The Reds Pink and Purples Share Let’s Pretend We’re Not in Love Video

Maybe it’s the last fact that I’ve played the last few Red Pinks and Purples LPs to death, but there’s something about listening to Glenn Donaldson that just feels like coming home to your loved ones and curling up on the couch together. It’s one of the biggest reasons that I love his songwriting; it just feels safe. Understated jangles dominate the musical element behind Donaldson’s voice here, with a nice steady bit of drumming, all of it operating as this silver serving platter on which Glenn’s voice crests. Hoping for this buoyed songwriting streak to continue, so we’ll get more music soon. Speaking of soon, Summer at Land’s End, the new LP, is out on February 4th via Tough Love/Slumberland.

Kids on a Crime Spree Share Goods Get Got Video

The latest single from Kids on a Crime Spree popped up yesterday, but the owners of ATH requested only one Slumberland post a day, so we had to give into their wishes. Lucky for us, and now for you, as that gave us time to digest what might be the very best the band have to offer. I’m a sucker for a fun sing-a-long note, so this opening up with an emphatic “hey hey hey” already sold me, before the song really even jumps full throttle. From there, the trip moves into a steadied stomp, driving riffs through the speakers. But, the beat shifts and the song seems to race off, driving forth with ferocity until the track hits the 1:07 mark, opening into a catchy moment you can’t (and don’t!) want to avoid. There’s so much packed into this 2 minute ditty that it feels like the song is 5 minutes, but even better, you can turn back and blast it on repeat! Fall In Love Not In Line is out on January 21st via Slumberland Records.

Artsick Share Look Again Video

Artsick‘s forthcoming debut record, Fingers Crossed, is high upon our suggested listening for this year, but while we wait for its official release on January 21st, the band have offered one more single to grab your ears. I think “Look Again” is an excellent choice, as it shows the more patient side of the band; the previous singles have played the more frantic endearing noise pop perfectly, so here’s a little switch. This tune has the guitars a little more steady, almost feeling like they’re lower in the mix, allowing for Christina Riley’s voice to take the spotlight here. I knew it, but now you can be assured you’re going to get an array of pop delights if you grab the LP from Slumberland Records.

Artsick Share Ghost of Myself Video

I know we’re all clamoring over year end lists for 2021, but please, reserve a spot in next year’s list for Artsick; the band have only dropped two singles from their forthcoming LP, but already I’m saving it a place. This is the sort of frantic ramshackle pop meets punk that got me to jump ship full on into indie rock. It only takes 20 seconds for the waves to wash in and bring thumping drum work; the rhythm section drives the tune forward, bouncing it while Christina’s voice soars atop. Backing vocals also aid in delivering a satisfying bit of infectiousness, guaranteeing the song sticks in your brain all day long! Plus, the video should get bonus points since it was directed by Christina, who also is the sole character in it; I mean, can you direct a video and star in a video, all for a song you wrote?! That has to create some sort of black hole. Regardless, Fingers Crossed is out on January 21st via Slumberland Records.

Kids on a Crime Spree Release All Things Fade

I guess with all these year end lists, we start to look forward to what’s in store for January, and one of the records that seems like a no-brainer around here is the new LP from Kids on a Crime Spree. We’ve got a new Christina Riley (Artsick/Boyracer) directed video coming our way, with the video footage seemingly working in contrast to the thumping pace of this track. The guitars bang away furiously as the drums thunder and smash in the background; it’s all creating this infectious cacophony you can’t ignore. Mario’s voice is perfect here, wound with this earnestness and melody that always seems like it’s trying to play catch-up to the rest of the tune. Not sure anyone’s delivering pop music this delicious; Fall In Love Not In Line will be out on January 21st via Slumberland Records.

