Pansy Share Trash Single

You ever stumble upon a song that just seems like it ties all the loose ends in life together? Well, as I’m writing that, this new track from Pansy seems to completely just fit every mood and every thought. It’s not even about the lyrical content, though there’s some resonation there too, but more so about the general feel of the tune; it makes me feel connected to myself in some manner that I’m struggling to fully explain. Vivian McCall shares this intimate number, and it borders on dramatic bedroom pop and quieted slowcore. It just makes everything feel right, so if you or someone you know just needs that, then turn them onto this tune. If you dig it, Pansy will be released by Earth Libraries on April 2nd.

Pansy Release Anybody Help Me Single

I’m really high on what Vivian McCall is accomplishing with her Pansy work, particularly with the latest single bouncing about in my head all morning long. There’s this late 90s lo-fi rock to it, particularly in that guitar sound, like a fuzzily distorted guitar ringing out of tune. But, the vocals dominate with this sensational melody that has this pop familiarity to it; it creates this brand of pop music that’s entirely unforgettable…the sound that will hopefully get future generations into great lo fi pop tunes. She’ll drop her debut LP on April 2nd via Earth Libraries, and it looks to be rewarding us all!

Pansy Share Woman of Your Dreams

I’m really intrigued by Vivian McCall, both in regards to her recording project as Pansy, and her journey of transitioning, which is the thematic element that runs central to her debut LP. Musically, the song hits on all the soft spots of my heart; it has this simple beat looped in to give you a bit of a toe-tapping stomp, though it also seems to sort of bring in elements of classic rock n’ roll…the sort my mom played non-stop when I was a kid. Just imagine a really young Elvis hanging out and recording in a bedroom on a 4 track, and well, that’s what you get here…and you’ll love it! This record should be out at soon via Earth Libraries.

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