Top Aussie Releases of 2020

So, lists are pretty arbitrary, especially for a site like ours, where you mostly know what you’re going to get each day. But, still, I always fall for the “Best Of” lists, though this year, I’m personally staying away from the numbering system; it just doesn’t really mean much to me these days. That said, I do spend a lot of time covering Aussie acts, more than most, so for me, its fun to revisit my favorites. Without further hoopla…here’s my Top Aussie Releases of 2020.

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Sachet Share Arncliffe Babylon

I’m a really big fan of off-kilter punk of the pop sort, which is exactly what Sydney’s Sachet are offering on their latest single. The way they write their choruses sort of forces you to sort of lose your balance; you’re intoxicated and hooked, but you can’t find your feet beneath you. Still, one of the more endearing qualities from the group is their bubblegum choruses, as if they know you need to wash your ears of those discordant twanging guitars they’ve been brandishing. It’s simultaneously rough and saccharine, which is the perfect way for us to move into Thursday. Look for the band’s Net LP on April 30th via Tenth Court!

Sachet Share New Single

When one ship sinks, sometimes a new ship sets sail, as is the case of Lani and Sam, who have embarked upon a new ocean voyage with Sachet…whilst their old band, Day Ravies lays at the bottom of the sea. Our first listen to the band’s new album has the group slicing up angular guitars licks like they’re going out of fashion. Lani’s vocals, however, offer this heavy dosage of pop sensibility, churning it into higher octaves to further the band’s lofty goals of hook-laden post-punk. They turn the song’s direction towards scuzzier pop methods around the 1:30 mark, only to circle back to wrap the tune up. This jam will appear on Nets, which drops in September courtesy of Tenth Court.