Farewell Horizontal Release New Single + Prep Tales of Woah

Next week we will find the brand new Farewell Horizontal LP in our inbox, but will you? Let’s share this rad new tune to hopefully turn you on to the group’s sound, in hopes you, too, will grab the album. The Melbourne group take aim at the city of Brighton, a place apparently full of arseholes. For me, the story is the shredding guitar work, playing both fuzzy and bouncy, letting the vocals kind of hank in the heavy waters so as to draw out the melody. Behind the heavy ripping sound, you get some cascading guitar solos, punctuating the group’s musicianship, all of that still being tightly wound around the band’s boppnig nature. Next week they’ll drop Tales of Woah.


Persona Share Track from Typical Girls 6 Compilation

A few weeks ago we brought you news that Typical Girls 6 was on its way, premiering the striking new track from Cindy. Today, we’ve got another track from UK outfit Persona, with another powerful performance to entice you grab a copy of the album. This song appeared earlier on the band’s Persona EP, but here we get another chance to celebrate the band’s approach to songwriting. Raquel’s aim is to make something weird, according to the bio, using the guitar in a variety of manners to create a sound that stretches our expectations of what rock n’ roll can truly be. It’s a thoughtful poetic motivation, with the guitar sound gently ticking in the background like a metronome keeping pace for us. Typical Girls 6 will be out this Friday via Emotional Response Records, so grab one before they’re all gone!

Broken Baby Drop Make Manager Video

Sometimes you just need a straight rock tune to clear the cobwebs in your brain, something to clean the stress out. Well, if you’re in that boat, turn up this new track and video from Broken Baby; it’s a song that will draw some comparisons to Amyl/Sniffers, particularly in the way the vocals have that biting sharpness that seems to warn the listener to back up…though you could also hear it being a riotous performance in the live setting. Speaking of that live setting, the band have a nice little mini tour going on this week and next with our own ATX friends in Calliope Musicals, coming to Austin on the 16th.

Fujiya and Miyagi Drop Slight Variations

There’s no shame in getting a little bounce in your step on a Wednesday, and who better than to slide into your dance routine than Fujiya and Miyagi. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about the band in years, until news began to circulate of a new record, so I went back and broke out the jams. This new single is just what the band are known to do, working in a propulsive groove that’s got just enough kick to it, then letting some nuanced tricks tickle your fancy as the song moves along; there’s a little guitar shuffle here, thicker beat there and maybe a vocal layer; it all works to slide you into those dancing shoes. Their new album, Slight Variations is out on September 30th via Impossible Objects of Desire.

Austin Leonard Jones Shares Demon Sands, Drops Dead Calm

The latest album from Austin Leonard Jones very much feels like a Texas affair, from production duties helmed by Jesse Woods to Shane Renfro and others aiding in the recording. But, the album, itself feels like a Texas album. Take this two little ditty, for instance: it feels like you’re stepping out onto the dusty dancefloor with your partner nestled on your shoulder, ready for that slow jam that closes out the night. The twang, the longing are omnipresent here, but really, there are these slight little vocal moments throughout that warm me, like the slight voice rise at 1:07; it’s subtle, but the more you listen, the more you’re won over. If you dig it, then be sure to check out Dead Calm, the recent record out now courtesy of Perpetual Doom.

Blood Share Luck Single

Formerly of Austin, now of Philadelphia, Blood are making music that seems destined to be overlooked, but highly revered by those in the know. They almost aim to turn you off at the get-go, with a stuttering guitar line followed by a squawking saxophone; the horn sets the tone for the rhythm section to slink into the track, wiggling its way beneath that funky guitar line. When the vocals hit, you’re visiting this heavy realm that’s reminiscent of Ought’s early work, when things rang out, but seemed discordant. Through it all, there’s an almost meditative nature to it, something that begs full immersion to really maximize your enjoyment; few bands are making track as compelling as this. Their Bye Bye 10″ is out June 3rd via Permanent Creeps.

Revisiting Mr. Husband’s Portrait of the Artist as a Middle Aged Dude

Kenny Tompkins, aka Mr. Husband, has been writing songs and running Yellow K Records for some time, and late last year he released A Portrait of the Artist as a Middle-Aged Dude, and I let it slip me by, so I wanted to give a little shout out to one of my favorite tunes. This song opens up with this incredible bit of guitar twang, leading you to think you’ve come across a nice little country ditty, which is perhaps why I love it so much. Tompkins vocal delivery begins to set the song in a new direction, something that seems like it might fall in line with a David Berman piece, both playful and reflective and definitely self-deprecating. Need a laugh with a toe-tap? Well, spend some time with the latest Mr. Husband release.

Die! Die! Die! Share This is Not an Island Anymore Single

It takes a lot to tickle my angsty tendencies, but man if Die! Die! Die! aren’t doing their damndest to keep me on board. This last week they shared the title track from their new LP, thundering with the rhythm section from the get go, while the guitar operates like a noisy transmission from another galaxy. It feels like the song’s lurching, stopping then starting until it can no longer control itself and unleashes a blast of fury, tearing through your speakers before the song is no more. The new album, This is Not an Island Anymore will be released this Friday.

Simon Love Shares I Love Everybody in the Whole Wide World

Simon Love returns with a brand new album this Spring, and I’m glad there’s finally a single to get out there for ya’ll today. There’s something about the former Loves songwriter that just seems like he’s perfectly content playing under his own curated pop umbrella. There’s nostalgic sounds throughout this new single, particularly when it comes to the arrangements and everything working beneath the core. But, that being said, there’s still a ballsy-ness and production value that seems larger than life, giving his music this huge punch that just doesn’t seem to be out there enough in the world. His new LP, Love, Sex and Death Etc will be out on April 8th via Tapete.

Eades Share Delusion Spree

Really just wanted to get up something warm and punchy today, as it’s a blistering day outside my window here. That said, the frantic rock n’ roll of Eades seems a little calmed here, and I don’t mind that one bit, as we can all use a nice little pop rock ditty that’s not rushing in the same direction as everyone else out there. There’s something in the riff work as it kind of slides into the background in the tune’s middle that kind of hints at some of the Sonic Youth influences I think might slide under your radar; just listen carefully while the guitar solo is going about and tell me you don’t hear that! The band will be releasing Delusion Spree on March 4th via Heist or Hit.

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