Marry Cherry Share Shame Video

One of my favorite Austin acts, Marry Cherry, have opted to transport you back into your time machine and take you all the way back to the club scene of the early 90s. They’ve got this psychedelic blend that often feels more inclined towards pop fanatics, but you can’t hide yourself from the fiery guitar licks that fill the empty space behind the sugary sweetness. And, as if the musical styling wasn’t enough, the video for “Shame” takes on a bit of an old school vibe too, and there was definitely part of the video and track where I swore J. Spaceman was the instigator. They can be quiet and they can be brash, and I love it all. If you’re digging what they’re laying down, might I suggest you find their Knockout EP to enjoy today!

War Strings Share Shame Single

During the week that was SXSW, I caught this band Bedlocked with Team ATH; I remember talking to RayRay about how it was like a slowcore version of Appleseed Cast, which we both enjoyed. So, here I am combing through my email stuff and I hit this new War Strings single recalling a similar emotion. The fuzziness on the song’s edges is totally there in this single, albeit with a little more urgency so the track hits a little more quickly, giving off that instant emotional release. In the vocals you get a little more presence, adding to the whole vibe as it gives off another texture to appreciate here.

Sina Shares You Should Have Seen Her

Well, I wanted to start off your day with something a little dark, something that maybe feels a bit drab in its initial presentation. Sina‘s vocals kind of feeling like they’re hanging in there, just barely holding on, and the musical orientation feels anxious and almost sad. It creates this cavernous world to welcome you, a place where you can just come as you are, and come to terms with the person at the table. But, for me, the curious attraction comes in the moments in between the solemnity, the moments where the songs brings in a slight bounce; it seems like Sina’s promising that there’s still room to pick ourselves up and bounce back. Let’s just hope the world gets that message. You can find this tune on the new Shame LP.

Shame Share Snow Day Lyric Video

Probably a redundant post on my end, as I keep talking up the new Shame record. Perhaps there just isn’t too much on the heavier side of things that I’ve been able to get into this year (Idles sounds like a shitty Hot Snakes/TxisR). So here comes Shame, building in the song with this anxious post-rock for the first minute before the vocals enter the fray; they stick to their own formula in bits, though the release here is tamped down on its first entry, and honestly, an afterthought for me. What I do love is the melodic venture the song takes around the 3 minute mark, almost charming listeners before starting to sputter into discord and noise. I am interested to know why a lot of the band’s videos feature the lot in motorized vehicles, but save that for another time. Check out “Snow Day,” an homage to the 2000 hit movie! Drunk Tank Pink drops the day before my birthday (1/15) on Dead Oceans.

Shame Announce Drunk Tank Pink LP

The moment we’ve all been expecting has come to be; Shame, today, announce their brand new LP, Drunk Tank Pink. There have been hints that something was in the air since the release of Songs of Praise…but I’m actually referring to the musical style they’re brandishing on their latest batch of singles. They seem to have discarded the formulaic call and response post-punk that’s become quite the fad, instead favoring a more elaborate approach, often slowing things down to let notes ring out and build that internal tension for the listener. There’s still a solid release, but there’s time to reflect, rather than just be bashed over the head by blunt rock. Drunk Tank Pink will be released the day before my birthday on January 15th via Dead Oceans.

Shame Share New Song via Live Video

I know folks don’t agree with me, but I feel like Shame is the at the top of the food chain for this sort of brand of post punk; I think maybe only Protomartyr come anywhere close. But, this brand new track, recorded from an earlier live set showcases how the band have begun to blossom, incorporating new elements into their sound; it’s only making my stance all the stronger as they take what quickly became a stale genre into new territory. Heaven knows I need a new record now, but knowing they’re stretching their sound, I can be patient knowing there’s this power on the horizon.

Shame Return with Alphabet

The year 2020 has been nothing short of a shit show, but it’s about to get a little bit better for all of you out there; Shame have returned with a brand new single, a hint at the shape of things to come. Songs of Praise alerted us to the band’s brand of rock n’ roll, with their live sets only furthering the ferocity of their recorded work. Since then, there have been tons of imitators, but nothing comes close to pulling this off. A thundering groove is established by the rhythm section, with a twang of discordant guitar notes ringing out, slowly, then with more pace. Charlie Steen’s vocals are emphatic and pointed at first, eventually fading into this scrawling note across the track as it pushes forward at a frenetic pace. There’s a glimmer of hope out there folks. Just a glimmer.

BDRMM Share Shame Video

I hate to say I love BDRMM as the group are just making a name for themselves by signing to Sonic Cathedral…but dammit, I love the hell out of this song. It teases you, acting like an instrumental, but don’t mind that, you’ll get your lyrics. I love the natural bounce of the song, slowly adding layer upon layer…guitars, atmospherics, percussion, bass…then another guitar comes noodling its way in, tossing its jangling post-punk vibes all over the place. If you want, skip to the 1 minute mark, wait about 20 seconds, and you’ll still get that emotional musical release we’re all seeking; a blast of shoegaze opens the curtains to a fairly empty stage that reveals the matter-of-fact vocal delivery set to the front of the mix while guitars dance about in the distance. Dammit. This band fucks. Look for their If Not, When? EP on October 11th.

ACL 2018: An ATH Playlist

Only a few short days now ladies and germs. Only a few short days away from the glory that is Austin City Limits Music Festival. We’ve been doing things a little differently this year and changing up our coverage with unique previews and playlists in place of our usual interviews and band previews. Hopefully you’ve found something interesting to prepare you or a loved one for the upcoming weekend. I spent most of my morning compiling a huge playlist of bands I plan to see over the course of the festival and yes, Disturbed is on the list. And Lisa Loeb…Fight me. Consider yourself prepped.

You can trust my genius musical skills and play in the given order, or click on the first video and shuffle the order to your liking.

If you’ve been living under a rock for month, tickets are still currently on sale for both weekends of ACL.

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