New Music from Oh Well Goodbye

Long ago my infatuation with Bleeding Gold Records led me to Oh Well Goodbye; the band brandished this lo-fi brand of post-punk that I found pretty intoxicating. Now the band are back with a new EP on horizon, and this sprawling darkened pop tune. The first couple of moments are built upon this brooding guitar line, angry in fashion, while breathy vocals bubble up beneath the surface of the murky mix. This much I expected, but the added element that elevates the group’s sound is the band’s willingness to explore the darker textures within the confines of their own music, hunting for those perfect notes to accent the swirling guitar lines. You’ll be able to find the band’s brand new EP on February 15th via EDILS Records.

Hear a Brand New Track from Oh Well Goodbye

The last time we heard from Oh Well, Goodbye, they were releasing the very excellent Swoon 7″, and we’re really excited to share this new number with you. This song will feature on the group’s new EP, Affinity Part One. For me, the best thing about this new single is how deep the band delves into a beautiful darkness…there’s plenty of space hanging about, draped with unobtrusive bits of guitar and a bass line that guarantees tension. There’s just this enormous bit of space, and Phillip Rourke is there to fill it in with his voice, somewhat resembling Paul Banks. I love how things are just left open, left to your interpretation and your involvement. The new EP will be released by EDILS and Bleeding Gold on November 3rd, so you have time to acquaint yourself!


More from Oh Well, Goodbye

ohwellNot too many weeks ago I was raving about “Clandestine,” one of the newer tracks we had heard from Liverpool’s Oh Well, Goodbye, but now we’ve got a brand new one for your ears. This one takes on the darker tones of danceable pop music, moved by the throbbing bass and shimmering guitars that cut through the indifferent delivery of the vocals. If you’re going to stare at your shoes, then perhaps you’d want to do it to a track like this, maybe even tap your feet a little…not too much, you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. This song features on the band’s forthcoming Swoon EP on Bleeding Gold Records in November. It’s the first of a few releases the band has planned for your end of the year listening.

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Exciting New Music from Oh Well Goodbye

ohwellSometimes I get bored; it seems a lot of the music just blends together, repeating patterns and whatnot. But, that’s not the case with this new tune from Oh Well Goodbye. Opening with light guitar and a sort of spoken word repeated, it almost seems like a Scandinavian bit of post-punk. But, as the guitars evolve, the tones brighten and the vocal performance has a sense of longing that really pulls at your emotional earstrings. It’s part post punk, part great pop…and all worthy of your repeated listens. Cleanse your palate by turning this one up loud, and look for the Swoon 7″ very soon from Bleeding Gold Records.


Fresh Lo-Fi From Oh Well, Goodbye

10919414_567610736708647_6026023984687587141_oNathan gets credit for finding this sweet jam, but he was kind enough to pass it along to me, so I’m doing you all a solid and sending it your way. Oh Well, Goodbye, or P.J. Rourke, hails from Liverpool, and he’s  got a brand new tape of ‘ramshackle lo-fi indie’ for you to sink your teeth into. The tape is excellent, and you can purchase it here after you listen to the whole thing, but I’m really smitten with the track that I have for you below called “So I Say.” It’s only a two minute song, but its simplicity and rawness will lure you in for sure. Crisp drums welcome you into the song before the blistering guitars join in for the first part of the track, which then transitions to jangly rock and then back to that gritty lo-fi from the beginning. It’s a great track and tape out from Bleeding Gold Records. 

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