATH and many of them are fairly mediocre.  So it’s nice when we get some great music from relatively unknown musicians like singer/songwriter Tim Guy from Australia.  Now Tim has been doing his thing for over a decade having written music in New Zealand, Spain, and the aforementioned Australia.  He’s also done quite a bit of touring in his native land as well as some stints throughout Europe.  His music brings forth images of fellow folk songwriter Bonnie Prince Billy with the down home country style feel to the songs.  It’s a very real and heartfelt type of sound that makes me dream of what it might be like in the countryside of the land down under to inspire such beautiful music.

Tim is currently working on putting out a new album entitled Dreaming of a Night Mango which he plans to get to his fans sometime in early 2013.


Download: Tim Guy – Armour Weight [MP3]

Exciting New Single from Sherpa

Sherpa have actually been on my radar for some time, so I’m excited to see that the New Zealand act has just put out a new single for their excellent album, Lesser Flamingo.  The entire record is full of this inherent catchiness that’s provided with a power-pop act, yet they mix things up with just a hint of psychedelia to throw you off course.  You’ll listen to this record, and it’ll have you bobbing your head and tapping your feet; you’ll also be excited because you’ve discovered a new favorite band.  Get on it.


Download:Sherpa – Turner [MP3]

Nice Poppy B-Side from The Eversons

Not too long ago I brought you a sweet single from New Zealand’s The Eversons, discussing the gems off their recent album Summer Feeling.  I was stoked today when they offered up a free B-Side from that recording session, and it’s more blissful pop to warm your heart (as if I needed that hear in Texas).  You can find this song on their 7″ for Could It Ever Get Better, which you can pick up straight from the band if you offer them a generous (and helpful donation).  There’s a youthfulness to the tunes coming from this quartet, and right now, it’s precisely what I need to get ready for summer!


Download:The Eversons – I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend [MP3]

Angular Jam from The Eversons

Recently I caught on to the Eversons, another great act from New Zealand.  They’ve just released their latest record, Summer Feeling, and it’s exactly the sort of album that gets me excited for warm weather.  It’s got energy, it’s got hooks, and honestly, it’s got a little bit of homage to a lot of other acts.  My first run through, I sort of have the impression that the band’s putting their own sort of spin upon Los Campesinos or even Art Brut.  If you’re like me, just mentioning the name of these two acts in one breath should definitely get you excited!


Download:The Eversons – Marriage [MP3]

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