Straight Rock N’ Roll from Turf War

TurfWar_PressPhoto1.180040One of the many acts that I think is severely overlooked is Turf War. Their first album Years of Living Dangerously still manages to make its way deep into my playlist, years later I might added.  They’ve just announced they’ll be releasing The Great Escape EP, and I’m stoked to see that things haven’t changed much.  When I hear them, I tend to think of straight rock sounds a la the Replacements, but I can also hear bits of blues and country lurking back in their somewhere…you combine it all and you’re bound to have a winner.  I’m guessing a new LP is right around the corner, and I’m placing my bets that it’s going to knock your socks off.


Download: Turf War – Born to Run Free [MP3]

New Music from Turf War

Really, there’s two things coming out of this post.  First, Atlanta is continuing its reign over the end of summer, with several bands putting out great tracks/records.  Turf War is just another of those, giving you a stomping jangle rocker to grab onto this afternoon. Which brings us to point two: the band will be releasing their record, Years of Living Dangerously, in September on Old Flame Records, who we’d like to point out now, are pushing some great music your way lately.  There you have it folks: good Atlanta music, continue good music from one of our favorite labels.  Happy Monday to you.


Download: Turf War – Cheers To The Years [MP3]

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