Show Preview: She Sir @ the Mohawk (7/17)

Date Tuesday, July 17th
Location The Mohawk
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $5 at the Door

In need of an early week rock show? Well, you better end up at Mohawk on Tuesday night as our friend Adi presents some of his favorite local acts, and ours as well.  She Sir has been rather quiet lately, but we hear they’ve got a brand new single on its way–not to mention they always put a solid show together.  Then you have one of the best acts in town with Shivery Shakes filling the middle slot; this is surely worth your $5 on a Tuesday night.  And finally, Dagars (Dallas) will kick start the evening, so get there early to show your support.  It’s cheap, and there’s great bands, so you’ve got no excuse not to be there.


Download:Shivery Shakes – Wait [MP3]

Show Preview: Shivery Shakes @ 29th St. Ballroom (7/6)

Date 7/6/12
Location 29th street ballroom
Doors 9pm
Tickets FREE!

As you recover from your Fourth of July hangover, it’s a perfect time to check out some great local music at the 29th Street Ballroom on Friday around campus.  The show is stacked with many of our favorite local talents in the form of Shivery Shakes, Bobby Jealousy, Easy Tiger, Jason Ludwig, Bat’s Blood, Space Camps, Melissa Bryan, and Teenage News.  Seriously, if you want to see some of the best this town has to offer music wise, this is where you should be.  Do it.


Download: Shivery Shakes – Wait [MP3]

Show Preview: Roky Moon Birthday Show @ 29th Street Ballroom (5/4)

Date Friday, May 4th
Location 29th Street Ballroom
Doors 900p
Tickets CHEAP!!!

Dudes, you gotta go to this.  I know it’s in the non-traditional part of the music scene, but sometimes that’s where the best stuff goes down. Friday night is a huge bash featuring tons of local acts on three different stages, so you can bounce around and see what you dig.  Me, well, I’ll definitely be checking out our friends Young Girls and Shivery Shakes; Sour Notes will also be on my list! Of course, some of these bands I haven’t seen yet, so I’m going to try to get in as many bands as possible. Come out and have a blast with us!


Download: Young Girls – Party Tape [MP3]


Download: Shivery Shakes – Wait [MP3]

Show Preview: The Wolf @ 29th Street Ballroom (4/16)

Date Monday, April 16th
Location 29th Street Ballroom
Doors 10:00 pm
Tickets Cheap

If you are able to recover from the ridiculous amount of great shows in town last week, then you should make it out to 29th Street Ballroom this Monday night.  One of Austin’s rising acts is The Wolf, and you’re going to absolutely fall in love with this band the moment you hear them.  They’ve got elements of surf, psych and all things in between–you can’t get better than that.  Plus, you can also catch one of our favorite acts, Shivery Shakes opening the evening.  Also on the excellent bill are Sexploits and Unknown Relatives.  Perfect way to spend a Monday evening!


Download:The Wolf – Jambourine [MP3]


Friday Top 5: Austin Artists to Watch in 2012

Usually the year begins in January, but I typically don’t get my musical gears started until after SXSW.  So I started thinking about the Austin scene, and honestly, I think it’s really struggling right now (and I don’t quite know who to blame).  But, I wanted to give a shout out to five bands that I think are going to make a huge impact this year in Austin and/or Texas, at least that’s what I’m hoping to see from them.  These aren’t in any particular order, so just go with it, and if you see that one of these bands is playing…do Austin a favor and actually go watch them play. Oh, and we included one Houston act because they’re here all the time and we love them. Deal with it.


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Show Preview: Shivery Shakes EP Release @ the ND (3/3)

Date Saturday, March 3rd
Location The ND
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $7 @ the Door

Those of you that didn’t see me raving yesterday about the excellent new EP from Shivery Shakes, then you should definitely check out our REVIEW.  But, for those of you also looking for a great local show, you need to head to the ND on Saturday night.  You’ll get the jangling sun-pop of Shivery Shakes, not to mention a chance to grab their EP, but you also get to see some other local acts like Sleep Good and Burgess Meredith.  BOY, who I’ve heard wonderful things about, will also be joining the festivities. Oh, and the first 50 through the door can grab a cool package with a poster, EP, and buttons included!


