Soft Pop Jam from Private World

It doesn’t seem like Cardiff’s Private World care much for the modern tropes, though I know folks are going to start labeling this dream pop as soon as you press play. For me, there’s a pure take on the shimmering underground pop of the 80s. For one, you’ve got these vocals kind of slinking about, sort of beckoning the listener to come hither. You can also find the song filled with these little nuances, like the uptick that’s ever so slight around the 2:16 mark…or the guitar shuffle around 1:40. This is a special listen, and one that means Aleph is brimming with promise; it drops on August 28th via Dais Records.

Private World Sign to Dais Records

I’m an avowed pop fan, of a certain sort, and Cardiff outfit Private World are definitely of that lot. The band guarantees an aura of sophistication in their presence, and while I can hear that approach in the single that comes with this announcement, I can also attribute my fondness to other aspects. There’s a faint hint of a nod to Edwyn Collins in a few spots of the vocals, built in with the angular cuts of the guitar to kind of bend the song’s natural warmth towards a more skewed slice of pop music. There’s a hook, but not too much to make it burdensome on repeated listens…which you will definitely want. The band are wrapping up their debut, dropping next year via Dais Records.