Show Preview: Fever Ray @Emos (11.5)

If ever there was an artist that one had to see, I would think that Karin Dreijer would be really high up on that list of current artists. From the work with their brother in the Knife, to the Fever Ray project, they’ve continued to push the boundaries of where performance and music intersect. Plus, after releasing the excellent Radical Romantics this past Spring, they’ve allowed/encouraged tons of folks to work on official remixes, like the latest from Frost Children, which you can hear HERE. So, a great artist/performer blows into town, offering 1 of 6 shows to Austinites? You’re going to be there, right? IF you haven’t gotten tickets, they can be had HERE.


Levitation 2021 Announces Phase 1 Line Up (Oct. 28 -31)

Yes! The return of one of my favorite festivals/events in Austin. Long ago, Levitation was once Psych Fest, and it was glorious. Then it switched from Psych Fest to Levitation, then switching from one giant beautiful field to multiple venues, and honestly its been like the best part of SXSW! It’s the part where you get music heads chasing great bands like this year’s line-up featuring Black Midi, Chicano Batman, Tinariwen, The Hives, Japanese Breakfast and more! But, at least the 2019 version, it was pretty absent the free-swag army chasing beers and keychains. This year, the event will be spread out over four days, across venues like Stubbs, Mohawk, Cheer Up Charlies and Empire.

You can grab yourself some tickets right HERE, with more bands to be announced as the date draws near. And then check the recap of the 2019 experience!


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