Richard Tripps Shares Blue Eyed Open Sky

When Richard Tripps set out to work on his new album, he admit to be fascinated by the lo-fi sounds of acts such as the Velvet Underground; the opening track off that new LP definitely would have made Lou and Co. proud. There’s this natural disregard for what we come to think as studio magic, inevitably making this tune feel more lively than anything you’re likely pulling from a studio master. It’s a quick-hitting ditty, never really going beyond the settled groove, but I love the fact that it feels both old school and fresh simultaneously, like he’s channeled my past listening habits and refashioned them for the present. Looks like Between the Morning will approach in much the same fashion, so keep a look out for its July 5th release via Perpetual Doom.

Indianna Hale Shares Another Single from Yesterday’s Glitter

Admittedly, I have a cliche opinion about what San Francisco likely sounded like in the late 60s, and perhaps that’s filled with Hollywood misinformation…but even still, it seems like Indianna Hale has channeled the ghost of her current hometown. Her latest single is filled with groovy psychedelia and stunning musicianship. That said, it almost feels like the musical piece is really just a fancy get-up meant to set up the listener to swoon when Hale’s vocals open into their delightful croon. In fact, it almost feels like Indianna is haunting the Hollywood version of paisley paths, and I couldn’t be more stoked to spend more time with Yesterday’s Glitter; it drops on September 1st via Perpetual Doom.

Austin Leonard Jones Shares Demon Sands, Drops Dead Calm

The latest album from Austin Leonard Jones very much feels like a Texas affair, from production duties helmed by Jesse Woods to Shane Renfro and others aiding in the recording. But, the album, itself feels like a Texas album. Take this two little ditty, for instance: it feels like you’re stepping out onto the dusty dancefloor with your partner nestled on your shoulder, ready for that slow jam that closes out the night. The twang, the longing are omnipresent here, but really, there are these slight little vocal moments throughout that warm me, like the slight voice rise at 1:07; it’s subtle, but the more you listen, the more you’re won over. If you dig it, then be sure to check out Dead Calm, the recent record out now courtesy of Perpetual Doom.

Sarah La Puerta Announces Strange Paradise

Former Austinite (now New Yorker) Sarah La Puerta was long a staple of our music scene, through various projects, but perhaps most notable was as part of the old lineup of Tele Novella; she also graced us by sharing a tune for our Slack Capital 2 project with Eric from Big Bill. Anyways, she’s just announced her debut solo effort for Perpetual Doom records, and dammit if the open single doesn’t just knock it out of the park. Upon my first listen, I thought there was this simplicity to the craft, which allowed for the vocals to really sparkle; there’s this classic beauty to her sound here, something so effortlessly timeless. Still, go back and listen to the track, you can hear little quiet bass bubbles, ornate guitar flourishes and an evolving electronic ambiance. It all makes for a powerful statement that is sure to be fulfilling upon its November 12th release!

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