New Ty Richards Tune Drops

I’ve really been enjoying the work of Ty Richards on the cycle for his newest album, Welcome to Flat Earth. He employs these simple little hooks, but on this song, he seems to stretch it out just beyond reason, crafting a wonky vibe that’s both captivating and odd. For me, perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay his work is that he really seems to be having a blast on everything he’s touched…that’s infectious for folks like me who try to listen with close ears. That new album will drop on April 20th, with a local Austin release show at Mosaic Sound Collective.

New Jam from Ty Richards

Seems like just yesterday that Ty Richards was releasing his debut Zillion, yet here he is this week with a brand new record on the way in April. This track is a synth driven pop number, with bleeps, bloops and electronic beats serving as the song’s background. What I really love is the way Ty switches up his vocal approach, at times its sharp and to the point, yet he’s able to draw it out to a round melody at other points. Even more impressive is the work on Welcome to Flat Earth was done all analog, sans computer invasion. Look for the new LP on Tremolo Records on April 20th.

Premiere: Ty Richards Readies Zillion

In covering music in Austin, we’re bound to miss someone falling through the cracks, and unfortunately it’s been Ty Richards…until now. We’re really excited to share the first single from his forthcoming album, Zillion. Ty writes, records and mixes his record all on his own terms, often writing the songs before going back to fill in the lyrical content, as he did on this new number, where he ended up writing an anthem for the nice guys out there. Musically, there’s a groove within the song that might pay lineage to the finer moments of Spoon’s pop sensibility, providing a bubbling bounce…although it’s spun in a broader encapsulation of pop, capturing elements of psychedelia as well. Look for his new LP everywhere on February 3rd!

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