Pachyman Shares All Night Long

There’s something about riding into the weekend knowing you’re just going to chill out, throw your feet up on the couch and enjoy a little sun…and the perfect soundtrack this last year or so has been Pachyman, playing his rock-steady dub sounds that immediately transport you to warmer climes. His latest single also features Winter on vocals, who we’ve featured on the site throughout the years, so we win either way here. If you press play on this and don’t feel your head bobbing and your feet tapping just a bit, then you probably need to see a specialist. Look for a new 7″ with this tune dropping in March.

Enjoy Pachyman’s El Benson Video

At this point in your day, you’re probably finishing up a cup of coffee or two, or maybe you’re just rousing yourself out of bed, either way, its time to kind of settle into Wednesday, and what better way than by venturing into the world of Pachyman. The last month or so has had some jams coming from Pachy Garcia’s solo project, promotion the forthcoming The Return Of…, specializing in this intoxicating brand of dub/reggae. It’s the settled sort for true heads of the genre, instrumental to the core, all which is done by Garcia himself, as you can see in the accompanying video shot by Jaime Villa Ruiz. You can grab the new LP on August 13th via ATO.

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