New Tim Chaplin Tune

Tim Chaplin keeps throwing out the hits, and I keep writing them up, or at least that’s how I see it. On his latest tune, it has this solemn strut to it, with the rhythm section setting a soft march while the guitar does a gentle jangle for the listener. This round, the vocals have this sort of distorted coating, like Tim’s chatting to us through some barely audible radio wave. I appreciate the fact that he builds the tension, but never actually unleashes it on the listener…a little restraint goes a long way. This tune appears on Almost Made it Through the Rock n’ Roll Death Age, Chaplin’s newest LP.

New Music from Tim Chaplin

I love writing about Tim Chaplin; he’s an artist that works at his own pace, crafting his own style from the confines of his own tastes. That said, he’s been quiet since the end of 2018, but now it looks like he’s ready to offer up a new EP. Our first listen has Tim being Tim, offering up this softened vocal, drawing close to the realm of indiepop. That said, the music sits back, filled with guitar lines that sort of seem to be walking on eggshells behind Tim; there are a few instances when the song seems like it’s going to breakout, but it always gets pulled back to focus on melody. Different Currents is the new EP, and it’s available for streaming services.

Tim Chaplin Releases A New LP

Prolific songwriter Tim Chaplin has just dropped his latest release, Days Either Side. He seems to be really pushing himself on the entirety of this, aside from “Some Kinda Saint” (thats still a remarkable gem). He utilizes loops, spoken word and sort of a constructionist approach to piecing his songs together; it provides for a diverse listen that never goes stale. It’s good to hear him working in all his various influences, yet remaining wholly himself. I suggest you give his new album a listen below.

Stream Tim Chaplin’s Derelicting

timA while back Tim Chaplin floated into my life, and I was grateful. Even more so now that he’s released his new album, Derelicting. The great thing about your listen is that you’ll never grow weary of the same old same old, as each song takes a little bit of a turn. Some tracks offer bits of psychedelic sound experiment, while others wear touches of classic 60s pop…other tunes step up the glam. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, and in accomplishing that, Tim’s quietly crafted a record that can be played front to back…that’s an all too uncommon occurrence. Luckily, you can do just that below!

Grab the New EP from Tim Chaplin

timEarlier this year, Tim Chaplin released a collection of his favorite works since 1989, but lucky for you, it’s enticed Tim to write new tunes, which come to you today via his new Taxi Lights EP. It’s four brand new tracks, illustrating his studied blend of psychedelia and pop structures. I think my favorite tune is the last one, “Acid Breakdown;” I love the sound of the needle skipping in the front of the recording. Makes me feel like home. Regardless, if you enjoy what you hear, remember to give a dollar or five to Tim, as this new EP is NYOP.

Have You Listened to Tim Chaplin? Why Not?

timBedroom pop is a genre that seems to have grown, but the sad part of that is watching bands or songwriters intentionally go after that aesthetic. But, with Tim Chaplin, you get something entirely different, you get an artist that does it out of necessity, out of a need to release and record music in his own manner. Luckily for all of us, Bleeding Gold Records has opted to release a collection of Tim’s music written between 1996 and 2010, titling it Boy to Make Me Worry. This is a look at a true craftsman, an artist that needs no help and one that now has 39 songs for you to listen to, if you hadn’t gotten into him before.

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