New Pop from Sherpa

sherpaA few years ago I stumbled across Sherpa, a little known New Zealand act at the time. I’ve kept my eyes on them, especially recently as news came my way that they were set to complete their new record; today is that day.  The album is titled Blues & Oranges, and I’ve spent all morning listening to every track rather carefully.  I appreciate the band’s construction, as in this song, where they carefully maneuver their way through pop structures and utilize modern touches like looped beats.  This song has a bit of an Of Montreal feel, at least in the way the vocals are delivered, which is one of the reasons it’s my favorite of the bunch…at least on my first three listens.  Pick up the record HERE.

Exciting New Single from Sherpa

Sherpa have actually been on my radar for some time, so I’m excited to see that the New Zealand act has just put out a new single for their excellent album, Lesser Flamingo.  The entire record is full of this inherent catchiness that’s provided with a power-pop act, yet they mix things up with just a hint of psychedelia to throw you off course.  You’ll listen to this record, and it’ll have you bobbing your head and tapping your feet; you’ll also be excited because you’ve discovered a new favorite band.  Get on it.


Download:Sherpa – Turner [MP3]

Cool New Track from Sherpa

Everyone loves Oceanic music right? Well, here’s another great outfit you should give some love to: Sherpa. They’re from New Zealand, and they’ve just put up their new album, Lesser Flamingo.  Everything about their sound is winning me over today, combining vocal harmonies with ramshackle indie pop.  One of the reasons I really appreciate this track is the fact that they take a simple approach, running straight ahead with the song–no pretext or extraneous flourishes.  In the end, you’re left feeling uplifted and excited to have come across a band writing such fantastic gems.  Pleased to meet you guys!


Download:Sherpa – Lunar Bats [MP3]