Bandcamp Friday Recommendations

It’s another round of Bandcamp Friday recommendations! Of course, we’d love you to consider our label ATH Records, and also Slack Capital…but we’d be remiss if we didn’t point you to a few new things you can grab today!

First, Will Johnson is surprisingly releasing this follow up to last year’s Wire Mountain. He’s one of my favorite Texas’ voices, period, and to have a brand new LP worth of tunes to enjoy, well, we’re all in for a treat. El Capitan is available on vinyl through Keeled Scales.

Another great record being secretly released today is Merce Lemon‘s Moonth. Musically, Merce’s work recalls the clever wordplay of Rosie Tucker, and perhaps a musical nod to the likes of Lomelda; it’s the perfect bedroom pop record that makes you wish you could keep it a secret from the world…except you can’t because it’s too good! Available via Crafted Sounds.

DUMB Share I Gave Greg Abbott the Coronavirus

My first introduction to DUMB was when Eric Bill and I were working on Slack Capital; it was a compilation filled with 19 incredible songs (don’t forget Slack Cap 3 this year where Bad Boy Croy pops up), but nothing felt more like Austin than “I Don’t Wanna Die on I-35.” Lately Corey Baum has been focusing on his other project Croy and the Boys, but just this week DUMB popped back up with this great track and video. I love how the song seems to incorporate both sides of Corey’s songwriting, bringing in a bit of twang to a classic power pop aesthetic, always sure to instill a solid hook to boot! Plus, it never hurts to have a sense of humor, and I’m only wishing this song was true!

New Pataphysics Pops on Slack Capital 2

Slack Capital 2 is a compilation of music by 27 of the greatest bands in Austin. All proceeds go to SafePlace, which provides support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. To make sure every one of these artists gets the attention they deserve, we’re unveiling one song per day.

Song of the day: Pataphysics – “Carrasco”

Spend any time in the Austin music underground and you’re bound to encounter a strain of music that seems to come from an alternate universe in which The Big Bopper was as popular as The Beatles, and where Buddy Holly lived long enough to start a New Wave band. This sub-genre of music is sometimes called zolo, or zonk (zany punk?), and when you see it, it feels like a direct link to the oddball punk legends of Austin history like Big Boys and The Dicks. You kind of laugh at yourself, standing there with your arms folded, and think, “Oh yeah, music can be fun!”

Pataphysics, led by former Zom Zom frontman Pat Healy, is definitely one of these bands. Their contribution to SC2, “Carrasco,” is an addictive synth-pop ode to Tex-Mex “Nuevo Wavo” legend Joe “King” Carrasco, whose fun-loving songs “Party Weekend” and “Man Overboard” Healy used to play back in the day as a dee-jay at KVRX. Healy says “Carrasco” is about a fictitious party thrown by the King. The best detail–“his friend’s Michael Jackson!”–turns out to be true, as the King of Pop himself supposedly sings background vocals on Carrasco’s reggae tune “Don’t Let a Woman (Make a Fool Out of You).”

Recommended for fans of Oingo Boingo, The B-52’s, and the black-out rush of getting off the couch too fast. –Eric Braden

Pre-Order Slack Capital 2 HERE.

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Popper Burns

Friday we were thrown hints of the brilliant new LP coming from Austin’s Popper Burns; they’re one of the most underrated acts in town, though one of the most beloved by those of us who’ve watched the band’s rise. We heard one of the new tracks on Slack Capital, though you now get the studio version of “Apollo 11.” You’ll also get to hear “Prized Roses” dancing its way dangerously with these discordant guitar notes and steady percussive propulsion. Patti Melt has this spoken word vocal delivery, bursting forth with anger when it’s called for by the song. These songs are dangerous, yet intoxicating, walking the fine line between exhilaration and accessibility. Pure Disgust could be one of the most important pieces to come from Austin when it hits this July.

Slack Capital Release Tonight @ Barracuda !!!

Album Cover_Online VersionBy now I hope you’ve heard that ATH Records has teamed up with Big Bill to curate the excellent Slack Capital Compilation! We put the digital version out last week, but tonight at Austin’s Barracuda, we’ll be celebrating the physical release! Buy your way in, you get a copy of the CD, with proceeds going to Anthropos Arts…a foundation helping underprivileged youth get lessons in music. It means a lot to me personally to be part of this…on both the musical front and the charity front. You love Austin music? This is where to be tonight! Doors open at 8 PM.

Here’s the line-up:

9:00–Critical Dad
10:30–Que Pasa
11:15–Sailor Poon
12:00–Annabelle Chairlegs

9:30–Tough Age
10:15–Pollen Rx
11:00–Basketball Shorts
11:45–Big Bill
12:30–David Liebe Hart

Stream Slack Capital :

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