Time Stalkers Release Isabelle Video

Not everyone works on the same album cycle, especially if you’re a 9 piece group like Time Stalkers. This last week, a video emerged for their slow-churning pop ballad “Isabelle;” you might recognize the tune from their 2020 self-titled LP, thus giving me another chance to celebrate the band’s work. The track’s sells a pretty heart-wrenching vibe, pulling at you as the guitars bend and the strings sink you…thus the video needs the same sentiment. So, we’re presented with the story of a bird who has just been dumped, thus turning to the Time Stalkers LP for consoling; it’s a charming presentation of heartbreak, if that exists. You can still find a copy of the band’s album on cassette over at Gentle Reminder Records.

Bed Maker Prep Debut Self Titled LP

This track from Bed Maker popped up a minute ago, and I’m totally stuck on the band’s sound. They offer up this sort of rumbling post-punk, operating on the driving rhythm piece that leaves tons of space for both Amanda MacKaye and stabbing guitar lines to dive into the fold. So many moments on this tune feel like they’ve got you tumbling, crawling for survival; they build angst and tension, tossing out emphatic punches of vocals and guitar bursts with abandon. You get the feeling that this quartet will rip right through your speakers and start playing on your living room floor; they’ll be doing just that if you grab their self-titled LP this Friday via Dischord.

Torrey Share Moving Video

If you follow the Oakland scene or Slumberland or just good pop music, then you’ve likely already penciled in the release of Torrey‘s new LP. Today we get another addition to their story, with “Moving” dropping a bit more dissonance into the picture. Just spending time with the guitar sounds might have you a bit uneasy; they seem to reverberate in the speakers, but almost as if they’re stuck, leaving you in a bit of a disoriented listening state. Still, there’s textured layers of atmospheric melody that allow you focus on the band’s pop sensibility once you’ve returned to your senses. The band drop their self-titled LP via Slumberland on March 8th.

Porcine Announce New Self-Titled LP

So you’ve been driving around in your car with the windows down, letting that rush fill you with energy. But, it’s time to move into the middling section of your day, slow the pace a wee bit, and what better way than to slowly seep into the Friday grind by pumping up this new Porcine track. Once you press play, the dreamy elements have you spinning, though slightly slower than the rush of a windows-down car ride, so put your hands in the air and let the track do it’s work. Everything here is sparkly and light, as you turn towards the weekend. But, one of the great things about the Barnsley outfit is they’re not afraid to up the ante and jump down on the pedals, as the latter half brings in their noisier tendencies as the tune fades with a bit more punch. They’ll be releasing their self-titled LP via Safe Suburban Home Records on March 1st.

Bed Bits Announce New LP, Share Ceiling

Monday’s have a tendency to make you feel out of whack a bit, and what better way to start new music this week then this bewildering bit of bedroom pop from Bed Bits. There’s definitely a steadiness to the tune, be it the ringing guitars or the snappy cymbal work, but the little nuances lurking beneath really burrowed into my head today. There’s a buzzing sax as the guitars churn emphatic notes, only for a bit of a dissonant tone to kind of take control as Alex Edgeworth lets the vocals rain down carefully from the skies. There are moments when the speed of the guitars feels like its going to run right off, only for it to settle right back into the locked groove that enables the tune to run laps around the inside of your mind. As for the video treatment, the constant change of colors matches the vibrant musical textures, all of it tying together seamlessly. If you’re digging it, a self titled LP drops on September 27th via I’m Into Life Records.

Colored Lights Share Ashes Single

You’d have to go back years and years to find out when I first feel for Frome Strostad’s songwriting; he first came to my attention with I Was a King, but has played with folks like Peter Buck of REM and Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub. After dropping a new I Was a King LP, he’s now focused on another project, Colored Lights. Today there’s a light folk pop jangler coming from the band, and I can’t help but to swoon at the gentle nature here; you feel as if you’re gently being caressed, like being lulled to sleep by a beautiful lullaby. The musicianship behind is perfect as well, texturizing the track so as to maximize every bend and jangle in the songwriting. Colored Lights release their self-titled LP on September 22nd via Bobo Integral.

Cloudland Canyon Share Internet Dreams Video

We are just over a month out from the release of the self-titled Cloudland Canyon LP, and seeing as its Friday and you could use a little bit of pulsating pop music, we figured we’d let you try this one on for size. Instantly, the thump of the bass and those rolling synth beats should have you tapping your toes, even discreetly. When I went through the first few listens, I loved the gradually building tension, unleashed perfectly with a quick little drop that accompanies bright vocals and some “oh oh ohs” that get you hooked. Song craftsman Kip Uhlhorn built a lot of the soundscapes on this new LP with AI, so he’s still pushing himself and what one can accomplish in electronic music, still 20 years on! Cloudland Canyon drops on Juluy 21st via Medical Records.

Ghosts on TV Announce Self-Titled LP

We’re spending our Monday with some longer tracks, letting the mood of the week sink into our skin; below, we have the new single from Finnish outfit Ghosts on TV, who just announced their self-titled LP on Friday. They’ve constructed this beautiful lyrical video, featuring the lyrics placed over various scenes of nature; occasionally those shots are obscured, tying into the vibe of the melody in the song, hidden softly beneath a wall of feedback and noise. I love how the band stretch the stereotypical sound by layering in various other textures, like the string work, adding a layer of elegance to the tune. If you’re enjoying what you hear, the band release their self-titled LP on April 14th via Soliti.

Weird Numbers Announce S/T LP + Share Soda

For some reason, there’s something in the beat of this new Weird Numbers song that makes me feel like stalking about in my classroom right now (don’t worry…no students are present). There’s something dark and dangerous about it, until those buzzsaw guitars start to rip their way through the rhythm of it all. It’s like the song’s tossing and turning you like a dingy at sea amidst a storm, with the vocals serving as the rope that tethers you to the dock. All of it just feels dark and dangerous at once, with hints of hooks bubbling carefully beneath the current. The band release their new self-titled LP on March 3rd via Dandy Boy Records.

Cozy Slippers Share I Can’t Keep You Safe

If you’ve been casually reading through these posts, you likely have stumbled upon a Cozy Slippers track or two, and yet here we are hopping on the band’s latest single, with a little over a week before they drop their new LP. This track straddles nostalgic 90s pop and current indiepop trends; it brings light circular guitar jangles back and forth for your ears, but the vocals definitely seem like something you’d find in the best of 90s alternative rock. The song’s success works in both places, as the musicianship is sublimely spirited, with the vocals holding onto this dreamy assuredness. If you’re digging, the band release their self-titled LP via Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten.

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