Rock N’ Recipes: R.E. Seraphin

As we continue our Rock n’ Recipes feature, we wanted to reach out to our old friend R.E. Seraphin, who has connections all the way to one of the earliest ATH Records releases (Mean Jolene!). A little over a month ago, his project released their new album, Fool’s Mate, so we reached out to Ray to talk about influences, the recording process and more. Plus, he’s got a killer recipe for Pimento Cheese that you’re going to have to try! Read on to hear more from R.E. Seraphin.

Stream his latest LP:

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Rock n’ Recipes: Outer World

Hopefully you took our suggestion last week when we encouraged you to give a listen to Who Does the Music Love, the debut LP from Outer World. Members of the group have been playing in other acts we’ve enjoyed (Dahlia Seed/Positive No!), so we reached out to Kenneth and Tracy to see if they could give us some insight into their LP. Plus, as an avid coffee enthusiast, with a slight sweet tooth, I was excited to get the recipe for their “Coffee Surprise,” which can easily be replicated at your home! Check out the band’s and stream the LP HERE. It’s out now via HHBTM.

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Rock n’ Recipes: Lightheaded

One of the more pleasant musical surprises, for me anyways, has been New Jersey’s Lightheaded. They just released the Good Good Great EP, a teaser of sorts for their forthcoming album in 2024. It’s a collection that’s blending all eras of pop songwriting, as I’m sure you’ll hear if you spend a little time with the EP, courtesy of Slumberland Records. We talk a little about their history with the label, then get a sweet recipe for a Puerto Rican influence Chicken Stew with Corn.

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Rock n’ Recipes: Lower Plenty

As you’ve likely seen, I raved and raved all year about the new Lower Plenty album, No Poets. So, we were fortunate enough to catch up with Al Montfort, toss him a few questions, plus get a most excellent Dahl recipe that you can try out on your own time. Take a read, get to know the band, and if you’re super-inclined, be sure to grab No Poets LP from Bedroom Suck Records.

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Rock n’ Recipes: Melenas

It’s been a minute since we’ve run a proper Rock n’ Recipes piece, and what better way to get back into the swing of things than to reach out to Spain’s Melenas. Today, Trouble In Mind Records is dropping the band’s brand new record, so we reached out with some questions to talk about the album, having a US label and the obligatory futbol comment.

** Editor Note ** I originally reached out to the band in the middle of the World Cup, wandering how they felt about their team. But, that was before the fallout of Rubiales, so I reached back out with a new question to deal with that, rather than the generic fan question.

Special shout out to RayRay for the formatting and Bill at Trouble in Mind for helping us get organized.

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Rock N’ Recipes: Heather Trost

Heather Trost is perhaps best known as one half of Hawk and a Hacksaw, but as we’ve tried to show on this site recently, their new album Desert Flowers has us excited for her solo work. We were fortunate to catch up with Heather, talk about the record, influences and her favorite food memories. Plus, she leaves us with a wonderful recipe for corba, which is a great red lentil soup with Turkish origins. Check out the interview and recipe after the jump!

Buy Desert Flowers HERE via Ba Da Bing.

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Rock n’ Recipes: Quivers

Earlier this year, Quivers released the most excellent Golden Doubt, receiving rave reviews all over the globe…not to mention ATH adoration. So, having followed the band, we reached out to songwriter Sam Nicholson to ask a few questions about the record and its release, and asked him to share a recipe with us. He’s obliged with some incredible answers, and a recipe for Golden Doubt Lemon Delicious Self-Saucing Pudding. Read on and find yourself a detailed recipe you can easily follow at home!

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Rock n’ Recipes: Flowertown

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve done a proper run with Rock n’ Recipes, so wanted to return this year with a banger; we were fortunate enough to catch up with Mike and Karina of Flowertown. They recently announced that they’ll be putting two of their recent EPs for Paisley Shirt Records onto one great LP for Mt. St. Mtn. If you’re not familiar with the duo, you might have heard lots of buzz about their other projects like Cindy or Tony Jay, but jump below to catch up on the current work! Pre-Order the LP HERE.

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Rock N’ Recipes: Gregor

I’ve been covering Gregor for some time, particularly with the release of his 2018 album, Silver Drop. But, in case you haven’t been in the loop, we will soon get to celebrate the release of Destiny, his new LP for Chapter Music. We reached out to see if he’d be willing to answer a few quick questions and share his favorite recipes, and thankfully, he’s obliged. Read on below…and as you browse, press play on the stream to sample a few of the album tracks. He’s also been so kind as to share a delicious Artichoke Soup recipe!

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Rock n’ Recipes: Chloe Alison Escott

This Friday you’ll all be treated to Stars Under Contract, the brand new LP from Chloe Alison Escott. A lot of you might recognize Chloe as part of Tasmanian duo Native Cats, but the songs on this LP are too moving to skip over. I remember listening to the record and writing these questions and it was just so easy to come up with ideas…such is the contemplative nature of the album. Stick around for Chloe’s quick pasta recipe with all the fixins (as we like to say here in Texas).

Thanks to Guy and Ben at Chapter Music for helping Chloe and I get in contact.

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