Top Aussie Releases of 2020

So, lists are pretty arbitrary, especially for a site like ours, where you mostly know what you’re going to get each day. But, still, I always fall for the “Best Of” lists, though this year, I’m personally staying away from the numbering system; it just doesn’t really mean much to me these days. That said, I do spend a lot of time covering Aussie acts, more than most, so for me, its fun to revisit my favorites. Without further hoopla…here’s my Top Aussie Releases of 2020.

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The Green Child Share Fashion Light

Don’t tell me you’re not in love with the Green Child?! You get Mikey Young and Raven Mahon, teamed up to make this wonderfully subtle, dreamy pop music. That synthetic beat initially made me want to bounce; it just has that joyous nature to it’s movement. But, Raven’s voice has this light drizzle to it, steadily soaking you with melody; it’s a strong contrast, which is one of the reasons I love what they’re doing, playing with both sides of my musical brain. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to come to the end of the week; it’s thoughtful and promising, and maybe I can crack a smile. Look for Shimmering Basset this October via Upset the Rhythm.

Last Week’s Misses: David Nance and the Green Child

Last week there were tons of tunes that caught my ear, but admittedly, I couldn’t get to it all in one sitting. Still, there were a couple of gems I really loved I wanted to highlight right quick: The Green Child’s “Low Desk” and David Nance’s “When the Covers Come Off.”

The Green Child tune is the first single from the forthcoming Shimmering Basset LP for Upset the Rhythm. Mikey Young (Total Control, ECSR) and Raven Mahon (Grass Widow) have both been featured on several occasions on this site, not to mention the countless acts Mikey’s helped along the way. Chilled out pop stylings with a nice little futuristic electronic twist. No one doesn’t love this song.

David Nance seems to be reverting back to a more roots-oriented vibe for his forthcoming Staunch Honey LP for Trouble in Mind (11/13). It’s got this sort of rough-edged folk mentality, something that’d likely go real good with a nice glass of whiskey and a nice fire on a starry night.