Sungaze Share Body in the Mirror

Here’s my admitted confession…99% of the time, if a song doesn’t give me lyrics in the first 40 seconds, I’m likely going to skip it, unless I’m knowingly diving into instrumental works. But, on the latest Sungaze tune, the due manage to captivate me, despite having no lyrical content until after the 1 minute mark. Have I become such a sucker for the sound of that fuzzy buzzy guitar with hints of jangles and steadied rhythm’s behind it? Ivory Snow’s voice, however, seems to actually move away from the dreamier realms and flirt with that sort of purgatory between psychedelia and shogeaze; it’s light at times, almost like a sort of spiritual effect cresting in all the right spots. In the end, I’m stoked to hear all This Dream as the band clearly are taking notes on all my favorite bits and rebranding it in their own fashion; the record drops on August 13th.

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