Download:Shivery Shakes – Wait [MP3]


Shivery Shakes – Shivery Shakes EP

Rating: ★★★★☆

It’s hard to rise to the top in Austin, but over the last year Shivery Shakes have certainly made a nice name for themselves.  For the first time, the masses will get a chance to hear recorded tunes as the group releases their Shivery Shakes EP; it lives up to all the promise we’ve been fortunate enough to see grow over the last year.

A bubbling bit of bass begins off “Our Nights” before the boys start to their jittery jangling.  You’ll find a bit of youthful innocence in the group’s approach on this jam, which is exemplified by singer William’s voice, not to mention the gang vocal approach.  Personally, I dig the nice surf-ish guitar solo that comes in near the end of the number.

By the time you get into “Say,” you start to see the boys hitting their stride, as a little bit of that live energy begins to seep though the sounds on the EP.  You can almost feel yourself swaying with the cutting guitar lines, just as one would do when dancing with the Shivery Shakes in the live setting.  Perhaps, the vocals are a tad rough, but that exuberance is exactly what makes the group so charming live, so lets not get nit-picky.

The effortless cool of “Stay Young” should help make the band branch out beyond the realms of Austin.  At first, you get a bit of that sunny shakiness the band often employs, but the chorus is where they really kick your teeth in with pop goodness.  As William begins his guttural shout with “I’m too young to die/you’re too old to lie” you can really feel that energy coming through your speakers; it’s a remarkable feat for a first effort.

All day long though, “Temporary Vacation” has been where it’s at in my head.  For some reason, the story of creating your own vacation while dancing with a friend/lover in your living-room with your favorite record spinning fits my current daydreams. The group employs a bit of a stomp too about midway through the track, which offers up just enough differentiation to keep the sound of the EP fresh.  Oh, and it’s got whistling too!

“Wait” closes out the short effort in grand fashion.  There’s grit on these guitars, despite their ability to flesh out gorgeous pop melodies.  William’s seemingly distant vocals are accompanied by the rest of the group joining him to provide a sublime choral moment.  This is one of those songs where you can see the group fit all their influences and touches into one tight song.

In conclusion, Shivery Shakes are a rising star in Austin, but with songs like this, they should hopefully start to seem some recognition elsewhere.  They combine bits of Cali sun-pop, group harmonies, jangling guitars and steady drumming; in doing so, they create a short effort that’s both breezy and cool, begging to be turned up loud while you open the windows and let that Spring wind blow through.  Well played lads.


Download:Shivery Shakes – Wait [MP3]


Brand New Music from Shivery Shakes

One of the local Austin band’s we expect big things from in 2012 is Shivery Shakes.  They’ve just completed an excellent 5 song EP, and they’ve been gracious enough to let us share one of the hits with you.  I picked “Wait” because it’s got a bit of lo-fi haze coating the vocals, but once you get to that chorus, you can’t help but let a grin creep up on your face as your toes tap the floor. But, don’t let this be the only song to illustrate the band’s talents; you better get your hands on their Shivery Shakes EP before they take the rest of Austin by storm.  Austinites should be able to pick it up at Waterloo and End of an Ear soon, the rest of you, hit up the band on their web site, and they’ll gladly hook up you folks up too!


Download:Shivery Shakes – Wait [MP3]

Show Pics: Free Week 1/7@ The Mohawk

Things are settling back in after the calm of the holidays. New releases are starting the trickle in and the show circuit is picking back up. Free Week kept many local music fans busy and there were many great lineups. One of our favorites was at The Mohawk last Saturday. Shivery Shakes, Ghost Knife, A Giant Dog, Grape Street and OBN IIIs played inside. I figured I should grab bigfiddyonefour and have fun.

So with pints of local beer, we listened to local music and I took local pictures. Head past the break, please.
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Show Preview: Golden Bear (CD release) @ Club de Ville (10/29)

Date 10/29/11
Location Club de Ville
Doors 7:30pm
Tickets $5 @ Door

We’re helping sponsor our second show of the week on Saturday evening at Club de Ville downtown.  The show features some of our favorite local talent in the form of Golden Bear, Great Nostalgic, Haun’s Mill, and Shivery Shakes.  Our amigos in Golden Bear are also using this 101X Homegrown event to celebrate the release of their awesome new LP Alive. Rumor on the street has it that the first 25 people in the door will receive a free copy of the CD!  We also hear that a costume contest is going down and free pizza will be provided until it runs out.  I bet you didn’t come up with plans for Halloween weekend just like me, so see ya there!


Download: Golden Bear – Prospect Park [MP3]

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