First Rodeo Announce Debut Self-Titled LP

Summertime in Texas means sitting around in warm nights, sweating a bit and drinking a few beers with friends. The soundtrack to that classic night might be best suited by the latest single from First Rodeo (despite the band not actually hailing from Texas). Subtle drum work sets the tone, as the twang sets in from the guitar work, even working its way down the line to eventually erupt in a smoldering solo apt for late night jams. In the vocals you get that Americana croon, the sort that sounds forlorn and friendly all at once, particularly as syllables get stretched into melodies. Combining the two is a sure fire way to our Texas hearts over here, so pencil us in for a good old listening party when First Rodeo drops on August 5th via Forged Artifacts.

Welcome Strawberry Share No One Online

Wanted to get into something slightly heavy this morning, so I figured we’d start the day off with this burning ripper from new Oakland outfit Welcome Strawberry. The band have just announced their debut LP, and with Jorge Elbrecht mixing their brand of poppy shoegaze, I’m excited to see where this group head. Honestly, it makes sense that Jorge has his hands in this, as this definitely sounds like the natural evolution of where he was taking Violens; it also hints at a bit of that fun acid house, albeit with a much heavier hand in there. Their debut self-titled LP drops this September courtesy of Too Good to Be True and Cherub Dream.

Ghost Woman Shares Clockwork Video

If you’re looking for a slow-burning psychedelic Americana stomp, then check out this new video from Ghost Woman. Even the visuals going throughout seduce you with this nod to the hazy deserts of Western United States; the tune drips with this dense weight that beckons full immersion. If you listen closely, you’ll find this seductive little melody right at the 1:09 mark, and it’s super brief, but just the slightest tonal change that completely sucked me into the tune. If you’re willing to get lost with seductive melodies and heavy psychedelic fog, then be sure you get your wallet ready to grab the self-titled LP from Ghost Woman,out June 15th via Full Time Hobby.

Florist Release Spring in Hours Video

Today seems the perfect day for sedate, contemplative music. Florist seems to always craft just such tunes, and their new single is certainly no different. Emily’s vocals throughout have that sort of mesmerizing charm, the sort of voice you wish you had as you sing your child to sleep. As a band, the accents surrounding Sprague’s voice are the perfect accent; the drums keep a steady march for the track, with the little bits of picked guitar strings faintly audible in the mix. There’s also this great musical swell in the song’s middle that sets us all up for a nice little mental meandering. They release their self-titled Florist LP on July 9th via Double Double Whammy.

Golden Apples Share Let Me Do My Thing

Everything we’ve heard from Golden Apples new LP has the markings of the last 30 years of indie rock; they’re like historical musicians rewriting the sounds as they see fit. On the latest single from the group, they hit these strong chords that nod to the surf-rock craze, but what I love his how they slow it down, never giving into the need to release that tension, so the track slides into this more subtle groove. When it hits the chorus, it carefully switches into the modern, looking at guitar pop and its penchant for huge melodic choruses. Looking forward to hearing all Golden Apples, their self-titled record out on April 28th via Lame-O Records.

Chronophage Share Black Clouds

One of the reasons the Austin music scene can be so frustrating is the fact that Chronophage aren’t one of the most talked about acts around. Just recently they uploaded the stunning “Black Clouds” with an announcement of their new self-titled LP, and I should have rushed to share. In the opening minutes, you feel as if the band have matured, sonically, coming off arty, but still headstrong…then, as the minute mark crosses the song begins to get a bit of a growl in the vocals; the song continues to grow, emphatically pushing itself into leaving you with the best song Paul Westerberg never wrote. This band should be your life. Chronophage is out on June 3rd via Post Present Medium/Bruit Direct.

Abby Gogo to Reissue Self-Titled LP via Double Phantom

Atlanta’s Abby Gogo always seemed to operate outside of everyone’s expectations. During their hey-day in the late 2000s, they’d drop a 7″ here, tour a little bit, get a record out, tour a slight bit more (including SXSW)…then they broke up. It’s kind of unfortunate, as their sound seems right in line with where we’re at with those true worshippers of psych influences (not the Tame Impala breed). But, worry no more! They’re going to reissue their debut self-titled LP. Interestingly, the record’s lead track seems to combine all the elements of cool, which is what I’ve got for you below. The guitars shatter and cascade into a messy crash through your speakers, fueled by this shaky madness that seems on the verge of losing control. Flip it onto the vocals and you get this more J. Spaceman vibe, offering up this supremely indifferent layer of cool that begs you to ignore the rest of the world and dive into Abby Gogo. Double Phantom will be reissuing the LP at the end of May.

Florist Announce Self-Title LP

I’ve been a fan of Emily Sprague’s Florist project for sometime, though admittedly, I’ve gravitated towards certain tracks more than others. But, today, the project announces a new self-titled LP, and with it comes this meditative single that’s got me all up in the feelings. It circles around this ornate little guitar picking and Sprague’s vocals, with little rumblings rising to the surface from time to time; it’s like listening to your favorite record just to hear the crackles through your speakers. I just imagine this tune playing on the car stereo as we cruise down a stretch of empty highway in the Fall, dreamily gazing out the window as the colors swirl into this blur of emotion. The self-titled LP will be out on July 29th via Double Double Whammy.

Central Heat Exchange Share Cold Video

Earlier this year Central Heat Exchange released their self-titled album, and it definitely was something I spent a lot of time with over the last few months (though Santi never gave me a copy!). Today, on Bandcamp Friday, you should go grab it for yourself, and in order to entice you, we’ve got this great visual to accompany one of the record’s standout tunes, “Cold.” This is one of the tracks that I loved the most, exhibiting that unique balance between what seems noisy, yet still has the ability to soothe. Part of that has to do it with the way the group texture the vocals, but its also just the perfect mix that captures a band of accomplished songwriters working to bring the best out of one another. Self-titled album available now through Birthday Cake/Sunroom/Citrus City.


Partner Look Announce Debut LP

We first brought you news of Partner Look last April, when the band dropped a quick 7″ after forming as kind of a spur of the moment projects between the Hasnain sisters and their partners, Lachlan Denton and Dainis Lacey. This is one of the unique things about the Melbourne scene right now, with friends trading places all over to create exciting new projects. Today, the band announce their debut self-titled LP, dropping via Trouble in Mind/Osborne Again/Spunk in February. Lachlan (of Pop Filter/LD + ER/Ocean Party) gets the lead on the vocals here, and his voice always has this familiarity and spirited vibrance; it adds to the bouncing rhythm section helmed by his drum work. There’s a little bit of twang in the guitars, sort of taking a kind of psychedelic folk boogie to the track that reaches its climax in the chorus when everyone joins in for a singalong. Try this one on for size.

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