Summer Vibes from Ghool

Florida’s Ghool has a bunch of wonky pop numbers up on their bandcamp, but I felt like their latest tune would be a solid way to really kick off Wednesday. It’s got this real upbeat beach vibe, poppy and bouncing, though it’s got just a touch of the ghoulish nature alluded to in the band’s name; you can hear little ghostly moans in and out of the tune. When it picks up right after the 2 minute mark, the song really takes off, and I couldn’t stop tapping my toes right up until the song draws to a close. Figured this was as good a way as any to start your day.

Stream III from Butcher the Bar

Joel Nicholson’s been working as Butcher the Bar for some time, and in that period, he’s gone from solo to full band and probably back again…but for III, we get the full band pop bombast that’s always lived within the confines of Nicholson’s songwriting. There are straight upbeat pop numbers, and some more pensive tunes here, so just stream it below. You can grab the LP directly from Bobo Integral, and if you’re so inclined, you can read my thoughts about each song below.

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Moist Flesh Release Total Erosion of Meaning

Remember when we released David Israel’s The Year That Felt Like Two? Well, the drummer for that project (Julia [Gulia] Hungerford)is also the drummer behind this gorgeous new Moist Flesh. For starters, Johnny Hillbun’s voice is flooring me as I listen back through it; at times it has this deep operatic tone, while I can also hear this slow churning country sound. Musically, it’s a contemplative album, allowing you plenty of space to let your mind wander, hanging on Hillbun’s notes or those guitar lines that dangle at the end of the world. It’s this broad-sweeping brilliant pop album, the sort I can just feel that Austin will overlook, so here’s to hoping some of you outside our bubble fall in love with Total Erosion of Meaning.

Light Pop from Kythira

It’s Thursday and slightly rainy outside my window, so I’m looking for that pop song to take you into the day, kick things off right, which is why this Kythira track is so special. It’s an airy pop track, softly getting you to tap your toes and enjoy the melody; it reminds me a lot of Rosie Tucker, at least in this tune. There’s no rush to really push forward, the song can just sort of be, and in that, that says how special it is, charming in its simplicity. Her latest album Cut Through is out today through Healthy Tapes, so if you’re up to it, go and listen!

Another Hit from Rat Fancy

Next week that new Rat Fancy LP is going to drop, and you won’t be able to stop playing it from start to finish, so why not get into another little tease from the record? Here we’ve got this poppy bounce that’s been all dolled up in fuzz and crashing cymbals to drive home the emotive hook. I love how they tease it out too, giving you twenty seconds to build the tension before it all comes crashing down on your ears in the best way possible. Plus, I love how there’s this nostalgic feel to Diana’s voice, like she decided she could do it better than the Runaways. Anyways, Stay Cool is out on June 7th via HHBTM/Solidarity Club Records.

New Release from Dois

Those of you who follow this site know that I’m a huge fan of ramshackle pop music and the sort, and over the last of two years I’ve really gotten into the Spanish side of the genre, particularly that coming from Discos de Kirlian. Just recently the label dropped this new Fenomeno 10″ from Dois, filled with six delicious pop nuggets. Of the six, there’s not a bad song, though as I’m typing up this brief introduction I’m really digging on “No Veras;” I think those folks into Juan Wauters and the like might also enjoy “Garanga.” Whether you speak Spanish or just love the way pop music makes you feel, I think you can all benefit from spending time with Dois.

Pop Number from Senalada

Perhaps my greatest joy in 2019 is just letting go of trying to follow trends or be in the loop, and instead focus on finding the joys in what I already know I love…like Spanish pop tunes. Senalada has this amazing new single that I think you’ll like, and if not, eh, sorry. There’s that slight dreamy tone to the guitar, matched by this wispy vocal before percussion kicks in and the guitar dances down the yellow brick road. The breathiness of the voice really hits home; it’s like every last breath is being given forth for the sake of the listener. This is a great one-off single for those that missed out on Mejores Amigos via Discos de Kirlian.

Nervous City Nervous Self

David Josephson set his Nervous City Nervous Self project a lofty goal; he wanted to be Sweden’s Leonard Cohen. But, other than the poetic leanings and the deep vocal tones, Josephson is clearly branding his own pop adventure. There’s this gentle electronic pulse that moves the song forward; it’s right in long with countless other pop songwriters from Sweden…hook laden and easily digestible. A nice little piano touch rounds the track up, fading quietly into your Monday. In the video you get a trio of travels throughout the world, with a character I think we can assume is Josephson itself…watch below to see where he goes!

Check New Terry vs Tori

The last I heard from Terry vs Tori was back in 2018 when they dropped an EP via Bedroom Box Records…but a good Internet friend sent me their way again, and lucky for me…and you. This track is their second from their forthcoming debut LP, and it’s got just the right amount of gaze blended with the jangle; it gives a constant sensation of moving/falling throughout, depending on how you wanna look at it. Erica Pender’s voice is perfectly fit right smack dab between both genres, riding it out with this effortless cool warmth that makes pop nerds swoon. No exact date on the release, but I’ll keep you posted! Also…the band is from Sevilla, which is where my dad’s currently living, so you know, small world; they’re the best of friends.

New Single from Jonny Shitbag and the Smokes

A little over a year after the excellent You Could Not Have Given the Slightest of Fucks, Glaswegian outfit, Jonny Shitbag & the Smokes, return with a new tape, and a new single for your ears. This is a dark-tinged pop song, plodding slowly to pull your emotions to the surface. Here you’ll find the drums moving slowly, the vocals sort of walking along as an infectious keyboard line takes you on a traveling adventure and distorted guitar bursts jump through to keep you on track. It’s some sort of broad sweeping slowcore pop opus that I can’t get out of my head! You’ll likely find the same; You Know There’s Nothing to You is out May 3rd via Hidden Bay Records.


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