Required Red Sleeping Beauty Listening

Every day at the beginning of each month, you’re asked (and encouraged) to indulge in the new single from Swedes Red Sleeping Beauty; they continue to crank out a song a month for all you pop aficionados. This one’s all sugar, instantly intoxicating inclined listeners with the vibrant melody that opens into bright harmonizing as the whole team joins in; there’s a brief moment when it almost feels like they’re channeling early New Pornographers with Neko singing…it has that sort of charm to it. It’s brief and shiny, like a new toy that you’ll want to wear out in a matter of days…but rest assured they’ll (and we’ll!) be back to report on it in August!

Red Sleeping Beauty Return with Summer House

It’s the start of the month, so that means we get to celebrate a new tune from Red Sleeping Beauty, as they continue with their “One Single a Month” series. This go round, the band are delving into a more sedate version of synth pop, as they’ve peeled back the upbeat nature to replace it with a wash of atmosphere and a shining piano line. Going about it in this manner allows the listener to sink into the tune, maybe even cozy up on the couch as you dive into the listen. And, in the end, you’re rewarded with delighting vocal melodies, which really seem to be the band’s bread-and-butter going forward. Bonus news for those collectors is you can grab this tune on the Summer House EP, which you can order from Matinee Recordings.

Last Week’s Jams (4.29 – 5.3)

Well, I somehow managed to break the streak! This week we only have 23 songs to offer instead of the customary 28 per that last four weeks! Alas, I was sick, so were my kids, and a few of the tunes weren’t streaming. So, what did we cover? The good stuff. I was blown away and waxing nostalgic with the new Royal Headache announcement and accompanying single. It was good to see acts like Oh Boland, Neutrals and Stephen’s Shore give me my pop goodies. Plus, Austin powerhouses Urban Heat and Font were out there backing up hype with great new singles. Oh, and did you catch out great Rock n’ Recipe feature with R.E. Seraphin? Well, there’s still plenty to digest below, so enjoy yourselves!

Red Sleeping Beauty Share New York, New Me

It’s the first of the month, and while I tempted to make a Bone Thugs reference, we’ll stick instead with the newest single from Red Sleeping Beauty and their “One Song a Month Series.” This song is all about immediacy, providing a synth-driven line that kicks into a hip-swaying groove. Thematically, the song hits on the ideas of finding a new version of yourself in New York; it can also be seen as a narrative about finding new opportunities when you move somewhere, remaking your whole identity. But, maybe that doesn’t even matter to you, and you just want to get lost in the beat…that opportunity comes just by pressing play below. And, you can hear the other pop hits from the Series by going HERE.

Last Week’s Jams (4.1 – 4.5)

New music comes hard and heavy during the Spring months, as its the perfect time to set up summer releases and tours. We tried to get to as much as we could, and grabbed 24 new songs for you to settle into on this Monday. New stuff from Austin’s Variety assures the band is still on the rise in my eyes. I’ve been really into the tunes from Bibi Club‘s new LP, and they throw a plot twist with some English sparkle on it; it matches up well with the dark wave from Houses of Heaven. Friends of the site like Gabriel Birnbaum, Kaspar and Snowy Band all had new work to share with the masses., plus be sure you taste the new Babehoven tune hanging out for you at the end. Press play for joy!

Red Sleeping Beauty Add Another Single

Swedish pop outfit Red Sleeping Beauty have been working in 2024 with a single a month, and today, we can hear the latest installment in that project. This one is by far the shortest, though as Tony Molina fan, who am I to argue that you can’t capture the listener with brevity. You mostly get a light bit of strum and the warmth of vocals; then the tune gets a little percussion and a wash of twinkling synths, carefully finishing off this puzzle piece. An interesting plot twist to their work thus far in 2024, so we’ll check back in with them on May 1st!

Last Week’s Jams (2.26 – 3.1)

As we ramp up towards SXSW, things have been in full swing over at the ATH camp. We ran a bunch of our “getting-to-know-you” interviews with the Ophelias, Jess Cornelius, Tigercub and Native Harrow. But, we also covered a shit-ton of new music that’s worth revisiting, if you’re up for it. Our old friends Blushing dropped a new tune from their next LP, plus we got to hear more from Dancer and Torrey in relation to their new releases. Long time ATH faves like Mo Troper and Rosie Tucker made an appearance too, with each having their own new records on the horizon. Plus, a bunch of other greats like Red Sleeping Beauty, Klaus Johann Grobe, Non La and more…so dive on in.

Red Sleeping Beauty Ask Is This Love

Challenging themselves to write get out one song a month for the year, Red Sleeping Beauty have another pop ditty to slide into your rotation. A dancing little line jumps you right into the track, before being met by a quick wash of keys that cleanse your palate as the song slides into subtle disco pop. I love the fusion of the electronic elements with this jangling guitar line that hangs about in the distance; you tie it all together and you have this freeing moment of melody that should have you spinning about with your arms out wide like a helicopter, ready to take off into the weekend. Track comes courtesy of the band and Matinee Recordings.

Last Week’s Jams (1.2 – 1.5)

We swept back into the New Year with a bunch of tunes last week, though technically we were only working 4 days, so not knee deep in jams as we expect to be here for the next few months. New music from David Nance and Ducks Ltd ruled, but there were some left-field gems lurking like My Best Unbeaten Brother and Camille Benatre, to name a few. I keep coming back to the Seasonal Falls and Red Sleeping Beauty tunes too. Not a bunch, but a damn fine collection of rock n’ roll, even including Austin’s Thanks Light. Stream some hits below.

Red Sleeping Beauty Return with Song a Month Series

You can expect me to have a lot of coverage on Red Sleeping Beauty this year, as the band have just signed themselves up to release one brand new single a month, and I’ll obviously be covering said singles until the end. It’s a challenge for the group, hoping to get them into working towards a new LP, and they’re starting off on the right foot if you ask me. Electronic pulses serve as the backbone of the track, allowing the Swedes to bring their cooled melodic vocals through the verses. Then, the chorus hits, spinning you around with this high-toned vocal that seems sprinkled with hooks, moving forward to open up for a playful interlude before dropping that hook right back on you. Always great to hear from this act, so expect to hear more from them throughout the year.

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