Footballhead Share Overthinking Everything

If ever there was a tune that encompassed the spirit of a jilted Valentine’s day lover, musically speaking, I think it might be this fresh Footballhead track. Press play, wait a moment for those stabbing notes to set you up, then you’re greeted by this huge wall of pop punk that smacks you right in the face. If you’ve got the volume up, you might rush to turn it down, but in doing so, you’ll find yourself ensnared in the band’s pop tendencies, teasing you their blended balance of noise and pop. It’s loud and boisterous, and should get you raring to go today, just in case you didn’t get those roses I sent you. Overthinking Everything is out March 1st via Tiny Engines.

Friday Album Streams: Flight Mode, True Green + More

There’s no reason for me to dive right into a bunch self-indulgent poetics about today. You all know that it’s Bandcamp Friday, and you know your job as a music fan is to support the cause. You can certainly support our label, who just released a new EP from Fantastic Purple Spots; we’ve got tons of discounted releases HERE. But, we also want to rep some other great hits, so look below to find what you need.

Flight ModeThe Three Times (Tine Engines)

TV Star & Spiral XPTVXP

True GreenMy Lost Decade (Spacecase Records)

FuvkSay What You Like


Flight Mode Share Surprised At All

After the determined success of their Tx 98 EP, we expected big things from Oslo’s Flight Mode, especially after they signed up with Tiny Engines for the release of their new LP. Personally, I love how this new track shows the band’s evolution over the past few years; things began in a very 90s emo-centric realm, but they’ve moved into a more progressive pop rock outfit, albeit one that still adheres to some of the structural moments in that early emo movement. I mean, just check out the chorus on this tune, filled with melody, twisting in a bit of a sharp edge to add that perfect punch as the song explodes through your ears. The Three Times will be officially out on February 2nd!

Flight Mode Sign to Tiny Engines

Perhaps this hit on yesterday’s news cycle, but I’m an avid Flight Mode fan, as I’ve been covering the Norwegian band for several years, even remarking about how their TX ’98 EP sounded exactly like living in Austin during that period. Today, the band announce they’re working with Tiny Engines to put out a compilation of sorts, taking two EPs, plus a brand new one, and putting them all to vinyl! The new EP has its first single below, and it continues to show the growth in the songwriting; it no longer embraces nostalgia, but channels those influences into a sound that sounds effervescent, bubbling over with pop sensibilities! Really excited to hear more new stuff; you can pre-order the LP version right now; The Three Times LP drops on February 2nd!

Footballhead Shares Habits Single

Struggling to recover a bit this week, particularly after a bit of dehydration and a night spent with my little ones at Halloween. So, I wanted to drop this quick little energetic banger from Footballhead; the song has this natural immediacy to it, allowing you to feel the punch from get-go. Musically, it sort of feels like it’s taking notes from late 90s alternative and sprinkles of the modern emo scene; you can hear that rattling sound in the guitars as the drums pound behind. I loved the way the vocals embrace this earnestness, this feeling of promise that always seems just out of reach. This track will appear on the group’s new LP, Overthinking Everything, out in 2024 via Tiny Engines!

Bewilder Share Another Single

When Bewilder‘s first single from their debut LP dropped, folks were already clamoring, so I stood back listening quietly, waiting to see what would come next. This new single is definitely something that draws from a lot of the late 90s underground sounds, though it stretches into utilizing a lot of the post rock tendencies that rode through the next decade. Still, little pieces here and there bring it into the present, from the sampled drums at the 3 minute mark to the way all those elements get woven together ornately. I can think of all sorts of influences coming through here, but ultimately, its just a solid track I felt like popping up. They release From the Eyrie on Tiny Engines on October 6th.

New Strange Ranger Tune

This new Strange Ranger tune has a lot of people’s interest at the moment, with the band poised for big things when they drop Remembering the Rockets here in a few weeks. On their latest single, we get to here keyboardist Fiona Woodman take the lead, which, for my two cents, creates sort of a new texture for the band’s sound. The background has this almost post-rock feel to it, blending into a sort dream pop piece once Woodman’s voice enters the picture. Tucked into the whole of the album, it gives you sort of this early reflective piece, allowing you to completely give into the album’s emotional appeal. The LP drops on July 26th via Tiny Engines.

New Joint From Peaer

As if Brooklyn didn’t have enough of a quality music scene to rival our own, here’s yet another new tune from the area coming from up and comers Peaer. The new track called “Don’t” features some crunchy guitars in a subtle yet powerful way similar to a band like Dirty Projectors or Pinback. It’s always impressive to find a three piece that can bring just as much energy as a bigger band. Carry on amigos.

Peaer will release new album A Healthy Earth on August 16th via Tiny Engines.

Nice One From Alien Boy

Portland based group Alien Boy has slowly been growing a buzz about their debut album coming out at the end of the week. Thought I haven’t posted any of the band’s latest singles, they’ve already released a few prior to this solid jam today. This new track “I Just Can’t Feel It” blends some of the popular elements of shoegaze with a more goth-pop sound which gives it something fresh to offer. I think I shall spend the rest of the day with this song and album.

Alien Boy will release Sleeping Lessons on August 31st on Tiny Engines.

New Single & Video From Restorations

As you likely know, I’m a bit of a nostalgia geek when it comes to music, and I’ve loved the reemergence of several of my favorite old genres. Today my homies in Philly based band Restorations are furthering my foray into older sounds with this jam “The Red Door”. The song has a sort of old school emo vibe to it from the early years of the genre akin to bands like Sunny Day or The Cast. Those sounds combined with the gritty, angry vocals of lead singer Jon Loudon makes for a new experience in a somewhat old school genre.

Restorations will release LP5000 on September 8th via Tiny Engines.

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