Monday Morning Dance Party with De Lux

deluxIf you’re anything close to me, then I know Monday’s can be a struggle; it’s hard to get out of bed sometimes in order to get going.  So I figured I’d bust out this throbbing jam from De Lux to get you up and out of your chair. Initially the vibe got me going, bobbing my head around the house, but then the lyrics came in, adding to the party.  They’re coated a bit here, but the muddy feel definitely adds to the vibe you’ll get with this tune. It reminds me of what LCD Soundsystem could have sounded like if they were any good.  You can get your hands on their self-titled EP on December 10th if you’re looking to party, but for now, let’s dance.


Download: De Lux – Better At Making Time [MP3]

New Music from Happy Diving

happydiveIf you wait long enough, you’ll ultimately be rewarded.  This is precisely what happens when you give the latest single from Happy Diving a few minutes of your daily time.  Yes, it does start off with almost nothing happening, but as the distorted guitars crash and the drums kick in, it’s only a matter of time before the band offer relaxed vocals that definitely make the group something to keep an eye on.  And then its over, just as quickly.  On January 14th we’ll find out exactly what else the Cali band has up their sleeves when they release their self-titled EP on Father/Daughter Records…my interest is piqued.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Energetic New Music from Steel Phantoms

steelSummertime is perfect for turning the knob up to eleven and letting yourself free from the mundane activities, though I guess some of us do have to sit in offices…sorry BGray. This new tune from Steel Phantoms is perfect for rocking out; the guitars come in and heavy and fast from the get-go, allowing you feel the energetic push the band’s proposing.  If you’re sitting in your chair tapping your toes, as you should be, then you can find a copy of the band’s new self-titled EP coming your way on July 16th.  Let’s celebrate and rock it out today!


Download: Steel Phantoms – Matt LeBlanc [MP3]

Steel Phantoms Kicks Out the Indie Jams

steelphantomsI’m thoroughly impressed by the work of the duo, Steel Phantoms.  When I first heard this track, I thought the group might approach the sound of Dodos, but they totally turned it up a notch, adding a more raucous element with the pounding of the drum section.  Sure, they mellow out momentarily in parts, but the whole of the track is much more forceful.  The band has a new self-titled EP that’s heading your way on July 16th, and it’s figuring to have a heavy spot in your summertime rotation, combining sprawling indie rock with energetic anthems.


Download: Steel Phantoms – Curtain Call [MP3]

Rose Melberg Warms Hearts with PUPS

246720085-1Is there another lady that works as hard as Rose Melberg?  I’m thinking know, especially now that I discovered this new band she’s working with via Bloodbuzzed.  PUPS just put up their self-titled EP last week for the NYOP fee (remember not to rip off your favorite artists).  I’m really impressed with the drumming on this tune, not to mention the refreshing vocals; it’s amazing how the tightly sloppy drumming can work so well with the quality of the voice.  You definitely need to spend some time today falling in love with this track, as you’ll be better off for it.


Download: PUPS – Take Your Shoes Off [MP3]

The Stevens Sign with Chapter Music

2312597976-1I’ve had my eye on Australian band The Stevens for a bit now, and I’m really happy they’ve found an incredible home on our favorite label, Chapter Music.  In honor of the signing, the label will be releasing their self-titled six-song EP on 7″ on April 13th.  I love the way the guitars have this heavy-handed post punk feel to them, but then they take that notion and turn it into a softer little ditty.  It’s a great effect, providing you with this catchy song you’ll want to play over and over again.  Congrats to the label and the band for a perfect union!

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Nice New Rocker from Dirty Fences

Let’s kick off the day with a nice little bit of anthemic rock n’ roll, you know, of the garage sort.  Dirty Fences is a New York act with a few small releases to their name, but I’m digging the sing-a-long attitude of their swaggering rock.  This jam comes from the group’s self-titled EP, which is filled with energetic tunes you and your friends will use to get you amped up for the night.  It’s nothing out of this world, but it’s got the simplicity and grit that made bands like the New York Dolls huge, so look out for these dudes!


Download:Dirty Fences – Sid [MP3]

Coastal Jam from American Photo Club

When I first heard this, I knew I recognized that guitar sound (it’s U2 right?), but the hook that hid in the chorus is what let me overlook the slight resemblance here.  American Photo Club have just self-released a new self-titled EP, and it’s filled with gems just like this one, catchy and sprawling.  It’s a good way to continue rocking and rolling this week, filling your ears with “woahs” and a spirited chorus that begs you to sing along.  I don’t know what it is about this jam, but if you like what you hear, you can grab the EP for free from the guys.


Download:American Photo Club – We Are All The Same [MP3]

More New Pop from My Great Ghost

A few months back we brought you the tune “Plain Sight” from the self-titled EP from My Great Ghost.  Now, as the date draws near for the July 10th release of their EP, we’ve got another track from their EP to share with you, “Photograph.”  Again, the duo has crafted some well organized electronic pop that builds steadily throughout the track, which is indicative of all the tracks on the group’s EP.  With a start like this EP, the future looks bright for the groups from New York, so be sure to check out the release, and keep the band on your radar.


Download:My Great Ghost – Photograph [MP3]

Great Mellow Jam from Pure Bathing Culture

I’m pretty sure you’re all going to love this track; there’s really nothing as strikingly wonderful as this track from Pure Bathing Culture.  It’s such a subtle pop track, with the instrumentation turned down low so the vocals can reach perfection by the time they hit your ears.  You can find this track on the group’s debut self-titled EP, which just came out via the good people over at Father Daughter Records.  Come on, one listen just isn’t enough, you’re going to have to play this song over and over again.  I don’t know about you, but that pretty sums the track up as a certified hit.



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