Peel Dream Magazine Announces Pad

With two striking releases on Slumberland, it’s high time Peel Dream Magazine go for the trifecta, and it looks like that’s on the agenda, as the band today announce Pad. That said, those looking for a repeat of early successes will find the sound’s pushing in an entirely different direction. There’s still that faint hint of a synthetic backbone, though it hangs as more of a backdrop on this first single. In exchange, we get something that feels a little bit like our own frolic in a world created by the artist; in a sense, it feels like an adventurous take on a symphony, adding a bit of playfulness to the art. Definitely will be interesting to hear how the rest of the effort shapes up; Pad drops via Slumberland/Tough Love on October 7th.

The Umbrellas Return with New 7″

A little less than a year after their stunning debut, San Francisco’s The Umbrellas return with a bopping new tune, and a new 7″ to get in your collection. What I love about this new track is that you can trace the breadcrumbs back to the self-titled LP, but the sound feels sonically, well, different. The sharp jangles are a little less present, changed in favor of a fuzzier blast of guitar work, pushed forth with a little bit more rhythmic urgency. Still, the band don’t stray too far from the playful melodic harmonies, which is where you can hear the ties to their earlier work; it fills the stomping interlude as guitars scream behind it! The new 7″ is out on June 24th via Slumberland Records.

Jeanines Drop Who’s in the Dark Single

I’m not going to lie; I thought there wouldn’t be a finer pop tune this year after hearing “Any Day Now,” but it seems that Jeanines were intent upon topping even their own great pop, and we’ve got it below. Alicia Jeanine’s vocal performance instantly pulls at you, coming off like some angelic Nico impersonator; Jed’s backing vocals add a slight buoyancy too, as if the track needed it. Amidst all the frantic jangle and succinct drum work, Alicia hits these high notes meant to shatter your heart with their perfect tonality. Then, a quick summary warmly wraps up the tune and its title, leaving you with the perfect piece of pop to put in your pocket and take out when in need of a little joy. Just another stellar example to get you excited to pick up Don’t Wait for a Sign, out April 22nd via Slumberland.

Papercuts Release Past Life Regression + Share Video for Sinister Smile

I’ve made no secret of my Jason Quever adoration these last few months, knowing that it would all peak with the release of Past Life Regression. So, congratulations to Papercuts, and to you, as you can now spend your day immersed in one of the better LPs to drop this year. Plus, we get the added bonus of a new visual adventure to go along with “Sinister Smile,” which might be one of the record’s poppier tracks, at least in a certain sense. There’s something timeless about this whole record, drawing from all corners of the rock canon to craft a brilliant collection of escapism. Do what’s right, and rush off to buy Past Life Regression today, out courtesy of Slumberland Records. Stream the album HERE.

Jeanines Share Don’t Wait For a Sign

It’s only March, and it seems like my record collection is being dominated by the excellent year Slumberland Records is putting out…and the Jeanines new LP might just be the icing on this early 2022 cake. On this go round, the band sort of swoosh their way into the melody, sort of creating this sideways shimmy that has you pulling off some hipster hand jive with one leg jerking this way and that. The emphatic stomp of the drums punctuates Alicia’s vocal deliver, teasing what might otherwise be deemed a chorus. I love the tempo and directional twist just before the 1 minute mark, sweeping in with this charming refrain of endearment: “you’ll find me here.” Don’t Wait for a Sign is out on April 22nd via Slumberland.

Papercuts Share Palm Sunday Single

I appreciate Papercuts waiting until this week to drop their latest single, as I didn’t want to overlook one of my favorite artists…had a few things going on last week. Alas, this new tune has Jason Quever and company seemingly channeling their neighboring soft-janglers, The Reds, Pinks and Purples; the sweeping pop sensibility is present throughout, with that Bay Area casualness, though I’ll acknowledge that Jason seems to hang out with heavier tones. There’s this moment, and maybe its wishful thinking on my part, but when he utters the line “I remember you then” or “I loved you then,” the nostalgic leaning has this slight charm that brings a grin to my face every. Past Life Regression is out on April 1st via Slumberland Records.

Papercuts Share Lodger Single

I feel like Jason Quever is that person at the cool kids party, sipping his drink in the corner and taking mental notes at the chaos that surrounds him; he’s not bothered by the madness, though seemingly content to play the narrator and not the protagonist. Every time I listen to his work in Papercuts, I feel like he’s watching us, building this cinematic musical landscape of the darkened corners of our lives; though when he’s there, he extracts the beauty in those hidden moments, breathing life into our mundane world with his own brand of psychedelic pop. He’ll be releasing the new album, Past Life Regression, on April 1st via Slumberland Records.

Jeanines Announce New Album, Don’t Wait for a Sign

This is the best Wednesday news I never expected! New Jeanines! The band today announce Don’t Wait for a Sign, doing so with a spritely pop ditty to hum in your head all day. There’s this timelessness in Alicia’s performance here, her voice rising and falling, always hitting the perfect pop notes. Those looking for the perfect piece of indiepop won’t find a better tune nodding to the past and living in the present of the genre. The brevity is perfect too, as you can circle back and fall even further in love with each repeated listen, as I’ve been doing the last hour or so. Don’t Wait for a Sign is the fifth release from Slumberland Records this year, and the fifth that’s certainly going to end up on my shelf; the hits just keep on coming.

Papercuts Announce Past Life Regression

I was hoping when Papercuts dropped Baxter’s Bliss EP late last year, Jason Quever was hinting at a brand new LP, and here we are friends; the band announce Past Life Regression, with two new tracks! Both give us a glimpse at varying sounds Jason’s toying with on the new record. “I Want My Jacket Back” definitely feels like it takes place in a more nostalgic era of San Francisco (Quever’s current homebase). Still, the song evolves, transcending into this cavernous folk pop sound suited for a day watching the fog roll on, all before the sun shines on the tune once more. Turn to “The Strange Boys” and you’ve got something a little that feels a little heavier in a sense. There’s something about the way all the sounds mix that is a bit disorienting, like your record is warped. Take that in tow with Jason’s voice, and it naturally creates this pleasantry that’s maximized when it peaks at the chorus. The new LP will be out on April 1st via Slumberland.


The Reds Pink and Purples Share Let’s Pretend We’re Not in Love Video

Maybe it’s the last fact that I’ve played the last few Red Pinks and Purples LPs to death, but there’s something about listening to Glenn Donaldson that just feels like coming home to your loved ones and curling up on the couch together. It’s one of the biggest reasons that I love his songwriting; it just feels safe. Understated jangles dominate the musical element behind Donaldson’s voice here, with a nice steady bit of drumming, all of it operating as this silver serving platter on which Glenn’s voice crests. Hoping for this buoyed songwriting streak to continue, so we’ll get more music soon. Speaking of soon, Summer at Land’s End, the new LP, is out on February 4th via Tough Love/Slumberland.

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