Hearts and Rockets Share Clown Town

Melbourne’s Hearts and Rockets are no stranger here at ATH, and with a brand new single and 7″ out there in the world, seems like the perfect time to revisit the duo. For me, there’s really two reasons to love the band: self-described bratwave and hooks. Listening to Kalindy’s vocals gives you this growling sharpness, most likely aligned with early riotgrrrl performances; I love that sort of bite, tying into my youth. But, I also love great hooks, and this track doesn’t miss out there, tossing a heavy pulse from the rhythm that immediately gets your heart racing. If you’re tapping your toes and bobbing along, perhaps you grab that new 7″ split with Skink Tank.

Skink Tank Announce New EP

Skink Tank is another of the great Melbourne acts on the rise, just announcing their self-titled EP this week! While it opens with a soaring vocal over a muted guitar bend, the song quickly moves into a communal pop song, as all three members join in on the joy of singing this song. For me, that’s really what keeps me coming back to the songs this lot are sharing; they’re finding joy in the most mundane of places, finding “something to wake up for” even when the world seems sort of grim. You’ve got to root for the band that claim to be a “wimpy pub rock band,” especially when the tunes lift your spirits like the hits here. Skink Tank EP drops on November 27th via Psychic Hysteria.

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