Straight Rocker From Minnows

Hey it’s Friday so why don’t we celebrate some rock n roll music before we head into the weekend. My straight up rocker today comes by way of the Columbus, OH based outfit Minnows and their brand new single “Make Us Soldiers.” It has a sort of post-punk energy melded with some classic rock touches and even slight hints of later stage emo. Hit it.

This track will be part of an upcoming debut LP entitled Foreign Moon due out sometime this fall.

Doms Drop Model Head

Don’t have too much info on Arizona’s Doms, and in fact, the band only have a handful of jams, but felt like being into some rock vibes today, so thought we would throw this one your way here. This is just straight rock fuel, akin to the middle period Ty Segall, where it was all about noise and energy and pummeling and hints of melody. Feel like the band have latched onto this darkened edge of heavy indie rock that we’ve perhaps been missing, so I’m ready to turn this one all the way up. You game?

Stream Drea the Vibe Dealer’s Priestess of Vibrations Pt. 3

I’m really glad this Drea the Vibe Dealer’s EP dropped in my inbox this week; it’s just the sort of mix of cool songwriting that makes me see the promise in the indie world. Drea’s been using songs she composed solo in her bedroom back in the day, then taking them to a proper studio and transforming them into these brilliant pop tracks; she even goes so far as to lay it all out saying her goal was “blending post punk, jazz, trip hop and existential lyrics.” Sure, its three songs but you get so much, even within the confines of each track. Like on “Sacrifice” you get this bold, heavy sort of trip-hop meets seductive rocker, and while it holds onto that, a jazzy little underbelly can be heard as Drea wraps her mesmerizing voice atop the mix. It’s a cool listen I hope you’ll give Priestess of Vibrations Pt. 3 some love too!

English Teacher Drop R&B Single

When you first press play on this English Teacher jam, you’re going to definitely here some likeness with recent pop acts like Dry Cleaning; the band employ the same sort of spoken word delivery coiled up in this anxiety ridden cavern of bobbing bass lines. Once you drop into that 1 minute mark, however, the song decides you’re in need of a good kick to the teeth; it rips through your speakers, shooting out distorted chords and rambunctious energy, like a train hurtling over a cliff…will we make it alive?! As calming as they being, the Leeds outfit are intent on destroying everything in their wake. Look for this tune as part of the Nice Swan Records Introduces Volume 1.

Archaeas Announce Self Titled Debut

Had some mellow tunes on the playlist for today, so felt like we need something fresh and loud to knock down the doors a little, which works since Archaeas just announced their debut LP today. The band began as the project of Violet Archaea while coming to terms as a trans artists living Kentucky, though its since been fleshed out to a trio. Thematically, the album is a nod to Wild Zero, where Guitar Wolf help a trans heroine save Earth, but it also pulls into play the “anxiety and pressure of living in today’s world.” You can feel that in the song, you can feel the angst, the push back against the shittiness of everything around us, which only serves to drive the song home. Their self titled debut drops on September 18th via Goner Records.

Slick New Single From Torpid

Most of the world is likely not familiar with the Brisbane based musical group Torpid, so allow me to introduce them to you. About a year ago the four Australian friends decided to get together and make some music, which resulted in the indie hit “For Your Health”. Since then, the band have been quietly working out plans for new music and recently dropped this new bangin’ single called “Don’t”. It will quickly bring up feelings of Joy Division meets The Strokes, meets Viagra Boys. The vocals are heavy and deep, the sounds are sort of in this garage rock/post-punk arena, and the lyrics are just quirky enough to put a smirk on your face. A little different and unique which is definitely my jam.

Real Banger From Leeches

Only a couple of months ago I shared with you all a catchy as hell song called “Fuerta Ventura” from my new pals in Dorset based band LEECHES. Well now the boys are back with this banging new number called “Man Up”. It features a nice blend of a shoe gaze inspired sound which meanders in and out of some seriously heavy, seriously loud, sludge rock. I think you will find it quite enjoyable.

LEECHES are releasing a singles collection EP called Easy on July 3rd via Leisure Records.

Sludgy Rock Number From Stop Watch

As we all recover from the Texas blizzard and move into a beautiful day, I hope you will help me in welcoming new Ann Arbor band Stop Watch to our pages. For an introduction to the 4 piece, here is the single called “Stop.” which is what originally turned my attention towards the band. It’s a sludge rock number with some lovely bits of slowness mixed in with loud, distorted guitars. Basically, multiple layers of things I love.

Say Hello To Annie DiRusso

It’s a cold ass day here in Austin and we are all in need of some rocking music to get the blood flowing. Today we look no further than the young, Nashville upstart Annie DiRusso and her latest single “Dead Dogs”. Obviously the tune falls into the vein of some solid lady rockers like Lucy Daucus or Courtney Barnett, but with a bit more force and power behind her words and music. DiRusso is sure to be a name you’ll be hearing more from very soon.

More From Wives

Queens based rockers Wives have really been impressing me with their new and upcoming album So Removed. I could probably even go so far as calling it one of my favorites of the year. If you are not a believer yet, I recommend you check out the band’s latest single off the new release called “Servants”. Yet again I am finding myself entranced by the band’s ability to effortlessly pull off an old school, alternative rock sound while still pumping in some freshness with slick beats and production. I like this band.

So Removed will be released on October 4th via City Slang.

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