Another Track from The Reds, Pinks & Purples

I haven’t written my Best of 2021 yet, mostly out of laziness. But, you can be sure that one thing that’s going to pop up on it is Uncommon Weather from The Reds, Pinks and Purples. That being said, Glenn Donaldson and company have already turned around and prepared another LP for release in early 2022 (I think that leaves room for another LP at the end of 2022 too!). Today there’s another wonderfully subtle pop tune, such that it will cure whatever ails you today. There’s something about Donaldson’s voice that feels like a parent comforting a child, at least that’s the way I’d like to imagine. The soften vocals and light jangles seemingly point to a brighter horizon, even amidst grim imagery like my favorite line “walking in the rain/hoping it won’t stop.” Just please, prepare to empty your wallet to buy all the Donaldson tunes in 2022. Summer at Land’s End drops at the end of January via Slumberland/Tough Love.

Artsick Announce Fingers Crossed LP for Slumberland Records

Christina Riley has certainly been keeping herself busy as of late, as a member of Boyracer…and I’m pretty sure she shot the video for the Kids on a Crime Spree video too…but this time, we’re talking about her new project Artsick. The project came about as Christina was relishing working on collaborating, so she grabbed Mario from the aforementioned Kids, and Donna from Lunchbox to create the most delicious bit of ramshackle pop you’ve heard in years. It’s noisy and boisterous, bouncing and joyous, yet tightly wound around a saccharine melody you’ll want to sing around your house all day long. The only bummer? Well, you’ll have to wait until January for Fingers Crossed to hit stores courtesy of Slumberland Records.

Kids On A Crime Spree Announce Fall In Love Not In Line

It’s been a hot minute since Kids On A Crime Spree dropped their debut We Love You So Bad EP, though they’ve managed to sprinkle in a 7″ here or there. Luckily, a wait for new music has paid off, with the band announcing today that they’ll be releasing a new LP, Fall In Love Not In Line, early next year. The band wastes no time opening up with this fast shredding guitar line and a furiously pounding rhythm section, both parts trying to see who can beat the other to the finish line. But, central to the band’s success is Mario Hernandez’ vocals, offering up this soft melodic underbelly to the track, though still seemingly tethered to a faint punk ethos that keeps the song’s edge. Feel like the thematic nod from the lyrics ties perfectly into all of our lives, and also into the band itself, with the refrain of “when can I see you again.” Pretty sure this song rules, and you’re going to want to grab the LP! Fall In Love Not In Line drops on January 22nd via Slumberland Records.

Another LP is Coming from The Reds, Pink and Purples

Somewhere out in the Ohio, Rob Pollard is cursing Glenn Donaldson; he’s wondering how he’s been upstaged by Glenn’s brilliant songwriting and release schedule with the Reds, Pinks and Purples. You see, Glenn’s climbing the mountain towards peak pop performances, having already released the stunning Uncommon Weather earlier this year. Now, Summer at Land’s End has just been announced for a February release date. While it’s clear that I’m a Donaldson fan, I think one of the things I enjoy about this first single is the space that’s left in the song; the twinkling star guitar chords hang crisp in the air blanketed by Glenn’s voice, but you’ll also hear the perfect emptiness in the tune to let your mind drift far away. Congratulations to us on getting to experience an incredible songwriter just now hitting their stride. Summer at Land’s End is out February 4th via Slumberland/Tough Love.

Chime School Share Wait Your Turn Video

Thursday feels like a good day to visit a Slumberland release, so why not begin with a band on the meteoric rise in the jangling pop realm, Chime School. So far, the singles from Andy Pastalaniec’s project are perfectly defined, but I feel like this is one where you really get the feeling that this could just be the beginning of something huge. There’s little bits of layering in this that sort of walk a fine line between nostalgic 70s 12-string guitar ballads and the hazy underbelly of early 90s Britpop, though spinning that kaleidoscope still hints at the purity of classic indiepop. No matter which way you spin Andy’s songs, it’s like unwrapping a gift individually wrapped for each listener’s experience. Chime School is out on November 5th.

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