Torrey Share Moving Video

If you follow the Oakland scene or Slumberland or just good pop music, then you’ve likely already penciled in the release of Torrey‘s new LP. Today we get another addition to their story, with “Moving” dropping a bit more dissonance into the picture. Just spending time with the guitar sounds might have you a bit uneasy; they seem to reverberate in the speakers, but almost as if they’re stuck, leaving you in a bit of a disoriented listening state. Still, there’s textured layers of atmospheric melody that allow you focus on the band’s pop sensibility once you’ve returned to your senses. The band drop their self-titled LP via Slumberland on March 8th.

The Reds, Pinks & Purples Share Learning to Love a Band

If you’re coming to this site to discover a new song or be reminded of a favorite act you’ve missed, then you’re likely going to find yourself in love with the new single from the Reds, Pinks & Purples. “Learning to Love a Band” can be seen as a track from both sides, as a fan fawning over their favorite act or as a person stepping into a new musical project. Either way, the subject matter is spot on for our site, and the musical element…the smooth softness of Glenn’s voice, the understated melody…you’ve been here before, and you loved the coziness, so feel free to learn to love this band all over. The new LP, Unwishing Well, will drop on April 12th via Slumberland/Tough Love.

Torrey Share Bounce Video

Have you pre-ordered your Torrey LP from Slumberland Records left? I can’t imagine they have too many left, particularly if you listen to their latest single. Their latest video plays right into their style, offering up images of water and waves, washing over a beautiful red ball, much like their music has this heavy wash of distortion and noise that cleanses you, leaving behind this beautiful beating heart of pop adoration. You could easily see them slide right into lineups featuring Alvvays and the like, then blowing everyone right off stage. It’s the perfect balance, and in that, they become the perfect band to weather any storm in your life. Sink into their sounds and go grab their self-titled LP, out on March 8th. And if you love the songwriting…there’s an added bonus as member Ryann Gonsalves also has an LP on the way of solo crafts–more info HERE.

The Reds Pinks & Purples Announce Unwishing Well

If I were to go full Kafka and build myself a chrysalis, I imagine that the fibers of said cocoon would be made up of the entirety of Glenn Donaldson’s musical catalog, particularly his Reds, Pinks & Purples project. Today, there’s the announcement of a new LP, Unwishing Well; I’m stuck here, drawn to this black hole that I know will crush me, grinning like a madman as it draws me into its depths. Let’s put aside the amazing vocals of Donaldson, because if you haven’t cozied up in that blanket, you’re listening to music wrong. Instead, I really focused on the way the song, whilst gentle, has great movement. It begins with an electronic wash working over a light strum, working with Glenn’s voice to sort of nip at your ears. His vocals get punctuated by the slightest thump in volume of the percussion, and as the tune moves, the gentle wash of atmospherics soaks up a more distorted sound; I love the way there’s a layered vocal on the refrain too as the track near’s its end. Honestly, there’s not a damn finer tune than this one. Unwishing Well is out April 12th via Slumberland/Tough Love Records

The Umbrellas Share One More Single

Fairweather Friend is out in a few weeks, so if you haven’t grabbed a copy of the latest LP from the Umbrellas, we suggest you get behind it, particularly for those adhering to the world of exuberant indiepop. Their last single before the new record rushes in with a furious roll of the drums before jangling guitar lines hit your eardrums. Success in this tune revolves around the band’s employment of juxtaposed harmonizing; vocalists trading back and forth then uniting creates a dizzying world of pop that’s begging you to get lost inside. Join us in getting lost in the new LP, which drops January 26th via Slumberland.

Torrey Share No Matter How + Announce Debut for Slumberland Records

It’s going to be a busy day on the Slumberland front, as there’s rumor of a fresh Umbrellas tune floating about today as well, but for now, let’s turn our attention to the label’s newest signee (that we know of), Torrey. With a handful of solid releases under their belt (check out Something Happy), the group present us with the first single from their self-titled LP. Hazy washes of guitar sweep you in immediately, letting the vocal melodies seep through the speakers; the tune would be a fine-enough track at this point. Yet, they’re not satisfied, jumping down on the pedals to hit you with a wall of noise, still centered around sweetened vocal delicacies. You’ll even find a nice little musical oasis in the middle, breezy and light, illustrating just how much work the band have put into these new songs. Torrey will be released on March 8th!

The Umbrellas Share Echoes Video

A few weeks back, when The Umbrellas dropped the spritely “Three Cheers,” I couldn’t be happier; it was the perfect taste of joyous indiepop to tease what was coming our way. Now, we’ve got the band turning a different note on “Echoes,” offering up a more solemn note, though tightening the band’s grip on pop sensibility. The hook on this one is all about the chorus where the guitars shuffle and the vocals try to play catch up, giving off this shimmering sparkle that overwhelms with emotion. And, just as you settle into the vibe, there’s a little guitar breakdown, opening into the male vocal role, serving as a little aside, but wholly fitting. It all leads to the exuberant bop that closes, with the vocals dancing on the notes and fulfilling all our wishes of joy. Fairweather Friend hits on January 26th via Slumberland/Tough Love.

Rock n’ Recipes: Lightheaded

One of the more pleasant musical surprises, for me anyways, has been New Jersey’s Lightheaded. They just released the Good Good Great EP, a teaser of sorts for their forthcoming album in 2024. It’s a collection that’s blending all eras of pop songwriting, as I’m sure you’ll hear if you spend a little time with the EP, courtesy of Slumberland Records. We talk a little about their history with the label, then get a sweet recipe for a Puerto Rican influence Chicken Stew with Corn.

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The Laughing Chimes Share New Music

We were out and about on Friday when these fresh tracks from the Laughing Chimes dropped, and as always, the young band have an intoxicating sound that continues to blossom and wear varying shades. You get one fresh tune, and one that’s a cover of The Ocean Blue‘s “Ballerina Out of Control.” On their new tune, press notes jangling sounds with gothic undertones; I can hear bits and pieces of Felt in the guitar sound, and any number of darkened goth voices to spin in the vocal presentation. In terms of the cover, I love the way the vocal turns lighter, reflective and light, working to fit perfectly in between the sharp notes that ring from the guitar. It feels like trio is onto something really really special, so hopefully their label Slumberland keeps us in the loop!

The Umbrellas Announce Fairweather Friend, Share Single

If you missed the Umbrellas after their stellar debut, you can rejoice today, as the band announce their brand new LP, Fairweather Friend. It’s slated for release next January, but for now, they’ve offered to tease us with this delightful bit of classic indiepop sounds, albeit with a slightly heavier weight to it. The rhythm section feels heavier, perhaps matching the vocal tones, but if you listen to the guitar jangling in there, it almost reminds you of the chorus of a number of Heavenly tracks…not a bad thing. They do take a bit of a momentary respite in the song’s middle to spin some classic pop songs so as to give you a rush from the sugar high, but then just as quickly spin it right back your way. Slumberland Records/Tough Love will drop Fairweather Friend in January

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