Slipper Share Sacred Contradictions

One would think that the foggy pop sounds of the Bay Area was sort of an ownership agreement between bands and the city, but it looks like the formula has made its way over to Berlin where Slipper are offering up an excellent rendition of the sound. There’s a weeping melody in the guitar sound almost instantly, setting up the tones as the guitar strums along here. The vocals carry this feel of being lost between two worlds, one angelic and one more troubling. They do offer a bit of growl to their guitar sound at times, taking the sound and mixing it up and making sounds entirely their own. They’ll release A Tiny Rose Made Out of Clay on June 21 via Rehberge Records.

Rocky Lorelei Releases A Sculpture in My Hands

At the very tail end of last year, Rocky Lorelei released the beautiful collection titled A Sculpture in My Hands. The project is the work of Rachel Taylor, who you might know from Spinning Coin or Hairband or Slipper, and boy are you in for a treat if you’ll lend me your ears. These 11 tunes are a mixture of introspective ballads and droning pieces of art poetry, all of which share this mixture of pastoral and naturalism, accompanied by the fragility of Taylor’s voice on the recordings. For me, there are certain standout tracks like “Tomorrow is a Star” or “It’s All on My Mind,” but there’s not a single song you’d want to skip over, each offering little intimate recordings that resonate deep within your soul. Personally, I recommend carrying these tunes with you on a nice walk through the park with the sun on your back; it’s available now via a limited cassette on Rehberge Records.

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