The Wesleys Share A Lot to Lose + Drop Debut LP

If you’re looking for the perfect album to walk into Spring, might we suggest you put this debut LP from the Wesley‘s in your listening rotation? As a whole, the record’s pretty diverse; it’s like trying to decide between a path of Elephant 6 to your left or Dirtnap Records to your right, but the Wesleys said fuck it, we’ll play our own road. On the single below, they are definitely playing more towards the pastoral folk pop stylings, maybe even flirting with acts like Woods. The vocal harmonies hang perfectly in the air, and you get hints of groovy Aussie pop too with the way the acoustic guitar gets picked carefully atop that bobbing bass walk. The song’s within The Wesleys are the perfect blend between sharp power and melodic folk tendencies, leaving you with the perfect gateway into the changing of the seasons. Full album releases tomorrow courtesy of Little Village Records.

Alluvial Nuggets Share Whistling Song

Ever listen to a song that just makes you feel good, even though you can’t put that feeling into words? Today, that’s the new track from Alluvial Nuggets, which is the second single from their forthcoming slef-titled debut. There’s this chugging movement in the guitar play, a bit of swagger that has you rocking back and forth. But, it’s muted, so the snapping of the drums lets you bounce your toes. A few of the guitar lines dip their toes into modern psychedelia, yet even as you think the band’s going that route, they spin in a bit of twangy melody into the chorus, only to let that moment boogie you towards the close. A lot of musical nods, but ultimately just a rad bop. Alluvial Nuggets is out in June via Lost and Lonesome.

Torrey Share Bounce Video

Have you pre-ordered your Torrey LP from Slumberland Records left? I can’t imagine they have too many left, particularly if you listen to their latest single. Their latest video plays right into their style, offering up images of water and waves, washing over a beautiful red ball, much like their music has this heavy wash of distortion and noise that cleanses you, leaving behind this beautiful beating heart of pop adoration. You could easily see them slide right into lineups featuring Alvvays and the like, then blowing everyone right off stage. It’s the perfect balance, and in that, they become the perfect band to weather any storm in your life. Sink into their sounds and go grab their self-titled LP, out on March 8th. And if you love the songwriting…there’s an added bonus as member Ryann Gonsalves also has an LP on the way of solo crafts–more info HERE.

Chandelier Release the Stop Single

Definitely hitting the rock notes today, and can certainly feel the brooding swagger of Chandelier taking hold as I crank up their new single. Initially, I loved the indifferent vocal delivery, somewhere between early Sonic Youth and Protomartyr, keeping things cool while seeming to care less. As I went back again and again, it was the thump of the bass and the growl of the guitar that kept me jumping back to this tune. You can almost feel the jittery nature in the way the chords seem to straddle the vocals and work against the beat; it adds to the tension, giving off that feeling like we’re losing control entirely. They release their self-titled debut on March 5th!

Lamplight Announce Self-Titled LP

While it may be sunny here in Austin today, there’s bound to be some colder climes, patiently waiting for the music of Lamplight to brilliantly warm their souls. Every musical step here carries this weighted intent, with the edges of the tune billowing with emotional arrangements; I loved the piano plodding, but the twang of the slide guitar and gentle horns just lift this track to the heavens. In a way, it feels like something Pedro the Lion adjacent, albeit with huge feels that are pretty near inescapable. There’s this nostalgia to it, even in the lyrics, all of it allowing the song to just sit with you, stay awhile with your heart. Western Vinyl was surely on to something when they agreed to release the band’s self-titled LP next March!

Paws Share One Nation Under Dog

If there’s a general feeling in the world, it seems to revolve around our future and our fears for what comes next for humanity. Paws, on their latest single, have captured that anxiety and built it up into the perfect piece of swelling pop rock. Personally, I’m a sucker for the way huge riffs and smashing drums rock you right into the track, before the riffs get peeled a way to reveal a warmed vocal driving home the tune’s melody. Backing vocals buoy the hook too, allowing the lyrics to really resonate with the listener as the band question our decisions as humans “under dog.” New single pops up on Paws new self-titled LP, out October 27th via Ernest Jenning Record Co.


AAR Release 20th Anniversary Edition of Self-Titled LP

You’re likely reading this post about All-American Rejects and wondering…”how does this fit the site?” Well, we’ve all got to start somewhere, and I have no shame in saying there were a few months back in 2002 where I was fortunate enough to travel around with the band and poorly sell t-shirts. But, honestly, I was in the band’s orbit from an early age, and the fact that it’s been 20 years since they took off from Oklahoma and never looked back (except Mikey, who still calls it home) is pretty amazing. So, wanted to celebrate their achievement of rocking out for over 20 years (they’re on tour now!) by posting this rad record and its reissue treatment; it now has the rare “Cigarette Song” on 7″ packaged within the LP! Grab it HERE! And, if you buy it and look in the liner notes, maybe you’ll recognize a name hanging about.


Babytooth Drop Pop Rock Hit, Hey Minnow

Give yourself a full 25 seconds to immerse yourself in this jam from Portland’s Babytooth; if you do so, you’ll be absolutely sold on their pop rock styling. Distinctive vocals toy with the modern indie fare, but that 24th second immediately sells you on the band’s promise; it brings with it this bounding energy that magically courses right through, punching you right in the teeth. Somehow, the song still manages to maintain that intimacy, as if you’re the long attendee at a secret Babytooth house show meant only for you. You can feel a bit of an edge waiting to get out here, and I think if you spend some time with the group’s self-titled LP, you’ll find exactly what you need. Babytooth is available today via Antiquated Future.

Richard Tripps Shares Missing Piece of Time; Drops New LP

Sliding into Richard Tripps‘ new single felt like curling up on my couch with my family; there’s something so familiar and comforting, in both the voice and the light strum of the songwriting. That light-hearted strum fits perfectly with the weighted tones of Tripps’ voice, but when little pops of accompaniment rise here and there, the song begins to take hold of you emotionally. When you hit the chorus, Richard switches his tones to something a bit softer, with little bell notes and a forlorn guitar sliding into the background. It’s the sort of gentle pop that deserve more attention, so if you dig it, be sure to stream the whole new LP now; find it HERE.

Colored Lights Share Stabbing Clouds Single

Frode Stromstad is really putting his songwriting into overdrive, having fairly recently released an I Was a King LP…now he’s got his new project Colored Lights set for their debut LP. When you press play, you’re instantly greeted by this groovy pulse, setting up this steady backbone for the track to ride upon. Frode’s vocals take on these fantastical notes, hitting tones somewhere between nostalgic yearning and futuristic hope; his performance is definitely one of the selling points of this track. Mixing up tidbits of psych and power pop, you’re going to definitely hear sprinkles of all your favorite genres coming in from the latest Colored Lights single; they drop their self-titled debut on August 22nd via Bobo Integral.

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