Rubber Blanket Offers Good Times

Made up of members of Wounded Lion and the Intelligence, it makes sense that Rubber Blanket would fall into my wheelhouse. Their latest tune certainly fines itself with some lineage to classic horror punk sounds like The Cramps, though this takes up more of an anti-pop approach, making it altogether more frightening. Don’t fret, there’s still some little joyful quirks lurking in the contents, like the dual vocal moments or the emphatic syllable bounce in certain words. It borders on being too smart for its own good, but hopefully the members other association will help guide the way. If you enjoy it, Our Fault is out June 29th via Mt. St. Mtn.

Rubber Blanket Share Rainbow Bridge; Prep Our Fault

If someone were to tell you that Rubber Blanket was made up of members of the Intelligence and Wounded Lion, would you be interested? What if I were to tell you the band create a sound that falls somewhere in the area between Liars and Blank Dogs? Well, the group have just announced the release of their new album, dropping this demented bit of synthetic pop music that feels like it was constructed by AI…in the best way of course. A buzzing pulse warbles its way into your ears as the haunt of the vocals offer up a reminder of the various colors in the rainbow. Perhaps its not your everyday listen, but that makes us all the better for it. They’ll release Our Fault on June 29th via Mt. St. Mtn.

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