Sister Wives Share Streets at Night

Sheffield’s Sister Wives have a new album coming out at the end of the month, and perhaps this little tease from the record gets you to throw a dollar down or more. Opening with this heavy psychedelic pulse, the vocals seem to take their choral nature in contrast to the darkened edge of the song’s underbelly; it creates this beautiful melancholy that paves the wave for the rest of the song to unfold. About 2 minutes in, the song slows to a crawl, the beat slows and the song turns towards a haunting sonic exploration that builds in anxiety until its final breath. Y Gawres will be released by Libertino on October 28th.

Touch of Fun with Tropic of Youth

tropicsFeel like Monday should be fun day, right? What better way to keep things running smoothly than to jam to this delectable track from Tropic of Youth.  The Sheffield band has just released their new EP, and it’s full of shimmering pop moments, similar to our local favorites, Shivery Shakes.  I don’t know, there’s something about this track that really aches for warmer climes, the likes of which we’re about to endure here in Austin for several months.  If that’s the case, then I’ll gladly take this Sun City EP with me wherever I go, just to guarantee that I’ll be smiling no matter where I find myself.

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Solid Hit from Best Friends

bestfriendsYou’ve got to keep your eye on the kids over at Art is Hard Records; they’re always finding unique ways to appease fans with great music and great ideas.  Recently they announced they’d be doing an AA 7″ single with Best Friends, and dammit if this first track isn’t just a straight hit.  It opens slowly, leading one to think the band has taken a casual approach, but if you wait, it blasts off into excellent territory that will please most listeners.  Personally, I like the way the vocals are tossed out, almost shouted from a distance.  The seven-inch will be formerly available on September 23rd, but you can pre-order, or just jam out, now.

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Great Rocker from Best Friends

I guess I was wrong! I had planned on making it a mellow day for you all, but I can’t resist putting up this track from Sheffield’s Best Friends. The group just did a split for Art Is Hard Records, which unfortunately sold out super fast…I guess that means everyone is as excited by them as I am at the moment.  This tune is a fast paced rocker that just jumps out of your stereo from start to finish.  I can see these guys taking the stage with Terry Malts, pummeling our ears in a furious fashion, giving us instant pop gratification. Ya dig?


Download:Best Friends – Mankind [MP3]

Bouncy Pop Ditty from Standard Fare

Ready for your new favorite band? It’ll only take you a few seconds to listen to the jangly line from this track from Standard Fare before you fall in love.  The Sheffield trio is set to release their Out of Sight, Out of Town for Melodic on January 24th, and the minute I played this song, I got hooked.  Emma Cooper takes the lead role on this number, and it’s her performance that lends a steadying hand to the catchy tune.  If you’re in the market for bright, infectious indie pop today, then you came to precisely the right spot; you’re not going to hear anything better today.


Download: Standard Fare – Suitcase [MP3]

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