Last Week’s Jams (1.15 – 1.19)

Last week was a strange one, particularly with the seeming loss of Pitchfork. But, here at ATH, we’re like the tortoise, just going slow and steady, doing our thing til we get to the proverbial finish line. There was tons of music to cover, and I mean tons, so we got to as much as we could, trying to highlight the stuff that wasn’t getting much love. Brand new music from Bolis Pupul came our way, plus Colin Newman reissue news. RayRay loved the new ripper from Gulfer. Personally, I loved the new Friko and Boy with Apple, and got to introduce you to new Fantastic Purple Spots from their EP next week! Sit back and enjoy some tunes.

Talk Show Drop Red/White

After a slow burn with a few singles over a couple of years, London based Talk Show really started to make a lot of noise this past year with multiple, straight slamming new singles. As we drive into the new year, the band is full steam ahead with a new album called Effigy due out on February, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites of the short new year. As anticipation builds for the full length, you should take some time to check out the latest new slammer called “Red/White” below. Get after it lads. If you’re in a giving mood, Talk Show are trying to raise a little money to make it stateside for SXSW in March. You can find their donation page over on IG.

Talk Show’s new album Effigy is available on February 16th via Missing Piece Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Last Week’s Jams (11.6 – 11.10)

It may not have been a week covered in big names, but there were tons of ridiculously quality tunes dropped this last week. We had tons of ATX stuff, from Daily Worker to Wet Dip to S.L. Houser to Voxtrot, so we were all over that. I fell in love with Dumb Things, which is the Aussie outfit opening up this week’s playlist. But, it’s probably a toss up for me whether the new track from The Witching Waves got more plays than that new Weakened Friends. A ripper of a week with some new names we hadn’t come across before like Amelia Coburn, so give the whole mix a Monday morning spin.

Talk Show Share New Single and Video

London’s finest new band Talk Show really came on my radar around this time last year with the release of their Touch the Ground EP featuring hit single “Cold House.” After a few singles released over the last year, the band has now just announced a release date of February 16th for their debut LP entitled Effigy. It features the previously heard jam “Closer,” and this brand new joint “Gold” which dropped late last week. You can certainly hear some 90s electro-rock inspiration in these tunes combined with a tense post-punk energy from leading man Harrison Swann.

Pre-orders are now live for Effigy via UK label Missing Pieces.

Last Week’s Jams (9.18 – 9.22)

Last week was kind of light on the tunes, at least from my end of things. That being said, it was a pretty heavy week in terms of tunes that made me swoon. We got to premiere new stuff from Citric Dummies and Red Pants, which rule, equally. Of course, it was nice to see our pals in Voxtrot take back up their crown as master of pop; Bubblegum Lemonade was another friend making a return with new music too! All that, and I haven’t even touched on the Lower Plenty track that nearly broke me listening to it. The Serfs and Dancer both had great new music out there; those hit from Alien Nosejob and the Exbats on Goner Records didn’t hurt either. Maybe light on coverage in lieu of our recent weeks, but so much great stuff to dig into here.

Talk Show Share Closer

Late last year, South Londoners Talk Show really delivered a breath of fresh energy with the release of their six song Touch the Ground EP. That one has been seeing heavy spins both at home and during ATH vinyl happy hours around town. As we push into 2023, the band continues to churn out post-punk bangers, as evidenced by this sort of slow burning, change of pace hit “Closer.” You can tell the band is just straight having fun at this point and any listener has got to feel that energy.

This track will be par of Talk Show’s upcoming debut LP due out in early 2024.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (8.22 – 8.26)

Think you missed something awesome last week? Well you very well might have, and we did our best to cover what we were into all week long. Great to hear new stuff from the forthcoming Eerie Wanda record, as well as news that we were getting a new Robert Sotelo LP before the year wraps up. Melby might have dropped the greatest jam that hasn’t quite broken over here in the States, despite its brilliance. Oh, and RayRay caught up with Peter Matthew Bauer for an interview and premiere of a new single! So, go back and revisit the jams from last week!

Talk Show Share Leather Video

Hear me out, but imagine you’re making a weird musical stew, which is how I imagine this Talk Show track came to exist in the world. It all starts off with building your roux, which in this case seems to be a sort of weird world where early bits of the Cure get melded with this sort of hyperactive bit you’d get from old Aphex Twin and Prodigy. But, things aren’t quite ready, so you sprinkle in a bit of Liars later recordings and the propulsive nature of Sleaford Mods. You’re set there, so you add in the main bits, some darkened vocals, which blend in the dark post-punk vocals of acts like Shame. I share that recipe only to let you in on the big secret…there’s nothing I’ve heard quite like this jam. The band will release their Touch the Ground EP via Missing Piece on September 23rd.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (September 13 – 17)

Last week I might have gotten a little carried away; my wife and newborn son were spending a lot of time resting, so I was just hanging out writing about songs all week…something a teacher, soccer coach, dad and label owner typically can’t do. So, this week’s playlist of last week’s hits might be a little longer than usual, but you’re going to be all the better for it. I hope you have a wonderful Monday my friends, and enjoy the jams here!

Heavy Post-Punk From Talk Show

We are midway through the week and I can feel myself slowly sort of dragging myself along to get through the day to day work week. If you’re in the same sort of slog, might I suggest you check out this fast paced new tune called “Underworld” from London based post-punk outfit Talk Show. I love how the track has this overall tension that can, ever so slightly, explode in short bursts but never really completely lets go of that pent up energy.

Talk Show will be releasing this new track on an EP entitled Touch the Ground coming out in 2022.

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