Last Week’s Jams, Today (7.5 – 7.8)

We packed as much sweet music as we could into four days, especially considering one of us was down with the ‘Rona…and on vacation no less. Still, there was so much great new music that it was hard to stay away, from brand new Lande Hekt and Alvvays to the release of that latest Flowertown LP. Personally, I was glad to see Northern Portrait back on the menu, with a new album slated for a Fall release. Sit back, start you week, and enjoy a replay of what we got into last week!

Temples of Youth Share Keen to Be Clean

When I first listened to this new jam from UK outfit Temples of Youth, I’ll admit, I was immediately drawn into the current climate of post-punk stylings worked over with deadpan vocal delivery. Yes, tons of acts have been gravitating this way, and I don’t mind that, but this new single mixes it up when it gets right to the core of the chorus. Instead of something that feels disjointed or arty, they let that moment sort of blossom, letting a pop sensation coolly filter through your speakers. Subtle plot twists always win the day when you’re stepping outside the expectations.

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