Motorists Announce Touched by the Stuff

I don’t know a single person in my circle that wasn’t in love with Motorists‘ 2021 LP, Surrounded, so expectations are high today as the group announce their brand new LP. While the last LP delved into a mixture between power-pop and proto-punk madness, it seems like this go round, things are a bit brighter, a bit sharper in sound. There adherence to big hooks and melody is still working within the first single, but that being said, I certainly feel like there’s more of a Oceanic influence on the guitar work…and obviously we’re all here for that. Soft vocals working within an environment of huge guitar sounds? Yep. Going to head off and grab Touched by the Stuff today. It drops on May 24th via We Are Time/Bobo Integral.

Premiere: Hot Garbage – Mystery

We’re about to head into a short holiday break, but before we do, here’s a jam by Toronto based Hot Garbage for you to check out during your down time. The new track, “Mystery”, feels like it might have fit in during spooky October season with a swirling, gothic organ and deep, heavy guitar riffs. This sound comes with the slightest hint of a surf rock inspiration to give the song a touch of lightness and playfulness here and there. It’s a jam for sure. Gobble gobble.

This track will appear on the upcoming Hot Garbage album entitled Precious Dreams due out January 19th via Mothland. Pre-orders are live now.

SWIIMS Share In Puzzles Video, Drop New LP

Today, Canadian act SWIIMS drop their newest LP, Into the Blue Night, and thus, we’ve got to dive into the band’s fresh single encouraging you to get a little taste of what’s in store. I loved the way this one opened up with these atmospheric flourishes, sort of carefully treading on post-rock. But, then guitars cut through the speakers and the drums hit hard, giving way to a churning bit of indie pop. Mai Diaz Langou has the dreamy take down, though I’m mostly intrigued by the way she lets her voice clime notes and climb back down in the chorus moment; it creates this tension that allows the track’s emotional pull to really shoot off. If you dig it, be sure to check out the LP, courtesy of Mint 400 Records.

His His Share Ford Econoline

Wasn’t sure if tons of folks would be covering music today, so felt like the perfect time to slide this His His track into your day. It’s the sort of pop stuff that I adore, akin to Papercuts, where it straddles the world between murky and melodic, working with these light flourishes that seem just on the edge of fading into obscurity. I love the subtlety of it all, particularly when there’s a light uptick and the vocals get an added touch with some light backing work that really lets the song sink into your skin. If you’re digging, keep an eye out as His His has a North American tour working starting this October!


Rural Alberta Advantage Drop New Single

It’s always a treat when we can reconnect with a band that was featured in our earliest days of ATH, and Toronto based Rural Alberta Advantage would surely be one of those groups. It was a pleasure to see the band return with their original lineup last year with an EP entitled The Rise, and it’s an even greater delight to hear word of a full LP coming next month. Pairing all the tunes from last year’s EP with seven new ones, The Rise & The Fall will hit be released on October 6th via Saddle Creek stateside and Paper Bag Records internationally. Of course the announcement comes with an absolutely stunning new single called “Conductors” and, all other words aside, it’s great to have this band back.

Pre-orders for The Rise & The Fall are live now.

Cruise With Lost Cousins

Well summer is officially here and real proud of itself which always gives me an inclination to hit the road and drive with the windows down (but also with the AC on of course). Luckily I have Toronto based group Lost Cousins to help me along my way with this new single “Dreamer.” It has an incredibly relaxed, atmospheric take on dream rock and should inspire some late night cruises as you hit the open road. Many of us will be trekking out on adventures next week and this should be the perfect tune to take along with you.

Tearing Up Share Said Something + Release Heavy

RayRay turned me onto Tearing Up late last year, and now that they’ve released Heavy, I can’t stop listening to this track. In a lot of ways, the Ontario outfit seem to be channeling the likes of acts like Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever; they craft these angular rockers that are emphatic and angular throughout, so you’ve got to be sure that the volume is up appropriately loud enough. Plus, at times, those notes are nice and dreamy, which works well behind the exuberant vocal delivery coming your way. If you’re into what you’re hearing, be sure you’re checking out the whole of their new LP!

Stunning New Single From Angel Apricot

As I think I’ve previously mentioned, I often spend time perusing the bandcamp new and notable section for music I may have missed to add to ATH or to my daily playlists. While skimming the new tunes this morning, I came across this captivating new song called “Sparks” from Toronto based artist angel apricot. Not a lot of information is out there about the artist outside of an IG and youtube channel, but this is truly one of those songs that can speak for itself. Sort of a Grizzly Bear inspiration with heavy bass and delicate vocals.

If you’re into these sounds, angel apricot has an entire 13 song album entitled the pink sunset over you available to stream in full on bandcamp.

Premiere: New Single & Video From Tearing Up

If you’re looking for something to really get yourself moving and rocking on a Thursday mid-morning, then look no further this new tune called “Your Flame” from Tearing Up. The project is mostly a solo piece of work coming from Toronto based musician and songwriter Graham Caldwell. He makes his very own brand of psych inspired, shoegaze meets noise, indie rock n roll tunes. Superb sound and tons of driving energy.

Tearing Up will release a debut LP on January 27th entitled Heavy.

Blunt Chunks Share Wasted

After a busy and hot weekend in Austin, I’m looking to relax a bit and slowly ease into the week ahead. This tune from Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien, otherwise known as Blunt Chunks, is the perfect sort of soft, mellow and intimate song I am needing this morning. It features a lovely, whispy vocal performance along with some country/folk inspired bass lines throughout. A lovely tune to kick off your week.

This single is part of the new Open Tab series from Fire Talk. You can hear more and read more about the series on the Open Tab landing page.

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