Show Preview: The Umbrellas @ Mohawk (6.6)

Before it gets too hot, there are a handful of really great shows about town, like this one featuring San Fransisco’s The Umbrellas. For starters, local band Touch Girl Apple Blossom kick the night off, having just announced a set in Cali with our friends in Heavenly/Swansea Sound; they also dropped this great tune last week: HERE. They’ll be followed by On Being an Angel, who always put on a nice set. Then, come the Umbrellas; they blow into town on the back of their most excellent Fairweather Friend LP (Slumberland Records). Operating with various vocalists, they can charm with the best of the jangle poppers or turn it on a knife’s edge and deliver something more dangerous, while still offering just a hint of sweetness. If you want tickets, grab ’em HERE.


Friday Album Streams: Neutrals, Oh Boland, and More

This week wasn’t as dominating in terms of brand new singles and what not hitting the site; I’m not sure why there was a lull in single releases. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an abundance of great LPs you can enjoy today too. Some even come with brand new videos like THIS ONE from the new Plus/Minus LP. We’ve gathered up our favorites of this week, all of which have featured heavily throughout the last few months, so find a record to enjoy below!

NeutralsNew Town Dream (Slumberland Records)

Oh, BolandWestern Leisure – (Meritorio Records)

Plus/Minus (+/-)Further Afield (Ernest Jenning Record Co)

Julian LahdemaskiYoung Jupiter EP (Soliti Records)

Winston HightowerWinston Hytwr (Perennial Death)


Friday Album Streams: Crumbs, Mountain Movers, Lightheaded and More

This is one of those crazy Fridays when its possible there’s just too much music to digest; I think we’ve done a solid job of covering most of the stuff leading up to today, except maybe the brand new Crumbs Video! There’s not a great need to wax poetic, as you can trace these records to our coverage the last few months. All you need to do is dive into the listens and see what you need to buy!


CrumbsYou’re Just Jealous (Skep Wax)

LightheadedCombustible Gems (Slumberland Records)

Mountain MoversWalking After Dark (Trouble in Mind Records)

Zero Point EnergyTitled Planet (Danger Collective)

Matthew J. RolinTwos (Dead Currencies)


Friday Album Streams: Amy O, Stephen’s Shore, Grego + More

Friday’s are a great day to kick back and absorb the new music that’s coming out, with a definite bonus for those of you who follow our site as there are new releases from some of our favorite artists. Amy O has an excellent record hitting today, plus you get the elegant sounds of Gregor if you’re looking for that immersive pop experience. Personally, I’m stoked on this new Stephen’s Shore EP from Meritorio Records, and I know RayRay is looking for that new Dehd LP! Stream them all below and have a great Friday!

Amy O.Mirror, Reflect (Winspear)

Stephen’s ShoreNeptune EP (Meritorio Records)

GregorSatanic Lullabies (Chapter Music)

DehdPoetry (Fat Possum Records)

FlypaperAnother Orbit EP – (PNK SLM)

LunchboxPop and Circumstance (Slumberland Records)


Neturals Share New Single from New Town Dream

One of the many great records on the May schedule for Slumberland Records is the forthcoming Neutrals LP. Their new single opens with a bit of an off-kilter shuffle before the sharp ringing of the guitars chime through your speakers; this sets the tempo for the track and Allan’s vocal work. Mr. McNaughton’s voice is something that’s so distinctive, it’s difficult to imagine anyone else fronting this group. But, one thing I do love here is that there’s this faint feeling like the vocals could be more explosive; it’s like he’s harnessed the internal anxiety and holds it close, though you could expect him to unleash it (or not) in the live setting. I love that, as it encompasses the sort of passionate unity that’s made the group so tight and infectious through their last several releases. New Town Dream is out on May 31st! Also available in the UK via Static Shock.

The Laughing Chimes Share Two New Singles

Anyone with a hankering for indiepop sounds should already have the Laughing Chimes high upon your listening rotation, but in case you’re unaware, we’ll remind you with a nice new double AA single to stream today! The first of the singles has this kind of dole-wave sound to it, and I’m sure we could date that back to the early days of Felt or what not, but to me, feels a bit like the Ocean Party; it’s jangling in spots, but highlights the breezy vocals that filter through your speakers. Flip to the next tune and you’ve got a bit more blossoming energy that naturally springs from the opening bass line; guitars swirls and cymbals are shaking, all of it with this infectiousness that will make any pop fan swoon. For me, the tunes both have some strong vocal work that seems out of the ordinary in the modern scene, so I’m fawning over those moments (even including what I think is a new vocalist on the first track). These great hits brought to you by Slumberland.

Lunchbox Share Two New Tunes

The folks over at Slumberland are keeping your playlists chock full of great pop music this Spring, and they offer up two new gems (just a day after a great new Lightheaded) from Lunchbox. In the first tune, you get that classic jangling pop sound, though warmed up so that the jangles feel slightly softer around the edges. This is a classic track for fans of the genre, as it sounds like it could come from any number of great pop acts, be it Allo Darlin or Camera Obscura. Flip to the other single and you get a bit more of a rambunctious pop number; the rhythm section is thumping, kicking the song into gear while the vocals saddle up for the pop pony-ride. Those overlapping vocal notes aren’t too shabby either! The charm is all the way up with these two numbers, so grab a copy of Pop & Circumstance before it’s May 10th release (there’s a bonus bundle on the Slumberland site to get three May releases!).

Lightheaded Offer Bright Happy Girls

In a few weeks, Lightheaded will release their much anticipated Combustible Gems, so they celebrate today with a doozy of a pop hit. At first, they come at you with a bit of psychedelic americana, punching through to offer a bit of bravado and gall that one might not expect. But, as folks have come to hear, they don’t stick their for too long, turning the corner into this incredibly charming melodic lead, emphatically driven home with some enthusiastic backing vocals. This song is filled with contrasts, whether its juxtaposed jangling riffs or stylistic switches within the song’s core, it’s all set against each moment to maximize every happy emotion in the world. Combustible Gems drops May 17th via Slumberland Records.

Lightheaded Share Moments Notice

If I had to encourage you to grab one single record in the month of May, might I fully put my weight behind Lightheaded. They offered up the Good Good Great EP late last year, blending it bits of indiepop and 60s doo-wop, but this go round, they sound like they’re working to take an indiepop nod towards the Grateful Dead…though maybe that’s just me that hears a springier version of “Uncle John’s Band” in here. While they clearly have nostalgic tastes, their recipe of bridging those influences into something refreshing and exuberant make their sound all the more welcoming. They’re offering up a modern bridge to the past, and Combustible Gems is surely going to be high upon the list of records we’re clamoring to get our hands on here; it’s out May 17th via Slumberland.

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