Last Week’s Jams (6.24 – 6.28)

For some reason, I felt like last week was kind of a slow-burn, but then when putting all the tracks we mentioned together, was stoked to see we had a solid amount for you to enjoy today. Personally, getting to celebrate new music from Feeling Figures and Being Dead feels like the world gets a win. But, there were also some great LP releases from the likes of Laughing and My Best Unbeaten Brother, amongst others. Totally excited to hear news of another endeavor from Mexico’s Mint Field, not to mention we got another sneak peek at what’s coming from the next Bad Moves LP, which of course has us stoked. Stream below!

Sinai Vessel Shares Laughing Single

This summer’s all about sharing time with friends, relaxing in lawn chairs with great tunes pumping from the stereo, and your playlist should include this new track from Asheville’s Sinai Vessel. When listening through this single, you’ll be drawn to Caleb Cordes voice, like a firefly to the light, pulling you in with its intimacy; I think of John K. Samson or Davey von Bohlen, particularly when the high notes are hit. The song snakes its way around Cordes, with accompaniment lifting the tune’s spirit, though careful to not overshadow his voice; that guitar sliding in the distance is the perfect moment to rock back in your chair and gaze into the Summer night. The band release their new record, I Sing, on July 26th via Keeled Scales, followed by a huge US tour in August/September.

Last Week’s Jams (5.20 – 5.24)

Sorry for being absent, but gotta take a day off when the government allows. Looking back at last week, we covered a ton of stuff, and I couldn’t even post it all, as there’s a few tracks missing from DSPs like the new Dennis Callaci/Heimito Kunst collaboration. But, my new flavor of the year, My Best Unbeaten Brother returned with a new tune, as did Oh Boland, so all sorts of really sweet pop made its way in here. Stoked to see there’s another Nightshift album coming out from Trouble In Mind later this year, thus you’ll hear that early in the mix. Somehow ended up with several great tunes stretching over 5 minutes, so if you’ve got time, be sure to not skip ahead! Bunch of tunes from your favorite ADHD curator! Also, if you’re on the site, be sure to check our friend Michael Maly’s photos from the recent Idles set here in town!

Sinai Vessel Announces I Sing

Our friend Tony from the excellent Keeled Scales reached out to us the other with news of another great LP he had ready for this summer, Sinai Vessel. The first single from the record popped up yesterday, with tons of folks clamoring to hear what the band and the label were offering, and we were all rewarded. Caleb Cordes, at least evidenced in this track, isn’t really trying to get caught up in the modern realm of cool flourishes and dreamy atmospherics, instead delivering really classic songwriting. There’s a great softness to Cordes voice, and the song itself feels very delicate, in the best way possible; it all makes sense, as Tony’s got an ear for great songwriters. Keeled Scales will release I Sing on July 26th.

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