Last Week’s Jams, Today (7.5 – 7.8)

We packed as much sweet music as we could into four days, especially considering one of us was down with the ‘Rona…and on vacation no less. Still, there was so much great new music that it was hard to stay away, from brand new Lande Hekt and Alvvays to the release of that latest Flowertown LP. Personally, I was glad to see Northern Portrait back on the menu, with a new album slated for a Fall release. Sit back, start you week, and enjoy a replay of what we got into last week!

Turquoise Share Le Bruit Single

Don’t often get asked to share tunes from Belgium, so when I got this new Turquoise single, I had to jump at the chance right? It just so happens that the song’s this dark bit of dreamy pop that suits my tastes, so an added bonus. After some quick synth stabs, the bass line begins to brood beneath the mixture, coated in these heavy vocal notes. But, when the song hits that chorus, it opens up a bit, like a ray of light sort of bursting through the cracks of the song. If you’re into it, this single comes with a more pensive bit of pop on the B-side, so be sure to stop by and check out our new Belgian friends.

Check Out This Song + Video from Black Lizard

BlackLizard_2014_by_EetuMaaranenWe’ve got a pretty good relationship with the Finnish super-label, Soliti Music; they always give us a heads up when something is happening with their bands.  So, they sent over this great little video from Black Lizard, who are running this beautiful cinematic video to go with their latest single “Turquoise.” This song features on the band’s recent Burning EP, but I think the sound differs a bit from the group’s previous tunes; there’s this underlying beauty that resonates with the emotional textures.  You should check out the group’s video HERE. And then go grab the EP from Soliti!



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