Top Albums for Nathan

Honestly, I thought about foregoing a year-end list this year. I mean, if you read our site, you know what we love. But, list making can be fun, especially if you really really love music. My criteria was simple, and not based on what I think is “best,” but rather looking at the stuff I listened to the most, and eventually bought (or was gifted). Popular locals for my Nathan Wrapped have me living on an island in between San Francisco and Australia; label of the year would be Trouble in Mind (congrats to Bill and family!); genre would be: most awesome. Again, this is one man’s personal tastes, take it for what its worth.

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Last Week’s Jams (10.23 – 10.27)

We had a busy week here at ATH, prepping for the festival by throwing some Levitation interviews your way, but there was still tons of music to get out there. We ran some conversations with Video Age, Pachyman, Civic and Shannon and the Clams…plus, I got a Rock n’ Recipe in from the good folks at Lower Plenty. So, lots of words to read from other folks on their music. We also had fresh tunes all over the place from ATH favorites like the Umbrellas, Steven van Betten and Glimmer. Pretty busy week with tons to talk about, so be sure to browse through the site too…as there’s more than just sweet jams from last week!

Friday Album Streams: Red Pants, Spllit and The Serfs

It’s Friday, and while I’m here trying to wake up for a late night of Levitation, I know there are three pretty near perfect records for you to soak up today, all with different sonic appeals, meaning you get a little bit of everything if you wanna win!

Red PantsNot Quite There Yet (Meritorio Records)

This is a record that lands somewhere in the land between Sonic Youth and Low, but if you had recorded that record in hopes of offering a solitary listening experience. The more time you give this LP, the more its secrets are revealed.

SpllitInfinite Hatch (Feel It Records)

The Louisiana band is crafting post-punk like no other; they fill their songs with quick turns and sonic changes, each song refreshing in its ability to shift gears in an instant. Oh, and with all the weirdness, it still comes off catchy in the right spots.

The SerfsHalf Eaten by Dogs (Trouble in Mind)

Honestly, its been a minute since I’ve had this much fun listening to a record. It pulls in psychedelic nods with this punk ethos that gets mixed up in electronic textures that continue to push the envelope of what is and isn’t “indie rock.”

Last Week’s Jams (10.16 – 10.20)

We’re gearing up for Levitation this week, so we had some coverage that worked towards that end, with new music from Wishy and Video Age, plus an interview/new track from Font. Plus, we did the usual coverage of great tunes from the likes of the Serfs, Say Sue Me and Spllit. Tossed out that new Idles tune, kind of feeling on the fence, but interesting to see James Murphy be part of that new project, so we’ll see what the final LP sounds like. We were also able to throw some love to Dot Dash, who released a compilation this last week on vinyl for the first time, including the cover below of “Jackanory Stories.” Stream and jam and have a great day!

The Serfs Share Beat Me Down

Half Eaten by Dogs is dropping next Friday, and before we get there, we get another chance to sample the incredible work from the Serfs. Jamming this new single you get a sharp little electronic pulse that sets the scene, providing the groove that lets the band lock into their style. A snappy drum beat with hints of tambourine aims to keep pace while the vocals lurk in between the shadows. Speaking of the vocals, they’ve got this animated delivery that almost feels percussive on its own, marching in unison with the notes as they spin us towards the track’s end. It’s begging you to boogie, taking you right to the edge, so sink your teeth into this new one; new LP drops courtesy of Trouble in Mind on October 27th.

Last Week’s Jams (9.18 – 9.22)

Last week was kind of light on the tunes, at least from my end of things. That being said, it was a pretty heavy week in terms of tunes that made me swoon. We got to premiere new stuff from Citric Dummies and Red Pants, which rule, equally. Of course, it was nice to see our pals in Voxtrot take back up their crown as master of pop; Bubblegum Lemonade was another friend making a return with new music too! All that, and I haven’t even touched on the Lower Plenty track that nearly broke me listening to it. The Serfs and Dancer both had great new music out there; those hit from Alien Nosejob and the Exbats on Goner Records didn’t hurt either. Maybe light on coverage in lieu of our recent weeks, but so much great stuff to dig into here.

The Serfs Share Electric Like an Eel

One of the records I’m looking towards before the year is up is this new LP from Cincinatti’s The Serfs; you could file them under a darker brand of outsider post-punk or creative new-wave, but every time you think you’ve got them penned, the new LP seems to shift towards something else. For some reason, the tune feels like you’re locked into a serious round of Arkanoid at your favorite arcade. You can hear the manager complaining in the background, or perhaps cavorting with the local teens in awe. But, you’re locked into the game, the pinging of that little ball hitting a cold electronic note that bounces in your head as it does on the screen. Furthering it all, you hear the echoes of other games and their like-minded digital noises, all bleeding into this one sound that continuously has you pumping quarters into the machine. It’s futuristic nostalgia, and it’s pretty awesome, so be sure to get ready for Half Eaten by Dogs, out October 27th via Trouble in Mind Records.

Last Week’s Jams (8.21 – 8.25)

There continues to be an unreasonable amount of great music coming out nowadays, and I’m absolutely baffled at how it just never ceases; there’s been nothing but week after week of tunes for me to fawn over. This week’s a little all over the place, with a little bit of rock, a little bit of pop, a little bit of songwriter and back again. Wanted to begin with the great cover of “Rock n’ Roll” by the Feelies, then jump right into some of my favorite tracks of the week. I mean, new Tony Jay and Red Pants make all of us winners. Plus, there’s a new Lewsberg tune floating about, which I definitely have included in other playlists. And, I got back on that review game with a track by track breakdown of Holy Wave’s latest. So spend some time looking back at last week!

The Serfs Announce Half Eaten By Dogs

This fresh tune from the Serfs, accompanied by an album announcement, was the tune and groove I didn’t know I needed. At times, there’s some synth work that has that crystalline stab like a record from the Knife. But, there’s this heady pulse being pushed here, squeezing every ounce of cool into these shuffling beats working in the undercurrent. Little vocal samples creep and lurk around every corner, but the core vocal is cold and distant, almost indifferent to the twist and turn of every beat bouncing off your bedroom walls. This feels like my soundtrack, the groove for a kid who can’t dance but does it anyways; the band release Half Eaten by Dogs via Trouble in Mind Records on October 27th.