Supercrush Share Lost My Head for KR Records Comp

I love a good compilation, particularly when it captures a music scene as a snapshot; it’s always fun to go back and see what was cool or who made it out alive. Today, KR Records announces From Far It All Seems Small, a compilation covering the music scene of Seattle in the year of 2024; it features acts like Spiral XP, Shook Ones, Sun Spots…and Supercrush. This tune from Supercrush rips, but I won’t deny that it immediately made me think of the very first LP from the Rentals; it’s got that combination of moog work and power-pop, and I couldn’t be more stoked. From Far It All Seems Small will be out on May 24th, so keep your ears out!

Get Down With Acid Tongue

Seattle based legends Acid Tongue seem to be one of those groups I can always rely on for a solid rock n roll banger just when I need it. This new track “Acid on the Dance Floor” is hitting all those feels today with some straight up sludgy, psychy, and simple badass sounds. If you’re feeling a little down in the dumps, crank this joint to 11 and enjoy the sheer swamp of it all.

Acid Tongue will be releasing this track as part of their fourth full length LP entitled Acid on the Dance Floor. Pre-orders are live for that one now and it’s due out on April 12th.

Nessa Readies New EP, Shares Latest Singles

Those of you who frequent our wee site might recognize Nessa Grasing‘s name in the notes of much-championed ATH faves, Scarves. This time however, we’re focusing on Nessa‘s solo work, offering you a bit more of a personal approach, predominantly working with the strength of vocals and heavy-strumming. On “Forest Fires” there’s a bit of a pop tinge to the tune, especially as the vocals swell to meet up with a light arrangement of strings behind. “The Desert and Your Demons” seems to be a bit more of a traditional ballad, with Nessa’s voice bringing a bit more fragility to both the tones and the storytelling; you can almost hear a breaking point for the narrator as its matched by the voice during the climax. The Palouse EP is on the horizon; we’ll keep you posted as we near the release!

Wimps Announce City Lights LP

It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from Wimps, but they waste no time in getting stuck right in our rotation with the announcement of a fresh new record on the horizon. Like many of us, the pandemic hit hard, but it did bring with it some special moments, like motherhood for Rachel Ratner. This song just rips right in, kicking off with a furiously pounding rhythm that rushes the song through your speakers as quick as can be! Lyrically, the song celebrates being a mom, while trying to find that balance between parenting and artistic creativity. As a dad, I can definitely relate to the need to find that balance! The band will be releasing City Lights on October 13th via Youth Riot Records.

Have Another Sea Lemon Tune

Natalie Lew has really grabbed my attention over the last few months with multiple new singles under her recording moniker Sea Lemon. First we heard the mellow and trippy “Cellar,” followed by the poppier tune “Vaporized,” and now we have this jam called “Breakdown” which features a guest appearance by Day Wave. Compared to other tracks, this one falls into a very heavy and hazy feel with mellow touches and a delicate approach to the presentation. If you have yet to dig into this singles, do it now. Do. It. Now.

Sea Lemon’s new EP entitled Stop at Nothing goes live on Thursday via Luminelle Recordings.

Check Out Another Advertisement Tune

My pals in Advertisement are really having a strong resurgence here in late summer as they are dropping serious heat with some new singles. Already having shared the straight rocker “Victory,” the band returns today with a song more on the downtrodden side with “Nobody’s Cop.” You’ll find a more mellow approach paired with some alt-country and sort of Southern rock inspiration from the Seattle based band. Pre-orders for Advertisement’s new album Escorts are live now from Feel It Records.

Sea Lemon Shares Vaporized

Seattle’s own Natalie Lew and her project known as Sea Lemon really caught my attention during SXSW last March with her brand of dreamy and airy indie pop. Today I am delighted to share why she caught my attention with this delightful new single called “Vaporized.” Lew builds this delicate pop sound, but then also builds on it with a slowly driving and intensifying sound along with perfectly placed, and expertly written, lyrics. It’s sure to improve your day with every listen.

This single is part of a new EP entitled Stop at Nothing due out on August 25th via Luminelle Recordings.

Advertisement Share Victory

Seattle based outfit Advertisement blew up onto the scene back in 2020 with the release of their stellar debut LP American Advertisement. Since then, only a few singles have dropped while the band toured extensively and prepped for a follow up to the debut. Well now your wait is over as the group just announced their sophomore effort Escorts with the release of this new single “Victory.” You’ll find a pure form of rock n roll that seems somewhat lost in the current landscape but is certainly welcome and fresh for this listener.

Pre-orders for the new album Escorts are live now. It’s due out September 15th via Feel It Records.

Sea Lemon Share New Single Cellar

Seattle based artist Natalie Lew left a lasting impression on us during SXSW this year with her new recording project known as Sea Lemon. Sometimes booked between loud and noisy acts, it was hard to full get a hold on the tunes, but we could tell something special was brewing with the young artist. Her new single “Cellar” shows these hints of delicate sounds mixed with dreamy, airy vibes which first caught our attention back in March. This is sure to be the jumping off point for more great tunes to come this year.

Sea Lemon will be joining Hatchie on select dates on the west coast this fall. Tickets here.

Iffin Share New Single

Our good friend Joe turned me onto this new Iffin single, which in a way, reminds of the electronic period of Patrick Wolf…and everyone knows I loved that stuff. It’s an interesting take on modern bedroom pop, with these chords that cut in faintly, then fade into fuzz, only for this propulsive beat to jump in and steal the entire spotlight. The vocal tones are read too, bringing in this heaviness in the tones that’s disguised a bit in the mix, which throws back to 80s club bangers my sister would bring home. There’s an added single to go along with this, which bleeds over into that sort of heavy pop that folks like Peel Dream Magazine have been crafting in the last few years. Give a listen.

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