Dart Trees Share New Single

Ottawa outfit Dart Trees must be doing something extremely right, as the group recently got Hannah Judge of fanclubwallet to help out with the production on their new EP. You can hear how easily someone could slide into the band, as the vocal delivery alone radiates this sense of indifferent cool, detailing the struggles of an Ottawan resident, likely being blamed on mayor Jim Watson. In the instrumentation you have sort of a light bit of sort of bedroom punk; it’s got a heavy strum and thumping drum work, all of it allowing for the song to stride forward with a sense of haphazard hipness. We’ll keep you posted when more details from their EP arrive!

New Single And Video From Fanclubwallet

As we come back down from the highs of the weekend festivities, we’re still out here seeking out new jams for the coming week. Hannah Judge, under her moniker fanclubwallet, just shared this new track called “Roadkill” and it seems to fit in well with the dark themes of today and this evening. The track has a super slick progression as it starts somewhat slow and then builds and builds with super heavy bass and darker themes. It’s a fantastic start to the week.

Catchy Pop from Dad Sports

I’m way into this single from Dad Sports that I recently came across in the Internet world; it’s not brand new, but don’t you just wanna bob your head up and down? I think the rhythmic pulse that this song has is guaranteeing that you’re starting your day off by tapping your toes right in step with me? I love the quieted style of the vocals pushing the agenda; it doesn’t even need much from the drum machine push either, relying upon the catchiness of the guitar lines to really wrap you up. Anyways, happy Mondays to you.

Skytone Drop Jangling Pop Hits

Ottawa’s Skytone don’t really fit into a neat little package for consumers, but that’s precisely why I love the group. Sure, their brand new album Jangle Waves has the aforementioned jangling, but there are also moments that lean towards swinging croons like in “Second Hand Shops.” They almost adopt a beach vibe with “Missing You” only to move into dreamy pop territory with the following tune, “Lonely Holiday.” Throughout the listen, you’ll likely find yourself enveloped in warm harmonies reminiscent of the sun you’re trying to avoid outside your window; it’s the power of pure pop at its best, and it’s available now so go grab it!

Shiny New Single From How Far to Mexico

13267908_937418903034132_7009201098422401159_nAs I’m enjoying this nice change of weather today, I’m needing some music to fit the sunshine currently spreading across our city. My new friends in Ottawa based band How Far to Mexico have given me just that with their new single “Fools”. It’s a bit of bright and shiny pop music with a bit of a breezy feeling perfect for a summer dance party or a long drive. I’ll be adding it to my summer playlist as I wrap up this post.

This track appears on a new EP entitled Drought coming out on June 11th (pre-order here).

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