Baula Share Santa Fe Single

Swedish duo Baula popped into my listening rotation a few weeks back with the excellent “Mercury in Retrograde,” and now there’s another single to whet your appetite before they unleash Heavy Heart, No Tears. They’re an outfit that’s flirting with the darker underbelly of good pop songwriting; you can hear them flirting with melodic structures throughout this track, though it still has a smattering of noise. Growling guitars and thumping drum hits work in contrast to the sharp softness of the vocals; the chorus also utilizes a perfect set up before cymbals crash and guitar lines cut through the mix. Nice follow up, and I’m looking forward to the record, which drops on April 26th.

Return Flights Drop Newcomer Single

Really been looking to dive more into the electronic pop craft this year, which is how I stumbled upon London’s Return Flights. They spend the first minute or so of their latest single driving the beat, waiting for the song to open up and twist into some indie-disco shuffler. Smoky vocals ride atop the groove for a few moments, then that shuffle kicks in, and you find yourself spinning in the happiest, dizziest circle. Layered vocals work to perfection, building both the texture and the hooks that will likely find folks making some New Order comparisons. Never a bad thing in our book here.

New Slammer From Dreamwave

After absolutely tearing up things with new music in 2022 and then relentless touring last year, Bristol based Dreamwave really churned up some totally deserving buzz. This year looks to be full of more straight jams from the band, as evidenced by this raucous new single called “Mindcave.” For me, I dig it when a band doesn’t mess about and just gets right into the power and energy. No fussing about here. Stay tuned as this is surely just the first of more to come in 2024.

Itasca Returns with Imitation of War

The last time I remember hearing anything from Kayla Cohen’s Itasca project was pre-pandemic, so it’s been a few years since we’ve gotten anything fresh. That all changes today with the announcement of Imitation of War, along with the title track from the LP. Cohen’s voice is a marvel, somewhere between a modern day chanteuse and a classic sixties folk troubadour (Baez keeps popping up in my brain!). Still, the song wouldn’t have as much impact without the delicate guitar sounds that twist and turn through your speakers; there’s almost an ethereal nature to it, allowing the song to drift in your subconscious. The video incorporates that hint of mystery, while also including all the players on the latest LP. Imitation of War is out February 9th via Paradise of Bachelors.

Dancer Share Love Video, Announce New EP

If you haven’t caught on to Dancer at this point, you’re likely missing out on some of the best music-makers in the the UK right now; you’ve got members of Nightshift, Robert Sotelo and more combining to bring this brand of post-punk your way. Honestly, there’s something in their craft that sounds like a more pop-centric brand of Life Without Buildings. The vocals have that vibe where they feel almost distant, though they clearly have that melodic draw that keeps you focused. Circling around the vocals are these angular riffs that sparkle and twist around a thick rhythmic groove. They’ve just announced the As Well EP, which will be out on October 13th via Gold Mold Records.

Bubblegum Lemonade Share Fresh Single

There’s always room in my listening rotation for Laz and Bubblegum Lemonade; Laz has been blending his love for classic guitar pop with modern indie pop, and this new tune’s the perfect example. There’s a nice little thumping drum setting the tempo, as a guitar rides right atop, opening the track into this twisting breed of jangling guitar pop. Despite the natural lightheartedness in the tune, some of the guitars take on some heavier psychedelic notes that really flesh the tune out beyond your average fare. There’s also this cool driving stomp that kicks in just around the 2 minute mark that was a total ear-worm. This track features on the Out There on the Radio EP, out Friday via Matinee Recordings. An LP is expected later this year!

RVG Share Squid Single

During SXSW I was fortunate enough to catch several bands more than one time; in some instances it was accidental, but in the case of RVG it was very much purposeful. They’re phenomenal live, with Romy’s passion on full display. Today, the band share their latest single, “Squid,” which offers a glimpse at the brooding darkness that courses through their new album. This song seems to beg listeners to avoid looking in the rearview mirror, albeit from the perspective of Vager as a squid. The band played this during their sets here in Austin, and it was definitely, like the recorded version, a powerful display that delivers a wallop to the listener’s ears. I still say the band is making indispensable pop music people will discover and discover again, years down the road, so don’t miss out and be sure you’re ready to grab Brain Worms when it releases on June 2nd via Fire Records.

The Sprouts Release Debut Single

You need look no further than the band members of The Sprouts to know I’m going to be on board; you’ve got folks from Dippers (Thigh Master), Permits and Chook Race, all rocking and rolling as a brand new animal. The lot all gathered in Melbourne to bang out a collection of songs set to hit at the end of March, so let’s check this sample. You get churning guitar notes, not quite rocking the jangle, but offering up this sort of Aussie swing that certainly excites. Multiple voices overlap throughout to remind us of the joint affair…and the power of singing with your best mates. Then we get the added bonus of a fiery little solo guitar riff to close out the track in fashion. Sign me up as a fan! Eat Your Greens is out on March 24th via Tenth Court.

Farewell Horizontal Release New Single + Prep Tales of Woah

Next week we will find the brand new Farewell Horizontal LP in our inbox, but will you? Let’s share this rad new tune to hopefully turn you on to the group’s sound, in hopes you, too, will grab the album. The Melbourne group take aim at the city of Brighton, a place apparently full of arseholes. For me, the story is the shredding guitar work, playing both fuzzy and bouncy, letting the vocals kind of hank in the heavy waters so as to draw out the melody. Behind the heavy ripping sound, you get some cascading guitar solos, punctuating the group’s musicianship, all of that still being tightly wound around the band’s boppnig nature. Next week they’ll drop Tales of Woah.


Persona Share Track from Typical Girls 6 Compilation

A few weeks ago we brought you news that Typical Girls 6 was on its way, premiering the striking new track from Cindy. Today, we’ve got another track from UK outfit Persona, with another powerful performance to entice you grab a copy of the album. This song appeared earlier on the band’s Persona EP, but here we get another chance to celebrate the band’s approach to songwriting. Raquel’s aim is to make something weird, according to the bio, using the guitar in a variety of manners to create a sound that stretches our expectations of what rock n’ roll can truly be. It’s a thoughtful poetic motivation, with the guitar sound gently ticking in the background like a metronome keeping pace for us. Typical Girls 6 will be out this Friday via Emotional Response Records, so grab one before they’re all gone!

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