Telehealth Share Taliesin Grid Video

Telehealth seems like a band that’s willing to fulfill the promise of everything crafted in the 80s synth realm. They’ve got loads of hypnotic rhythms running through this new single, punctuated by these off-kilter notes, with all the sounds seemingly feuding with one another to grab the listener’s ear. Of course, with all those musical trappings, the vocals have to be sharp and spot on, which they are, emphatically delivered in quick bursts, which will likely recall some Devo nods at a certain point. So, if you’re into danceable post-punk with a nostalgic bent to it, might I suggest giving Content Oscillator a chance; it’s out on March 30th.

TELEHEALTH – TALIESIN GRID from no_broplem productions on Vimeo.



Spiral XP Share Deja Vu Video

When I first turned on this new track from Seattle’s Spiral XP, I was feeling pretty targeted. The track comes in immediately with these soaring guitars, crashing, hinting at angular notes, though also with a penchant for 90s college rock vibes; the rollicking drums give the music just enough edge to hit hard. Suddenly, the curtain opens on the vocals and there’s this gooey sweetness pouring through my speakers, softened tones curling around inner ear. It’s like playful noise rock, toying with you by presenting as loud and boisterous, but secretly melodious and covered in hooks. The group will release their new It’s Been a While EP on February 17th via Danger Collective.

Straight Rocker From Fluung

For the unfamiliar, Fluung is an indie rock n roll band from the musical mecca of Seattle, Washington. Harkening back to their city ancestors, the band has a very no nonsense, “let’s just rock” approach to their songs with an incredibly full sound for a three piece group. Latest single, “Decades”, is a prime example of Fluung showing off their post-punk, hints of grunge inspired brand of rock music. Check it out below.

This song will appear on new album The Vine due out October 14th via Setterwind Records on vinyl and Den Tapes on cassette.

New Age Healers Share Setting Sun

Seattle’s New Age Healers will be releasing Demolition Stories later this summer, thus they’ve got to get the singles out into the world, like the latest “Setting Sun.” On my listens, it fits perfectly into where my favorite jams take me; there’s this explorative nature to it, be that sort of psychedelic or what have you, almost like a space-age version of many of the current shoegaze/dreampop acts. The vocals are sedate, hiding quietly in the middle of the mix, careful not to overpower the listener, but melodically moving the track forward. You’ll be able to get your hands on the new LP come this August, so keep your ears out!

Mt Fog Shares Behind a Silent Door Video

Seattle’s Mt Fog is ready to mesmerize you with their latest video for “Behind a Silent Door,” with footage that matches up with the band’s description as forest folktronica; it uses some colorful digital sketching to fill in the background of found nature shots. Musically, you’re going to love what Carolyn B is doing with her craft, structuring electronic layer atop layer so as to build a musical landscape where her vocals can come in and out of focus. Interestingly, those vocal notes match the mystic quality of the music, like a playful forest dweller, running in and out of the trees, calling to you. If you can’t get lost in the natural world, then you can certainly lose yourself in this song.

Scarves Announce New LP

I always forget how much I enjoy listening to Scarves. There’s something in the band that just screams Pacific Northwest, in its heyday. They’ve just announced their new album, their first since 2018’s Dinner Dates for the End of Days, and with it, they’re reminding us of their sound with “Heavy Eyes.” Something about Niko’s voice always reminds me of the earlier years of Built to Spill, when things weren’t quite so clean and the beauty was in the details that seemed misplaced. There’s also some similarities to early Death Cab, which I’m pretty sure is still okay to admit you liked (I did; I still do!), so if you’re feeling like you miss that PNW sound, then why not just listen to Scarves; their new album Delicate Creatures is out August 26th via Good Eye Records.

Video Premiere: Biblioteka – Tick Tock

Today I am pumped to share with you all this video premiere for “Tick Tock” from Seattle based rock n roll band Biblioteka. It sort of gives off this very The Hives vibe with a touch of 60s era garage/fuzz rock. It’s a fun, rocking number with a trippy and trance inducing video to go along with the overall psych mantra of the track.

“Tick Tock will appear on Biblioteka’s new album entitled Pretty Ugly which is due out on July 24th via Freakout Records. We’ll mark out calendars.

Sun Spots Share Loosey Video

Feels like a weird week around here. There were tons of jams coming left and right, then radio silence. Maybe I made the world mad mocking Stereogum? Well, luckily this punky piece of pop came through from Sun Spots and it absolutely rips. Thinking about modern trends, the Seattle outfit seems to rely more on the rock ethos than the pop bit, though the chorus certainly doesn’t shy away from an absolute stellar hook to get you turned on out there. Loud, boisterous…and fun? You can count me in. The group release their Loosey EP this Fall via Happy Families.

Levoneh Shares A Song for Martin Selig

Wanted to toy with some space age folk vibes today, so we turn to Levoneh, the project of Ross Kirshebaum and friends. The band will be releasing their new LP, Ground, via Cruisin Records/Lost Sound Tapes in a few weeks, and this new tune illustrates how the project takes meandering folk tune and buries it all beneath layers of texture. At times, guitars bend or just vibrate on one note, adding this sort of jazziness; there are other moments where the percussion and atmospheric production toys with your mind, exploding before quietly receding to the background. Always enjoy adventurous brands of folk tunes! Ground drops on March 18th.

Coach Phillips Drop New AA Single

Really enjoying these fresh Coach Phillips tunes from their new Double A side single, and perhaps there’s a few of you who might feel the same? The band are playing in the same sandbox as Hovvdy or the like, breaking bread with old emo tendencies and dipping it in the wine cup of present bedroom pop. On “Parker Dam” the band take their intimate moments and throw in some punctuated riffs, giving off a heaviness, then layer the vocals with Jess Kim’s backing voice, which buoys the track. “M. Hurley” is a little bit more along the lines of the traditional, playing over carefully strummed guitar notes; I love how this tune has a nice vocal shift, albeit a brief one, but it adds a nice tough to the solemnity of this track. Enjoy both the tunes below, and look for an EP in the near future!

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