ATH Takes Over Nomad @ Nomad Bar (3/15)

nomadparty_ATHAfter a lot of hard work and tweaking of some components, I’m finally pleased to share the news of a show we have going down on Tuesday, March 15th at Nomad Bar in Austin. Personally I think this might be one of the best lineups we’ve ever been able to put together. Find some deets below and we’ll see ya there. Facebook event link.

Location: Nomad Bar Austin (Maps)

Time: ATH Happy Hour with music by us 5pm-7pm.Music @ 7pm.

Lineup: Keeps, Holy Esque, The Crookes, Adult Books, Oberhofer, Girls Names (check set times on that fancy poster)

Free & Open to the public. 21+ only. Sorry kids.

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Groovy Tune from Tropic of Pisces

tropicofpiscesI’ve got a feeling Wednesday is going to be a long one, so why not throw out a shimmering dance track to keep us all in the mood to push forward with our day.  Below you’ll find the latest single from Tropic of Pisces, which is the project of Mathew from Oberhofer.  There’s a smooth glide in the beginning, but you’ll find some other stylings throughout the track, including a little bit of a vocal shuffle via computer enhancement.  It’s a track that really has me tapping my toes as I get ready for a night out on the town. His Symmetry EP is full of such tracks; grab it on February 25th.

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New Music from Tropic of Pisces

tropicofpiscesIt’s odd how music can affect the temperature, at least mentally.  That’s what’s sure to happen when you throw on this new tune from Tropic of Pisces, which is slated to fit into their Symmetry EP, which is scheduled for a February 25th release date.  The song opens with this great little tropicalia influenced tune, but then it folds into itself with more of a funky groove that holds the song together for the rest of the track.  It’s a refreshing tune, and it’s quite uplifting, even when it pushes into slight realms of ready-made dance floor stylings. You’re not going to find a track more varied and more worthy of your time today, so get on it.

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Jam Out with Oberhofer

oberhoferI love the rich pop music that Oberhofer created, not to mention the live show they put on at ACL this past year.  So, with that in mind, I’m excited they’ve already geared up to release a new EP, titled Notalgia; it comes out on April 23rd via Glassnote.  It’s steady guitar pop when it opens, with the machine gun drumming pushing the pace forward, but the chorus is where the song truly takes flight.  It bursts forth with ringing guitars and accompanying arrangements that really display the profound pop exploration of the group.  I won’t complain about hearing this song a dozen or so times today, and neither should you!

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ACL 2012: Saturday In Pictures

We battled the elements. We battled our livers. We battled the battles. Really happy I had a legit excuse to not watch the Longhorns. Yech.

Rain was in the forecast. The poncho that had been neatly folded in factory specifications previously dormant in my camera bag for three festivals was going to be called into duty. Two heavy bursts occurred, before and after the Shins. I was able to keep relatively dry as the revelers drank in the rain. People that weren’t there asked me yesterday how muddy I got. Apparently, the news sensationalized the few real mud holes I saw into #Mudpit2012.

Oh yeah, the artists for this installment are Zola Jesus, Gardens & Villa, Oberhofer, Metric, The Shins and Jack White.

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New Tunes from Oberhofer

Oberhofer makes the perfect music for a Friday afternoon, well, any afternoon, but its pertinent, seeing as today is Friday.  You’ll find his single, “I Could Go” builds with a bit of throbbing samples and moving rhythms, designed to lift you up out of your office chair, albeit for a five minute span.  As his chanting vocals come in, bouncing in the seeming background of the song as cymbals crash, you’re hooked; you’re stuck with this song in your head.  It’s a good Friday after all.


Download: Oberhofer – I Could Go [MP3]

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