Catchy Pop from the Sweets

thesweetsYou’ve got to really catch on to North Carolina’s The Sweets; the band offers infectious pop music that gets stuck on repeat in your head all day long. The band has done several releases with Bleeding Gold Records, and they’ve got another new one that they just offered up this week.  This single has that natural swing that the band has offered up before, though the vocals are quiet in the mix; it reminds me of our local friends Shivery Shakes.  You can listen to the 4 song 7″ right now at the BANDCAMP, but I’ll also put up this jam for you to stream, as well as another one from February that you shouldn’t miss.

Here’s the old one off their February cassette:

Enjoy New Music by The Sweets

thesweetsIf there’s a harder working band out there, then I’d like to meet them.  The Sweets have just put out their 8th EP/Single of the last year (Some Pulp being my favorite), and these three new songs are definitely worth your time today.  At first, it seems like the band might jump off into sunny-pop, but they hold themselves back, letting the song unfold with a soothing vocal effect that floats in the distance.  There’s a few verses, and those are treated equally as gently.  If you like what you hear, then you can head HERE to grab the new EP from Bleeding Gold Records, who continue to amaze us with their consistency.


Download: The Sweets – He Is My Neighbor [MP3]

New Music from The Sweets

1159209151-1The way the world works today, musically speaking, you’ve got to stay on top of things.  Labels and bands are capable of releasing all sorts of material in various formats, making it hard to keep up.  So you’ve got to check in on your favorites, as I was doing with Bleeding Gold Records.  They’ve just offered up a free download of this new EP by The Sweets, which is filled with calm harmonies recorded with an atmospheric DIY sensibility.  Okay, so I hate to use the world “chill,” but it’s really fitting for this track, which is the opener on the groups Montequilla EP.  Go grab it HERE, and check out some other BG releases while you’re at it.


Download: The Sweets – John Childers [MP3]

Say Hello to The Sweets


You won’t find much information about up and coming L.A. based band The Sweets when looking around on the internet, and apparently the band like to keep things on the mysterious side.  I do know that the band make some incredible hazy, surf, lo-fi pop music that’s perked up my ears over the last few days.  Our song sample below “Malts” is a perfect example of the band’s garage style take on mellowed out surfer music.  If you’re into it, check out more of the band’s tunes over on their bandcamp page.  Stay tuned for more information on The Sweets as it gets to us.


Download: The Sweets – Malts [MP3]

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