Brand New Jeanines Track

Seeing as it is Bandcamp Friday, there’s an easy place to spend your money that I must immediately direct you towards: Jeanines. I don’t care what record it is, but today, you get the perks of picking up a brand new 7″. Having spent a lot of time with Don’t Wait for a Sign, I was really pleased to see them pulling on a slightly different shade of spiraling pop music. This one feels like something you might have found on an old Crystal Stilts record, albeit spun through the incredible weaving of Alicia Jeanines voice. This band never puts out bad songs, so you’re going to want to grab one of these new 7″ pieces from Slumberland Records; the physical release is due on July 7th.

Chime-ing New Stuff from Slumberland Records

Friday was a busy day around these parts, but it seems like it was even busier for those over at Slumberland headquarters. The cherished label got some coverage from us via a new Reds, Pinks and Purples single, but we missed out on some other exciting new stuff, so I wanted to be sure we had that up there. After their great self-titled LP, Chime School came back with a brand new hit from their forthcoming 7″ (out in April). Not to be outdone, or out-chimed, Ohioan power-poppers the Laughing Chimes dropped another charmer through the label. Sorry I didn’t get this all up on Friday, but better late than never?

The Reds Pinks and Purples Share Title Track

Obligatory posts are very rare, but when someone’s in the writing form like Glenn Donaldson has been, it seems like it’s a no brainer as his songs for The Reds, Pinks and Purples are that good. There’s something in the title track for The Town That Cursed Your Name that seems uplifting, spiritually, almost joyous. For me, I think that highlights some of the thematic pieces that course through the entire record, as Donaldson seems to have found solace in just creating, pushing forward to balance living and art, despite the trials and struggles artists face these days. It feels like he’s giving a voice to all those out there in the same spot, loving to create in the face of decreased opportunities. The new LP is out March 24th via Slumberland Records.

Last Week’s Jams (1.30 – 2.3)

This whole 2023 thing has been quite a shit show from those at the ATH offices: forced server changes, loss of electricity, loss of Internet (still!), and we’re old! But, we keep pushing on, as there’s still plenty of great tunes for you to cover and enjoy. It was good to hear that our old pal Jana Horn has a new LP on the way; she’s been one of my favorite voices forever. I think my favorite jam of the week came from the latest single from Roller Derby…with a video that has lots of nods to Austin and their journey to SXSW last year. Plus, Elephant 6 added the Rishis to their roster, so be sure to give a listen. Label of the week clearly goes to Slumberland with more Frankie Rose and new Reds, Pinks and Purples. I aim to hopefully have more tunes up this week! But enjoy a quick journey through what we loved last week!

The Reds Pinks and Purples Announce The Town That Cursed Your Name

It wouldn’t be a year in music without at least one release by Glenn Donaldson, so it’s good news that there’s already a new Reds, Pinks and Purples LP on the books for Slumberland Records. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better song to live through the shit-show that is Austin right now; there’s this comforting feel in Glenn’s voice, sort of what I imagine some celestial being encompassing, wherever I end up. According to Donaldson, the entirety of the new LP is based around “living while also feeling called to make music.” I’m definitely glad he’s had that calling, as my record collection wouldn’t sound nearly as moving if Glenn’s work wasn’t catalogued accordingly. The Town That Cursed Your Name is out in March via Slumberland Records.

Frankie Rose Shares Sixteen Ways

If you expected the same Frankie Rose record to repeat the story’s of albums passed, well, you’re out of luck. The newest LP, as personified in this track below (and the first single) see Rose circling back to a pop ethos that drove her songwriting early on, with a heavy bent on the electronic vibe. There’s this almost club-induced vibe here, embellished by the digitalized video work accompanying the tune. Frankie’s voice is the gravitational pull, though the pulse of the song allows you to completely let yourself free in its universe; you won’t need a dance partner here, as this treat is just for you. If you’re digging on it, be sure to pre-order Love as Projection from Slumberland Records; it’s out on March 10th.

Peel Dream Magazine Releases Surprise EP

Pad has barely been worn out on my record player, but Peel Dream Magazine has already returned with a brand new surprise EP today. To me, it completely encompasses the concept of an Extended Play, as even creator Joe Stevens claims he was able to “view these songs as belonging on Pad, were it not for the restraints of what will fit on a 12 inch.” In listening, you get two little instrumental pieces, continuing to watch the project dabble with new sound, then two more traditional tracks that continue the musical motifs present on last year’s Pad. Of course, none of this would be available were it not for the brilliant folks over at Slumberland. Happy Friday to you.; here’s Magic is Pocketed.

Frankie Rose Returns with Love as Projection

What great news to wake up to today! We’re going to get a new LP from Frankie Rose this year, courtesy of Slumberland Records. Today we’ve got the fresh new single from the record, and it’s a reminder of Frankie’s ability to blend melody into darker textures. This tune feels sparkly too, like the sun is shining on the keys creating this crystalline shimmer that drives the melody into the listeners ear. It’s nice to hear Rose completely indulge in a more electronic sound, yet seemingly still be linked to her accomplished past. Look for the new album, Love as Projection, to drop on March 10th.

Slumberland Pick up The Laughing Chimes

Leave it to Slumberland Records to try and squeeze the last few drops out of my bank account before the year wraps up; they announced another crisp collection of pop to add to their roster of great releases in 2022…the Laughing Chimes. While that doesn’t surprise me, the talent of the Seurkamp brothers at such a young age; this first single takes on a timeless bit of pop charm, rocking with those classic circular jangles that swirl through your speakers amidst a steady stomp. I will say that the vocals certainly take on a nice bit of wistfulness, making this the perfect Monday tune to get you started. Their Zoo Avenue EP will be out on November 18th.

Friday Album Streams: Alvvays, The Mall, Peel Dream Magazine and More

Well, Friday is here, and that’s a great reason to check in on some cool releases. Plus, get the bonus of knowing its Bandcamp Friday, so you get a chance to support your favorite artists and labels by streaming and jamming and buying! The Alvvays record has been buzzing everywhere, including our site, so we had to include that one. I’m personally stoked to hear how all the new Peel Dream Magazine songs fit together, as it seems like a different sound coming our way…we’re in for an exciting plot twist. There’s a couple other small releases here that we figured might fly under the radar, so wanted to be sure to include a bit of the other goods too! If we’re missing something cool, holler at us so we can be sure to give it a listen.


AlvvaysBlue Rev (Polyvinyl)

The MallTime Vehicle Earth

Peel Dream MagazinePad (Slumberland Records)

Cool SoundsLike That (Chapter Music)

CielNot in the Sun, Nor the Dark (Jazz Life)

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