Mononegatives Share North Carolina Atomic Bomb

It seems like every few months we get graced with a new single from Ontario’s Mononegatives, and thus, here we are. This time, the verses have this very robotic nature to it, almost like a stomping wave of synths punching the message into your brain. But, for me, the noisy blast of emphasis in the chorus is what grabs me, dwelling in that realm of frantic punk meets garage rock. I feel like they’re always dropping these singles that have this knack for punishing your eardrums while offering up the teeniest hint at pop tendencies. No matter what, I’m always here for it.

Another Jam From Tearing Up

Ontario based musician Graham Caldwell has really been wowing me with his new music coming out this year under the recording moniker Tearing Up. Already he’s shared the drum heavy, noise rock track called “Your Flame” and today we’ve got another new single “Said Something” for you to take into the weekend. I absolutely love the frantic nature of this song, which can often be messy or sloppy, but this one is frantic and full of energy while also keeping everything incredibly tight and enjoyable. December is off to a solid start with tunes like this one.

Tearing Up’s debut LP entitled Heavy is due out on January 23rd. Pre-save it now.

Mononegatives Drop Role Reversal Single

Mononegatives are becoming increasingly difficult to pigeonhole…and for that I’m eternally grateful. At times, the group feels like they’re operating with a penchant for video game noise pop, but then the beat settles into that motorik-ish backbeat, where jagged riffs come in and cut the song up as the vocals are delivered in an almost robotically manufactured nature. As the chorus of “role reversal” comes to life, there’s a slight hint at melodic tendencies, despite the rest of the song operating in a fairly industrial realm. You’ll flip back and forth: is this punk? do these lads do new wave? does it rule? It rules. Just listen.

Mononegatives Share Facsimile Single

Felt like Monday was as good a day as any to get down and gritty on the week, so it’s perfect that we’ve got this new tune from Ontario’s Mononegatives to distort your speakers. As the band begin to play a bit more with drum machines, and their line-up, the tune brings in a bit of industrial sterility; it reminds me a lot of where bands like Weekend or Blank Dogs kind of left us, building huge walls of noise with melodic sprigs popping up through the cracks in the tune’s ground floor. It’s a long synth punk burner brought to you courtesy of Dowd Records.

SXSW Interviews: Fanclubwallet

SXSW has officially begun down here in Austin, though the music doesn’t kick off until next week, so you’ve got a bit of time to go through all our interviews to find some cool artists. One of those, Fanclubwallet, just dropped her recent single “Gr8 Timing,” with an album on the way; she mentions that below. She’s got three shows scheduled for the week that I know of, so be sure to jam to the tune below, and read all about the project.

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Hollow Graves Drop Far Out Summer

Phew, what a week/month it’s been for everyone here in the ATH offices. As we near the end of what seems like an endless 2020, it seems appropriate that I would seek comfort from our Canadian neighbors of the north. Offering me this comforting sound today is Toronto based outfit Hollow Graves and their bright and warm new tune called “Far Out Summer”. With shoegaze rooted in the core of the song, it can certainly be a bit hazy, but I’m loving that the band has really brightened things up bouncy guitars and an almost airy feel. It’s as though the Beach Boys wrote a popping shoegaze song.

Straight Rocker From Del Paxton

Hey it’s Friday so let’s go into the weekend with some fun rock music to jam out too and take away our worries about the sad state we are in. Well you need look no further than this upbeat number, “September”, from the Buffalo based outfit Del Paxton. It’s certainly a throwback themed number harkening back to bands like The Promise Ring, or maybe even GUK. However you want to take it, hopefully it offers you some enjoyment today.

This tune appear on a new 3 song EP entitled September, Bedtime, Ontario out on August 19th.



Capitol Share In Ceremony Video

At the moment, two labels I can always look to for solid releases are Meritorio Records and Kingfisherbluez; they’ve teamed up together to release the new LP from Ontario’s Capitol. Honestly, this video’s opening 20 seconds grabbed me; it was as if I was hearing the track from the other room; it was a teaser that opened up into this dreamy jangling guitar line bouncing right into my heart. That guitar continues along, mingling with this slightly hazy vibe that walks the tightrope between dream pop and shoegaze. But, what I have been gravitating towards is the deepness in the vocals; it sounds weird, but they sort of resemble Matt from the National…I wouldn’t expect it to work but it totally does. Doesn’t hurt that the video’s a lyric film disguised as a karaoke scene. Good tunes are hard to come by, so turn to labels you trust; these two great labels will release Dream Noise on October 25th!

Impeccable New Single From Basement Revolver

Though I am likely a bit late in sharing this new song by Ontario based Basement Revolver, it’s just too damn good not to share late or not. The tune, “Tree Trunks”, is a slow, melodic, building track that reminds me of some of the better music from Wye Oak or even Camera Obscura. Both bands we here on the ATH team love. This band is certainly beginning to take off so get on the hype train while you still can.

You can pre-order the new Agatha EP now on Bandcamp. It’s out July 21st.

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