Video Premiere: Biblioteka – Tick Tock

Today I am pumped to share with you all this video premiere for “Tick Tock” from Seattle based rock n roll band Biblioteka. It sort of gives off this very The Hives vibe with a touch of 60s era garage/fuzz rock. It’s a fun, rocking number with a trippy and trance inducing video to go along with the overall psych mantra of the track.

“Tick Tock will appear on Biblioteka’s new album entitled Pretty Ugly which is due out on July 24th via Freakout Records. We’ll mark out calendars.

Sun Spots Share Loosey Video

Feels like a weird week around here. There were tons of jams coming left and right, then radio silence. Maybe I made the world mad mocking Stereogum? Well, luckily this punky piece of pop came through from Sun Spots and it absolutely rips. Thinking about modern trends, the Seattle outfit seems to rely more on the rock ethos than the pop bit, though the chorus certainly doesn’t shy away from an absolute stellar hook to get you turned on out there. Loud, boisterous…and fun? You can count me in. The group release their Loosey EP this Fall via Happy Families.

Levoneh Shares A Song for Martin Selig

Wanted to toy with some space age folk vibes today, so we turn to Levoneh, the project of Ross Kirshebaum and friends. The band will be releasing their new LP, Ground, via Cruisin Records/Lost Sound Tapes in a few weeks, and this new tune illustrates how the project takes meandering folk tune and buries it all beneath layers of texture. At times, guitars bend or just vibrate on one note, adding this sort of jazziness; there are other moments where the percussion and atmospheric production toys with your mind, exploding before quietly receding to the background. Always enjoy adventurous brands of folk tunes! Ground drops on March 18th.

Coach Phillips Drop New AA Single

Really enjoying these fresh Coach Phillips tunes from their new Double A side single, and perhaps there’s a few of you who might feel the same? The band are playing in the same sandbox as Hovvdy or the like, breaking bread with old emo tendencies and dipping it in the wine cup of present bedroom pop. On “Parker Dam” the band take their intimate moments and throw in some punctuated riffs, giving off a heaviness, then layer the vocals with Jess Kim’s backing voice, which buoys the track. “M. Hurley” is a little bit more along the lines of the traditional, playing over carefully strummed guitar notes; I love how this tune has a nice vocal shift, albeit a brief one, but it adds a nice tough to the solemnity of this track. Enjoy both the tunes below, and look for an EP in the near future!

Husbands Drop New Single, Wishbone

I’ve written about Husbands previously, a band hailing from my old stomping grounds of OKC, and with that, we’re here to offer you one final single before the band drop their new album. This tune’s all about the psychedelic underbelly, pushing this sort of buzzed electronica beneath this catchy pop brand. There’s definitely something seductive, particularly in the way the vocals are layered against one another, giving the voices their own sort of instrument to propel the song forward. That dark throb and pulse continues that push and pull feel, mimicking the way the vocals play against each other, letting the song sort of ebb and flow through your ears, twisting and turning as it enters the ear canal on its own terms. If you dig, the band drop their debut LP on January 18th…with a slew of shows you can catch up on HERE.

The Figurants Share Benjo Video

I love stumbling into a band like The Figurants, something that takes you down a wormhole of their catalog, falling further and further in love. Their latest single “Benjo” has all these little nuanced moments that I can’t help but feel charmed to hear. I love the twists and turns of the guitars, slightly twangy, cascading into the horizon. The matter-of-fact vocal delivery is charming, and more so by the deep tonal quality of Matt McClure’s voice. They seem like a band that you kind of keep to yourself, only sharing with those closest to you, or those who you feel need a little extra charm in life. So here I am, sharing their new tune with you, my friends.

New Advertisement EP & Single

Seattle based rising band Advertisement had a huge year in 2020 with their debut LP American Advertisement, which received a whole ton of praise from us and a slew of other folks in the music media. Sometimes bands can let the hype get to them and allow their sound to go a bit stagnant, but not the case with this new single “Here it Comes”. No this one shows a band taking their grittier rock sound and naturally growing and maturing into a louder, more full sound with hints of 80s new wave and an infectious, driving style. You will want to check this one out today.

This track is part of Advertisement’s new Freedom EP which is live and streamable today!

Cozy Slippers Drop Brand New Single

The last we heard from Seattle’s Cozy Slippers they were dropping the A Million Pieces 7′ for the esteemed Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten…and they pop up out of nowhere today with a brand new single of bouncing pop rock, at least on the A-side. “When Will When Come” is this infectious pop tune of driving rhythm and soaring vocals from Sarah and Barbara; they use a semi-dreamy style and fuse it with a whole lot of bop. But, flip to “Be Alone With Me” and they blend in this rad college rock feel; I kind of get classic Juliana Hatfield vibes on it, and I don’t mind that one bit. Really great to see the band up and running, so lets hope we get more from them soon!

Coral Grief Share Crumble Single

As you settle into the day, its always nice to have something that lets you take on more of that contemplative mood, like this track from Seattle’s Coral Grief. The song has this prominent heartbeat, pulsing beneath the mix in matching step with a snare hit to really let your mind focus on the guitars and vocals. In the guitars, you get that crisp jangling that fades into the air, sort of like Spring showers falling intermittently all around you. Lena Farr-Morrissey has this wondrous voice, it kind of seems like its stretching itself around every nook and cranny of the track, but for my basic bitch ears, I couldn’t hear a place where she went wrong. You’ll find this tune on the group’s self-titled EP, which is out on May 14th.

The Berries Drop Yet Another Gem

As is usual with me, I am a bit late in sharing this new tune from Matt Berry and his Seattle based project The Berries, but hey it’s just too damn good not to post. The track in question, “Priceless”, shows Berry slowing things down just a bit for a more driving and mellow approach to songwriting. Don’t be fooled by the initial restraint of the tune as it slowly builds over it’s 4.5 minutes and progresses into a truly epic, and beautiful sound.

This song appears on a new single and B-sides compilation entitled Throne of Ivory due out April 23rd on Run For Cover Records.

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