Cozy Slippers Drop Brand New Single

The last we heard from Seattle’s Cozy Slippers they were dropping the A Million Pieces 7′ for the esteemed Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten…and they pop up out of nowhere today with a brand new single of bouncing pop rock, at least on the A-side. “When Will When Come” is this infectious pop tune of driving rhythm and soaring vocals from Sarah and Barbara; they use a semi-dreamy style and fuse it with a whole lot of bop. But, flip to “Be Alone With Me” and they blend in this rad college rock feel; I kind of get classic Juliana Hatfield vibes on it, and I don’t mind that one bit. Really great to see the band up and running, so lets hope we get more from them soon!

Coral Grief Share Crumble Single

As you settle into the day, its always nice to have something that lets you take on more of that contemplative mood, like this track from Seattle’s Coral Grief. The song has this prominent heartbeat, pulsing beneath the mix in matching step with a snare hit to really let your mind focus on the guitars and vocals. In the guitars, you get that crisp jangling that fades into the air, sort of like Spring showers falling intermittently all around you. Lena Farr-Morrissey has this wondrous voice, it kind of seems like its stretching itself around every nook and cranny of the track, but for my basic bitch ears, I couldn’t hear a place where she went wrong. You’ll find this tune on the group’s self-titled EP, which is out on May 14th.

The Berries Drop Yet Another Gem

As is usual with me, I am a bit late in sharing this new tune from Matt Berry and his Seattle based project The Berries, but hey it’s just too damn good not to post. The track in question, “Priceless”, shows Berry slowing things down just a bit for a more driving and mellow approach to songwriting. Don’t be fooled by the initial restraint of the tune as it slowly builds over it’s 4.5 minutes and progresses into a truly epic, and beautiful sound.

This song appears on a new single and B-sides compilation entitled Throne of Ivory due out April 23rd on Run For Cover Records.

Get Swept Away By Unwed Sailor

If you’re looking for something a little more mellow to kick off your week this morning, might I suggest this sweeping new number from our Seattle based pals in Unwed Sailor. Typically a more dreamy and atmospheric instrumental band, this one called “Ajo”, brings more of a slick, almost funk like beat paired with shiny guitars. This should be perfect for your mid morning work day.

“Ajo” appears on the new Unwed Sailor album Truth or Consequences due out on May 14th via Spartan Records.

Beach Vacation Release I Fell Apart

Begun long ago, the story of Beach Vacation is continuing with their excellent I Fell Apart LP, which drops today courtesy of Z Tapes. I wanted to kind of pick up on one the album standouts, which gives you a glimpse to the various sides of the band’s sound. You get this initial shimmering bounce, kind of a rougher edge before the song sort of slinks off into this mellower pop vibe. Soft vocals coo across rhythm, counteracting against the energetic forces pushing through. Every once in a while the band get a little heavy, offering a look at the various styles you’ll get to hear on the LP.

Matthew Shaw Shares Lucky

I’m not going to lie, I’ve bee listening to a lot of the Postal Service of late; it just hits the right notes for my anxiety. But, as I listened to this new track Matthew Shaw, it kind of reminded me of a similar style. The beats aren’t too heavy-handed, so they don’t intrude too much on the natural vocal melody. Plus, as the track progresses, you get a little more layering, kind of like stacking electronic bricks until you’ve built this perfect little pop house for everyone to enjoy. Fun little way to kickstart your Friday, and pop you into the weekend!

Check Out New Advertisement

Today I am pleased share with you fine folks this new tune called “My World Now” from our Seattle based amigos Advertisement. The song has this engrossing take on what I consider Americana rock inspired music which can be likened to older bands like Grateful Dead or something more modern like Fruit Bats. For me, it’s just the right amount of Americana twinged with subtle hints of psych to round things out.

Advertisement will release new album American Advertisement on July 10th. Pre-orders are live now.

Driving Number From Mansions

Mansions is a Seattle based duo comprised of multi instrumentalist Chris Browder and bass player Robin Dove who have been making music together since way back in 2007. Over the years the duo have released three full length albums along with several EPs, remixes and singles. Looking into 2020, the band has their 4th album in the works entitled Big Bad, which is set to drop on June 26th via Bad Timing Records. Prior to that release, the band has offered up this slick new single “Black and White” as a preview of the LP. It features some nice, Kid A reminiscent bass/synth sounds combined with expertly timed, sparse guitars. The entire thing builds for about two minutes and then really explodes into a driving wall of beautiful noise.

The Berries Do It Again

Matt Berry and his Seattle based project known as, The Berries, released one of my favorite albums last year, Berryland. Since then, I’ve been totally hooked and eagerly awaiting more music to consume from the talented multi-instrumentalist. Well today we’re lucky to enjoy this new one off single called “Ancient Steel”, planned as part of an ongoing single series throughout the year. Reserving any superlatives or adjectives to promote the song, I will simply tell you that it’s time for you to check out this band. Do it now!

You can also support The Berries by purchasing their last album, or other merch on the Run For Cover website.

Epic New Song Form Unwed Sailor

Seattle based Unwed Sailor is a longtime favorite around the ATH offices. When it comes to mostly instrumental bands, they are likely in the top 3, maybe even top 2, of all time. Never shying away from pumping out new music, band founder and main creator Johnathon Ford just put out an album last year, but has another one in the works for this summer. To preview the new material, check out this epic and banging new track called “Look Alive”. It offers a myriad of musical moments and emotional ranges as it can be soft, mellow and mesmerizing, but then loud, fast, and truly head nod inducing.

Unwed Sailor will release new album Look Alive on June 12th via Old Bear Records.

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